Scam report about Cassie Cabrer

First name:  Cassie
Last name:  Cabrer
Age:  35
Location:  Syria
Phone:  8472644812
On websites:  Instagram
Report:  I've been talking to this woman she claims to be in the united states airforce on a peace keeping mission in Syria, she wants to get married claiming the only way she can get her inheritance, she ask you to send a e mail to her late parents attorney stating you are her soon to b husband this fake attorney is name is pistol , I know he is a fake because I call the Michigan Bar he doesn't exist , but he states in e mail that cassie has told him to give all the inheritance to you which is worth millions but first you have to send him 5500.00 to cover fees the phone number for cassie is not real it's a voice text service, I have all emails from this fake attorney plus tons of pic on cassie I know this is a scam there is no attorney named pistol reg with the Bar in Michigan, I checked my self

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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