Scam report about Jane Garzon

First name:  Jane
Last name:  Garzon
Age:  48
Location:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
On websites:
Report:  Could not find Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (where she comes from) on your search site to find out if she was a scam-which I thought she was straight away. Her language was all wrong i.e. too much in love with me. I told her about all the scams I had faced and she did not mention this. She then sent me personal details that I could check. I checked the details about her and her husband and they are wrong (wrong name) . I emailed her to point this out and no reply. The email before she had wanted true love. She had previously replied to most emails within a few hours. She is a premier member on I will also report her on that. But expect no action to be taken. Should I expect them to do something? She turned 48 years on February 22nd Originaly from Venezuela Jane Garzon Email: The two pictures she sent me where very different from her profile picture on the dating website. Every email I got came in marked Possible spam identified.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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