Scam report about Carolyn Hammer

First name:  Carolyn
Last name:  Hammer
Aka:  Carol101, dgray
Age:  49
Location:  Coos Bay, or Eugean, Oregon USA
Address:  665 S Cammann ST
Phone:  541-702-4565
On websites:  MINGLE
Report:  She initiated contact through Mingle Corresponded with me for over two months, I noticed the way she expressed herself, sounded like a person way younger than 49 yrs. At times her text didn't make any sense, too much in a hurry to receive money. also wanted to come meet me. She also texted me mostly while I was off line. She started off needing money for a new iPhone $700 or fixing her existing phone $300. Because I wanted to hear her voice I sent her the $300 in a money order in her aunts name, (Debra Gray) I received several more money requests to help pay for her moms Medicine. Sent $500, she used all the money sent now $800 for her moms medicine. She then asked for the $300 to fix her phone. After that is when she requested an additional $400, said she needed to trade in her old iPhone along with the $400 to purchased a new one. That's when I ended it.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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