Scam report about Alina 

First name:  Alina
Aka:  Alinochka
Age:  34
Location:  Russia, Samara
Report:  I recieved from her an email with one pic in supplement from the address at March 25th 2019, which I answered the same day to the wanted address I recieved an answer from the address, as she explained she wrote from the computor at her dentic office, with one pic added as supplement. On next letter: she was 34 years old, 166/56 (height/weight), educated to a dentist with two university diplomas, specialized in dental surgery, now working in Samara, her home city. She had also before recieved personal grants for internship, for working/studying by travel to Israel, USA and Finland, for further currently up to date developing her speciality as a dentist. In next letter on April 1st she wrote about her family situation, she was an only late child, parents were dead, with no man relation, in Russia men see women only for sex, she wanted building a family. Therefore she was trying internet dating for a change to become in a seriuos relation. The online dating with me was the first experiance for her. Next letter she was asking for my pic and my personal information, I answered and was wanting her plans for dating me so far distance abroad. In her answer on April 7th she described her morning routine and her preparing for a yearly competition for maybe winning personal grants for internship again for training abroad. At this time I had found her registered as a scammer on your site. This because I had so far also recieved exactly the same letters, the same story, from Anna in Ekaterinburg, another Russian women, in late autumn 2018. Anna then also explanied if she would win she will come to my country, Sweden for working, for meeting me and to get for the future an employment in my city in Sweden. And she (of course) then also did win this intership competition. But then asking me for missing money to be able to make a needed deposition of money for recieving the contract with all costs and a monthly salary granted. (I will report Anna to you as a scammer as soon as possible too, at that time I did not know about your site). Alina stopped sending me letters because I had yet deliberatly not sent her my photo and my personal information as she wanted and as I had always repeated my question about her plans for me and us.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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