First name: Laura
Last name: Okewal
Aka: Aneesa
Age: 33
Location: USA, Oregon, Iceland
Report:     I found out her photos from site and I write report about her. She told me in chat that her photos have been captured in USA from her Facebook site and there now a new Facebook site with name Cole Rosaline and there is also many of her photos there. I asked her that have she used name Cole Rosaline and she told me that name is totally unknown and scammers have done identity theft and stolen her photos. She said that she have never been in Nigeria Lagos and at FB site there is location Nigeria Lacos. Now there is possibility that she is innocent to all scam cases and scammers have only used her photos to betray people. So never send money to those Nigerian scammers what have stolen her photos. And don?t believe stories what scammers tell.
Status of report: is still without proof