SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Sharon Peterson

First name: Sharon
Last name: Peterson
Age: 36
Location: Brooklyn New York USA
On websites: Mingle2
Report:     We met on Mingle2 then went to Hangouts and started our chatting and exchanged names and work history . And in the first week she asked me for a 100 dollar iTunes gift card for medicine for her self . And then every week there was a need for more gift cards in the form of iTunes . The more I refuse the more she complained that I did not love her and the deeper I got into gift cards. She said that she would repay me . I even booked a trip last December to visit her in Brooklyn New York but she told me that she had to go to Texas to she her late father lawyer . And then she demands more iTunes just after I told her she owned me money for the canceled tickets. I have told her that I need the money from her and now she has blocked me from contacting her . So now I am out of money and know way to contact her any more. The value of the iTunes cards ranged in price up to a value of 800 Dollars.
Status of report: is still without proof