Scam report about Iryna tolkushkina

First name:  Iryna
Last name:  tolkushkina
Aka:  simianchuk / drohobytska
Age:  38
Location:  Ukraine/ donetsk / Kiev
Address:  ILyich 66 index 8300 / index 04071 bottom shaft 17/8
Phone:  +38019351459
Report:  Iryna sent e-mail to me. I answered it, approximately 30 were exchanged form February-march 29. Everything seemed ok. Iryna wanted to meet, We agreed to meet in the USA were I live. she had traveled to the USA be for was ok.she went to Kiev for interview. she told me that she was running out of money needed money for plane tickets. I sent 1100 USD. A flight schedule was sent to me. then she requested 3000 USD more. for travel required by US Customs to free up her visa. I told her that would not work she needed to find other resources. then she got back to me said her mom gave her $1200 if I could cover the rest she also added that after she arrived she would give the money back. I attempted to send the 1800 western union caught it and froze the delivery. I called, Western Union told me they had her on a hot list. the info they had she will never make it to the plane. she always has some excuse. I retrieved my money 1800 + transfer fee. I thought there was a mistake but when I sent Iryna a note explaining the situation on march 30 I never heard from her again. since then I was looking around on the scam list I thought I found a picture that resembled her among the scam list pretty face with blond hair green eyes. Makes me wonder if the plane tickets were payed for and that's where the other 1200 come from.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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