Scam report about Ekaterina Komorova

First name:  Ekaterina
Last name:  Komorova
Aka:  Katya, Ekaterinusenka
Age:  35
Location:  Kursk , Russia
Address:  street: Lenina 78-90 city: Kursk area code: 305000 country Russianown
Report:  Travel scammer with a difference. in the space of few days I received 4 new emails with the same name but with different email addresses and photos. I played her game and eventually realising her mistake (after I sent the same photos) she only answered my first email after one month . Checking all the other photos they are all scammers. When I asked for a selfie I got one which 100% same as one of her photos the only difference is that it had a note saying she loved me and my name on it (clever falsification work). I asked for a different one so eventually she sent me a proper one ??? I then asked for her passport copy I received it but dark and in black and white (I never seen a black and white Russain passport? as anupne seen one ???) so I asked for a proper color copy. then came the excuse that she had problems with her email server so she changed her email address and she will send me a clear passport copy which I have asked for and on Monday. today is tuesday still no passport copy (I am sure that a man is behind this scam) Gentlemen be safe and stay well away from this persuasive and clever scammer

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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