Scam report about Valeria Arnold

First name:  Valeria
Last name:  Arnold
Aka:  RobinAnnD
Age:  36
Location:  Malaysia - LA California
Phone:  5106715930
On websites:  POF
Report:  First contact 14/12/2018. Contacted me, was happy to meet me, age and distance not a problem, really wanted to get to know me, small talk - background, do you work, do you have kids, do you own your own home. Talked about what she wanted in a man, asked what I wanted in a woman. Told me she was in Malaysia meeting with her late fathers lawyer. Said her home was in Los Angeles, just finished University with Masters in Accounting. WE THEN SWITCHED TO HANGOUTS. some more small talk rehashing what we already discussed on POF. No falling in Love here or big romantic talk, came right out and said she had return ticket to LA and would like to change it to my location. Said there would be a charge for doing so, I asked her how much - $500.00 -. I told her to send me a copy of the return ticket and I would phone the airline and make changes to it and pay for it. She said she could only do it. End Game I called her out and asked her why she was trying to scam me. She said that was an insult, she had better leave now. All this in a matter of 4 hours. A new record for me, asking for money that quick lol

Status of report:  is still without proof

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