Scam report about Mariya Epina

First name:  Mariya
Last name:  Epina
Aka:  Mariya Kharchenko
Age:  30
Location:  Australia, Melbourne
Report:  The pictures already posted on this website are real! This is really her! I should know because (i) she confirmed it with a picture of herself holding the inscripted greeting 'Hi George' and (ii) I saw her on Skype. Difficult to believe that a girl of such dazzling beauty is such a filthy whore!!! She contacted me through a dating agency in which I had never registered, posted, or even heard of! She failed to account for this discrepancy, yet I accepted communication because of her apparent beauty. She states that she is originally from Latvia, that her parents and all all her family died shortly after they moved to Melbourne and that she is all alone in the world without even a single friend! She calls me on Skype* - clear image but no sound because her microphone was 'broken'... One day later she states that she also saw me on Skype the night before, even though the small window which should display my image on the Skype view field was blank... First, she needs 'a friend'. After one week she needs 'a husband', stating that age and wealth are irrelevant to her and that only the man's 'inner world' matters! She wants me to be that man. I politely decline her request for 'marriage' and state instead my enormous sexual passion for her! Half way through the third week, she is so 'in love' with me that she cannot even concentrate on her work! She is coming to 'my country' for business as a representative of her 'company', yet without even knowing which country I am currently in (!!!) and, of course, she will visit me in my house and spend quality time with me for a month! First, however, she must 'represent her company' in a business-related matter in St. Petersburg, Russia. I play along... While in St. Petersburg, she invites me to an exchange of 'fantasies', yet she is so sexually excited for me that she spills wine on her laptop rendering further communication all but impossible!... The next night she writes to me from an 'internet cafe' stating that while waiting for a taxi right after having concluded that business at 10.30 pm and in high heels (...) she was 'brutally' attacked and robbed, losing her bag with all her money (thousands of dollars), passports and identity documents!!! She states that 'the Embassy' (which one?) refuses to provide financial assistance before the Russian police concludes their investigations... She cries that I am her only hope and that if I do not immediately give her 1000 dollars in cash for her return ticket, she will die in the streets of St. Petersburg in a few days! I do not believe a word of that rubbish of course, but her apparent image of innocent beauty is hard to dismiss... I contacted the Australian Embassy in the city where I currently work: 1. There is no Australian citizen by the name Mariya Kharchenko, or Mariya Epina! 2. Any Australian Embassy would provide temporary financial assistance to an Australian citizen regardless of any investigations of foreign authorities! My immediate response to that whore: NO SEX = NO MONEY! ... * For whichever reason, this webpage does not accept information about her Skype ID.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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