Scam report about Sandra Stansbury

First name:  Sandra
Last name:  Stansbury
Aka:  Lilia Petrovskaya
Age:  37
Location:  TN, USA
Phone:  1-856-369-0724
Report:  She initially sent me a text message and said she had gotten a message several weeks ago from me, which I do not recall sending, but had trouble getting back to me because of her ex boyfriend. I ask for her pictures and she sent me picture which I immediately recognized. I told her I recalled her from a previous talk we had quite some time ago when she tried to scam me out of money for her business she was running. She told me she remembered me and told me some of the details of our prior conservation. She said she had lost her phone at a friends house and it wasn't her that tried to scam me but her friend. I reminded her that we had skyped with each other while she was supposedly in her office and it definitely was her. She said she was staying with her father and had quit the porn business 2 years ago because it was a dead end with nothing good coming from it. I questioned her about what movies she made and she told me she didn't do movies but was just a model. She ask me if I was on Google Hangouts and she contacted me there rather than texting.

Status of report:  will be added soon

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