First name: Joyce
Last name: Owusu
Age: 31
Location: Kumasi Ghana
Phone: +233 57 504 0135
On websites: WhatsApp
Report:     This one was a very cool customer who came on at first was all very nice and really alarm bells should have been ringing straight away she first after a few days told me she was going to Ghana from Hodges in Alabama to sign letters at a barristers to get her fathers inheritance. She then contacted me again supposedly from Ghana to say she was going to the Barristers to sign the documents involved and needed a man to act as a trustee so she could get the inheritance as a woman on her own supposedly can not inherit without a trustee in Ghana. Iwas after this Emailed four documents by this supposed Barrister with will papers and one for me to sign as trustee{which I never signed or returned any of the documents which I felt were not genuine.I was then Emailed by this Barrister Named Herbert Opuku and a picture of him which I believe is copied from the real Bernard Opuku I was then requested to transfer money to this guy in America to the tune of ?6250 which I never did , but then found out that my emails had been hacked and somehow my Paypal and other accounts my Email and Paswords were no longer accepted, and I can't seem to get a phone number to contact Paypal or my Bank to put a block on everything they had hacked my computer and deleted my passwords and presumably entered their own. I still have all the documents Emailed to me , and as the computer would not let me copy and paste the photos or Emails I photographed my screen on every picture sent and also every Email. I also tonight used a phone tracker site and establisheed that her phone is in Ghana. At first she sent some pictures of herself which were very nice and tastfull then came the photos which were what you might expect from a porno magazine.
Status of report: is still without proof