Scam report about Donna Diaz

First name:  Donna
Last name:  Diaz
Aka:  Emma
Age:  35
Location:  Atlanta Georgia
On websites:  LinkedIn , hookup , twitter
Report:  Contacted by Donna two weeks ago things seem normal things seem like a relationship could start. After a couple days of talking with this person she instructed me that she was leaving Atlanta and going to Cambodia because she was a jewelry dealer. She gave me a big story about making these arrangements for her trip because of the bids and contract that she had out in Cambodia so she said that she took a 19 hour flight to get there. During this time we continued to talk while she was supposedly in Cambodia and she weekend to ask me for money due to the fact that she had no money also due to the fact that she had just gotten a divorce from her abusive husband and he had froze her account supposedly. So at this point she now is in Cambodia stranded trying to work on a deal for jewelry and she asked for money. At this point we had been talking for a while and was pretty confident that she was a real person she had been sending me photos telling me things about her family etc. Today she asked me to send her A substantial amount of money to get her out of Dodge once again I played the role knowing that this was not OK I did not send the money she got into a huge conversation with me asking me all kinds of things saying that she loved me saying that she wanted to take care of me that she would Pay the money back she promised to pay the money back she wanted me to send the money on Amazon gift cards that was what threw out my concern. Once the night ended and we were done talking I googled her email address and somebody had already reported the email address. The photos from the previous report were different than the ones that I received.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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