First name: Ruth Emma
Last name: Cofie
Aka: Priscilla, Sharon Mills, Mercy
Age: 33
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233 26 680 5805
On websites: linked in, Facebook, Reddit, Rondevo
Report:     I jlimed a dating website, Rondevo, and she contacted me with her name on the site being her email address. I decided to give it a try and sent an email introducing myself and she asked me to join her on hangouts. I loved her pics amd her demeanor and chatted with her for several days before any talk of money came up. She needed money to pay her internet and she had borrowed from someone that she needed to pay back. I thought she was a scammer at that point and and told her so. she wouldn't do the simplest things I asked of her to prove who she was so I uninstalled hangouts and itbwas quiet for 3 or 4 days and them she contacted me back on email and had a picture of herself holding a sign with my name and the date. I thought it could be a photoshoped pic but didn't know how to tell so I ended up going back on hangouts and sending 100 to cover her bill. She was going to fly home to me when school was out but then she needed 390 for exam fees then it was 700 for 1/2 of the flight home and them 200 for paying her landlord the rent so she could lead I continually asked for a picture of her travel reservations and she promised to give me one but never did. She told me when she woyld be getting to the airport here in town and I drove down snd waited for 90 minutes until she sent me a note saying ahe flew into a different airport here in town and was picked up by a friend of her mother's and would see me the next day. I was pretty angry and pointed out that the other airport in town did not handle international flights ans that I was certain she was still in Ghana and she saidd she would give me the address to pick her up the next morning and I would be apologizing . the next morning we exchanged pleasantries and she woukd get me the address after breakfast and it never came so I tols her I had discovered that every pic she had sent was stolen from other sites and that I knew she never even bought a plane ticket. She responded that she loved me and she is a black woman and was worried I wouldn't be interested if I knew so she sent picture after picture of a porn star. shee wanted me to forgive her and to go back to loving each other and I could feel the whole scam stsrtimg over again so I said I was done and good luck and that id be uninstalling hamgouts again
Status of report: is still without proof