First name: Sonya
Last name: SITNIKOVA
Age: 30
Location: Ust-Ilimsk, Moscow
Address: City: Ust-Ilimsk. Belgradskaya street! House 13 apartment 28 Post code: 666687
Report:     Sent me five or six romance email letters promising she would come to visit me , then asked for over $900 for a plane ticket. The employee of bank has told to me, that you should send me the help on my bank account. A bank employee told me that the transfer of money from your country will take one to three days from the date of dispatch. I have asked it, what my data are necessary to you, that you could send me the help into my account and she has told to me, that you need to specify these data that you could send me the help on my bank account! Here my data which are necessary to you: Beneficiary Customer: SITNIKOVA SOFYA OLEGOVNA First name: SOFYA Last name: SITNIKOVA Middle name: OLEGOVNA Account number: 40817840811574005127 Beneficiary Bank: ?VTB 24? (PJSC), Moscow, Russia SWIFT: VTBRRUMM
Status of report: is still without proof