Scam report about Keila Dickson

First name:  Keila
Last name:  Dickson
Aka:  Sarah Diickson, Danielle, Delaunay, Genevieve
Age:  30
Location:  Ghana, Russia, Canada, USA, Louisiana, Arizona
Phone:  +7 985 574-03-41
On websites:  Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger, skype
Report:  This female represents herself as living in Canada, when you chat with her she tells a story about her father dying in an accident and her mother committing suicide a year later, claims to be from Toronto Canada and has a forged Canadian passport she uses as a tool to prove who she is, Has a valid Russia phone number of +7 985 574-03-41. She was actually Born in Louisiana, Lives in Arizona having multiple porn sites and an escort service site, she works the victim for money, claiming a love relation with the victim and using manipulation, to some success, can be found as Sarah on some scam sites on dating, but claims was a mistake until you are fleeced by this predator.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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