Scam report about Sandra Taylor

First name:  Sandra
Last name:  Taylor
Aka:  Angela Bilson
Age:  32
Location:  Louisville Kentucky
On websites:  Be2
Report:  Angela contacted me through Be2 dating website Dec.13,2018. Started up usual small talk, who are you, what do you do for living, what are you looking for ect. This girl was very persistent. After a week of this small talk she started with the sweet names and she was falling in Love, She had never met anyone like me. By this time I knew I was dealing with scammer, started investigating, came across DanielleFTV website (Porn Site), determined her pictures were being used from this site. I confronted Angela with this and she claimed she was the real Danielle and someone else was using her website. It was her past life and she was embarrassed by it. During the conversations it was brought to my attention that her mother was in hospital, she hasn't asked for anything at this point. I continued on with Angela until the next hurdle of which she attempted to access my Gmail account, I received warning from Google, that some one from Accra Ghana at ip was attempting to access account. I confronted Angela again with this new hurdle and she insisted it wasn't her. She claimed to be very distraught, why was I doing all this to her, she even threatened suicide. I calmed her down and she went back to all the loving words, how I was the only man for her, she couldn't wait to be with me, things continued that way for 2-3 days, just nice conversation and then she asked for my help. She needed $500 pay bill to get her mother out of hospital. I told her that her mother could just walk out, they can't keep you because you didn't pay the bill. She said they tried that but hospital wouldn't let her go. I told her I didn't trust her enough to send direct cash, to get me a copy of hospital bill, hospital name and I would phone and pay it direct. She never did get me the documents. Again she backed off and was all lovey dovey again. We talked about her so called past life as a porn star, she sent pics which I readily found on this website under Sandra Taylor, I came out and asked her if she knew Sandra Taylor and a couple of the other alias's. She denied all of them. By this time I was getting tired of playing with her, I told her that I wanted substantiated proof that she was Angela Bilson or Danielle, I wanted a picture of her holding current newspaper from Louisville or drivers license, birth certificate, passport ect. Last contact with Angela was Dec.21/18. This girl played the game longer than most would, really tried to play your emotions, wo is me, I'm useless, I want to die, you hurt me so bad, this girl really played it. Last thing she said to me was she would get the proof I asked. On December 22 I received another alert from Google that someone was trying to access my gmail again, same ip as time before.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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