First name: kelly
Last name: Laura
Aka: Shun Edward Garrett
Age: 66
Location: Indianapolis
On websites: Instagram
Report:     gets followers on Instagram, when it contacts you says she is 32 from Brazil with a deceased American mother and a sick 66 y/o father who happens to have travelled from Orlando to Indy and returning tonight to FL. Asked for money for iPhone data to do a video link. but when suggested to do a direct data payment insists on it being either MoneyGram or WU. This is where it falls apart in that when asked for 'fathers' details comes back with the following Name . Shun Edward Garrett Zip code, 46202, North Dexter St indpls. and when asked for her phone did not get an answer, and equally wen asked later for her zip comes back with 46202 which is not a FL zip. and asks for the cash again. either at a store or bank.
Status of report: is still without proof