First name: Sofya
Last name: SITNIKOVA
Age: 30
Location: Moscow, UstIlimsk, Russia
Address: Ust-Ilimsk. Belgradskaya street! House 13 apartment 28 Post code: 666687
Report:     My darling Bxxxxx I was so happy to get your letter!!! I already explained all to you! I feel, that you care of me. You care of our meeting! I spoke on the phone with embassy. I was very joyful. I have told it, that I will receive tickets through the Internet. I have told, that within next several days I can bring tickets in embassy. But they have told to me, that I should have originals of tickets and the receipt on payment to depart to your country, I should buy itself tickets in Moscow!!!. To me have explained, that it - because it is a lot of people (especially women) come to your country as tourists according to the Tourist visa, but is valid at them there is a person sponsoring them, and they do not come back after they arrive. I have addressed for reception of the tourist visa and have written to the statement, what at me anybody is not present in your country and I know nobody, differently they would give up to me in reception of my visa, you understand it? Thus I should prove to them, that I pay for tickets my own means!!!! I will be very grateful to you, if you find time to go to bank, to send the necessary help on my account. I very much wish to get tickets and to inform you on the exact date and time of my arrival to you. I think every day of our meeting and I am sure, that we will spend remarkable time together! I hope in the following letter to receive good news from you with the information. I send you the information which will be necessary for you to transfer of money:. Beneficiary Customer: SITNIKOVA SOFYA OLEGOVNA First name: SOFYA Last name: SITNIKOVA Middle name: OLEGOVNA Account number: 40817840811574005127 Beneficiary Bank: ?VTB 24? (PJSC), Moscow, Russia SWIFT: VTBRRUMM My home address (registration address): Belgradskaya street, 13, apartment 28, Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk region, Russia, postcode 666687. The residing address in Moscow: Street Tsandera, 10, apartment 43, Moscow, Russia, postcode 129515. I miss you and to wait for your next letter with impatience!!!!! I wait for ours with you meeting!!! With many tender kisses! Your Sofya
Status of report: is still without proof