Scam report about Anna Marrie Smith

First name:  Anna Marrie
Last name:  Smith
Aka:  Lu Ellisa, Lu Ellisa Adeyinka, Hillary Shawn, Rose Carty, Jenny Roscoil,Hannah Smart, Hannah Brooks
Age:  32
Location:  Lagos Nigeria, Cape town South Africa, Tennessee,USA, South Carolina, USA, Washington DC, USA, Absecon NJ, USA, Newark NJ USA
Address:  Terminal C,3 Brewster Rd, Newark Nj 07114
Phone:  909-359-2493
On websites:  Mate 1, Fling
Report:  this person has apparently stolen the pictures of model Lu Ellisa, and contacted me via mate 1 site mail asking me to text her phone number so we could get to know each other better. We communicated every day, several times a day for approximately one week. Her profile said she was located in Absecon NJ but when I spoke to her she said she was staying with her mom in Newark Nj taking care of her because she had diabetes while finishing her studies to in journalism as she was in the middle of finals. That story quickly changed as she didn't remember saying that and told me she was living alone. Every time I asked her a specific question she became very ambiguous. About 2 days in she fell in love with me blah, blah, blah....we were going to be together real soon. I offered to go see her as she supposedly wasn't very far from me, less than a hour and a half, which she made excuses why I couldn't. About a week later she texted me stating she was very sad because she was given an assignment to buy a $150.00 gift card for Amazon??? but could only afford to get a $25.00 one asking if I could help her because it counted for a large portion of her grade?? Little did she know that I had checked her out on day 1 and knew she was a scammer. I told her I would take care of it but obviously did not. When I confronted her she said it was all a mistake and kept asking for the card. I told her if she gave me her address I would bring her the card since she was about an hour and a half drive away. She agreed and gave me the address of the Newark NJ Airport and a specific location of a best buy Kiosk! She then told me her name was Anna Marrie Smith and she was from Australia.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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