Scam report about Amanda Wyman

First name:  Amanda
Last name:  Wyman
Aka:  Lilia Petrovskaya
Age:  34
Location:  Chester, Arkansas USA
On websites:  TWOO
Report:  Amanda started a chat with me on the TWOO site. I suggested that we chat on Google hangouts instead, and we did. We chatted several time over a three day period. On the first day, we exchanged pictures, and I knew that she was not real,because I had already chatted with several women (men?) that used pictures of the same model. But, I thought that I would go along with her just to see where it led. On the second day, she told me that she loved me and wanted to be with me. She promised to do anything that I asked if we were together. On the third day, she asked me to send her $100 to help her pay for her phone service and internet, so that we could continue chatting with each other. I explained to to her that I could not do that because I only get a small allowance to spend on myself each month. She kept insisting that $100 was not much money ant that I should send it to her. So, I told her that if that is a requirement for me to be her friend, then we might as well say goodbye now. When she kept insisting that I send her the money, I stopped chatting with her.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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