Scam report about Ashley Gamosa Ramirez

First name:  Ashley Gamosa
Last name:  Ramirez
Age:  26
Location:  Philippines Caloocan City
Phone:  +63 639155296873
On websites:  Filipina Cupid
Report:  I found a beautiful woman on Filipina Cupid. I have been to PI 4 times and have been on FC on and off for years. I figure I am pretty good at identifying a scammer. So I start talking to this girl and she is so beautiful I immediately think she's a scammer. (or he). So I ask for her to write my name and the date on a piece of paper and take a selfie. Which she does immediately. This she could not fake. This really seems to be the girl, she's often sending me selfies and she's looking to get out of PI. We talk for a couple of weeks all the while I ask her to take selfies to identify truth. All the while she complies. In conversation she said she gets $15 per day and works 7 days a week for some fuel company called Petron. I feel sorry for her but I haven't sent any money. Some time goes by and she has a toothache. She needs to get it fixed. I'm thinking bullshit but I decide to send money. More so to see if she's bullshitting or not. Well she sends me pics of her in a dentist chair with a dentist over her and her waving 'at me'. She thanks me profusely and I start to think she is real. She said she has been working on getting a visa to go to Australia and it's nearly ready. She sends me a copy of the visa with her name on it, a copy of the flight from Singapore Airlines from Manila - Singapore - Perth. Unbeknowns to me the documents are burned after a couple of days on kik. But they seem legit. She's at the airport and says immigration took her aside and asked why she has so little money to support herself. She needs $1000 minimum to board. At this time I have complete trust in her and I actually love her. She was always going on about how she wants to do things for herself and not borrow money etc. Sounds stupid I know but I'm used to scammers because sometimes I play along with them. But this one was a master. Right down to her asking me questions about Australia and generally talking in a way that makes me think her mindset is all about leaving a poor country and coming to live with a good man in a better country. Always asking questions about my personality, if I'm impatient, blah blah blah. Will she experience racism there etc. Many many questions around what one would perceive to be legitimate concerns of someone leaving a country and living with a guy she never actually met.) Hundreds of messages that are setting me up to trust her completely. So I do, I send $1200 in Western Union. The time of her last message was 4 minutes after collecting the money and I never heard from her again. It really broke my heart. I even thought maybe she lost connection at the airport because she was going straight to the departure lounge. I spoke to her on the phone. It sounded like an airport, she sent pics of her at the airport. There comes a time where you want to show trust to them so it works out great when she gets here so you limit your questions after a while to show you trust her. So 12 hours later I go to the airport and wait at the gate in case it had just been a a case of lost signal. I sat there for an hour and a half watching strangers walk in through that arrival gate. Each one chipping away at my heart and my stupid mind. To try to explain in a couple of paragraphs makes it look like I was naive and you wouldn't have been caught like that. Well as I said, I've been doing this for years and she was so very good that a part of me STILL thinks she is real. I spoke to her many times on the phone. Her name is Ashley Gamosa Ramirez. I hope this helps someone because I was taken for a fucking ride. Almost $2000 worth. A beautiful woman inside and out. Phone calls every day. (I didn't video chat because she was so hot I didn't want to lose her) But she would always go on about age and image not mattering. She never asked for a pic of me. Pictures always sent from wherever she said she was. The worst thing is realizing that this woman you fell in love with, is not that woman at all, and she not only does not love you, she steals from you while saying she loves you. I did check after check with reverse image search, all kinds of scamming sites. Including this one. Cross referenced her name and phone number with scam databases. No red flags. So she has given me all her info, including many photo's, of the real her, and she still scammed me. Some might say I am an idiot, to them I say you are ignorant. Some will completely understand. I will say however that when you feel like you are in love, it does blind you a little to signs you may have picked up if it were completely objective.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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