Scam report about Andrea Vieira

First name:  Andrea
Last name:  Vieira
Age:  45
Location:  Sao Paolo
Phone:  +55 11 99598 7242
On websites:  twoo, cupid, match
Report:  typical scammer,inventing reasons for sending money.i sent her money few times and hoped that she will stop to call me and write on whats app and facebook but when i stopped ,she started to send friend requests to my facebook friends and cousins there and sterted to telling her sad life story about war and that they need food and medication in sao paolo and brazil municipality because in close town name venecuela started war and her aunt need help with food and because of sickness. as i know from my country and we learned in school,venecuela is state in middle america and not town close to sao paolo so i know that she lying me,and she blackmailing me that she will asking money from my cousins if i stop sending her money for internet bills and her aunt and family. she saying that she must to pay internet because this or that reason,she must to listen music because she is nervous,she must to watch tv news etc,always inventing new reasons.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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