Scam report about Victoria Apanasenko

First name:  Victoria
Last name:  Apanasenko
Aka:  Vika
Age:  28
Location:  Ukraine, Kiev
Phone:  +380930664436
On websites:
Report:  I talked on a site called Dream Singles with a persone who pretended to be Apanasenko Vika for a very long time. How much I did not ask to confirm that she is real, at least with an ordinary photo or video chat, I constantly heard some excuses. The person who pretended to be Apanasenko Vika for my requests to meet always agreed, but when it came to the case, she constantly invented something and the meeting did not take place. But I still came to Kiev, once again in a couple of days there was a ridiculous reason for not meeting me ... And lo and behold, I went to a restaurant in Kiev, and Apanasenko Vika was sitting there and not one ... Did such a coincidence could will happen ?!))) I sat down at a nearby table and constantly looked at Apanasenko Vika and we repeatedly met with a look, but apparently, she didn?t recognize me at all and probably thought that I was an ordinary stranger who liked her very much. I went to the site and started writing a chat to her and again a new miracle, she began to answer me))) But that Apanasenko Vika who sat 5 meters away from me continued to communicate with her friends and could not just sit on the site now and communicate with me. Here you have all the communication on the site Dream Singles from Victoria Apanasenko. It is clear that I approached her and tried to talk, but she didn?t have a clue who I was, but it was obvious that she understood what was the matter. In fact, Apanasenko Vika cooperates with one of the marriage agencies, receives money every month so that, thanks to her profile, the agency can deceive men by talking on her behalf. Apanasenko Vika is an 80th level swindler. She should receive a criminal punishment for all this!)?

Status of report:  is still without proof

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