SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Estefania Avendano Velez Velez

First name: Estefania Avendano Velez
Last name: Velez
Age: 28
Location: Colombia ,Medellin
On websites: Latan Feels
Report:     I made contact with Estefania A Velez on the website Latin Feels .Was talking for a while about 3 months she asked if i could help with new phone so we could video talk ..i said fine ..thats where i messed up was little stuff but by 6 monthgs it totaly was out of hand ..i was suppose to visit her so we could marry then she could get a visa, I paid for < anyway ...she just started being real rude for about a week then blocked me from her phone ...she got me for a couple thousand ..i feel stupid more than be aware..
Status of report: is still without proof