SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Kimberly Freemen

First name: Kimberly
Last name: Freemen
Age: 30
Location: usa mass
Phone: 14133534618
On websites: facebook
Report:     meet kimberly on facebook she messaged me on messenger alked about 2 months she started asking for money after ihad sent her 500. over 2 or 3 months time she asked me to cash a check from her late fathers estate itold her no but a few days I found the check in a fedex envople in my mail box I open the letter a checkon a company I later learn no such company for 2950.00 I told her I had received the check she begged mr to cash it I put in my account was going to wait 10 days to be sure it was good she started texting mr telling me she had no food and needed it bad I final set her the money and check bounced I have asked her to return my money but at this time no more communication I filed a fbi report on line have not heard fromtnem
Status of report: is published in main database with photos