Scam report about Iryna Buzhbetska

First name:  Iryna
Last name:  Buzhbetska
Age:  53
Location:  Ukraine- Odessa
Phone:  +380 50 333 2715
On websites:  elenasmodels, toplop, amazing-woman, loveme, uadreams, bride-forever
Report:  Iryna is really one of the best. I have a lot of experience with ladys from eastern countrys and I know a lot about scammers. But in Odessa I discover a professional ring of scammers.They all are working with the same agencies. When I fond here pictures in internet after 3!!! years I started to distrust and become curious. And what I found out was really incredible. I spoke with the owner from and that lady explained me that it?s only business. I saw a office of them with a lot of workstations where only people working and try to take the money of men. I signed in to proof that and I lost 40? in 20 Minutes. But okay, it was only the start. And its only one part of the business. If the man behind the screens understand that you have money, they arrange a contact and a meeting. And from this moment it becomes expensive. The Ladys make you to fall in love and then you pay and pay and pay. It happens with me and Iryna. After three years when I startet to tell her to merry her than she makes a step backwards. She never had the intention to leaf her country. After thast it needs only 1 month till I catched her with another man in another country. What I understood is that this kind of woman have always 3-5 lovers who pay for her, and believe me, this woman lives better then we in western countrys.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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