Scam report about Nancy Beale Lea

First name:  Nancy Beale
Last name:  Lea
Age:  35
Location:  Belgium, Ghana, USA
On websites:  skype and hangouts
Report:  Good morning During 2017 and partly 2018 I was scammed by the above person I believe she is using the pornstar as cover She has been in Accra Ghana with a Vodaphone number 0205557471 A said address to be If you are supposed to send money to here for the moment you have to send it to a bank clerk in Accra called Edward Diawuo supposed to work at an Ecobank office with phone number 0550957265 or 0208442897 She is living by a couple called Suzie and Eric Yeboah with address 36 Stephen Quarshie Crescent, East Legon, Accra have paid money many different Paypal or Skrill addresses during this period will here specify as many as i can find and remember I believe she is now present in the USA, I have no information about her recent locations Here are all the email addresses being used in the fraud Passport N B Lee.jpg

Status of report:  is still without proof

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