First name: Nancy
Last name: Furnell
Aka: Maya Taylor
Age: 32
Location: Appleby Westmoreland United Kingdom
Address: 44 CAE NEWYDD
Report:     Nancy.,AKA Maya purports to be an associate of interpol and is offering to recover funds which have been scammed from me via dating sites.She is asking me for fees of ?500 to be sent to her personal bank account by bank transfer in order for this work to be carried out plus copies of the receipts of payments made to scammers by me through western Union and moneygram. She says she has trained as a nurse but is part of this international interpol which does not ring true with me so I think it is a scam as she originally contacted me through hangouts seeing a relationship or a date.I asked if she could travel and she said she would come to Cardiff to meet me but needed the ?168 train fare from me as she did not have the funds.I refused saying I had b lost money doing that sort of thing which then l;ed to the current situation where she said she could help me recover the funds as she was involved in crime fighting with interpol.Your comments would be appreciated
Status of report: is still without proof