First name: Janice
Last name: Mathias
Aka: Jan Mathias
Age: 30
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
On websites: fb, hangouts, whatsapp, viber
Report:     She initiated contact on Facebook six months ago, right away she told me she love me , she cared about me, then she takes you to another social site which would be hangouts. There she tells me all these things she wants to marry me, and live with me , but she needs money , most of the time she would ask for iTunes cards $25 $ 50 she would ask for. She had a lot of problems there was always something wrong in her life . So I notice she would pray on that always chaos. mothers in the hospital she needs rent money she needs to pay light and gas. She says she was living in Ukraine but lived in Syracuse New York and I found a lot of Facebook profiles of her too many. I helped her with some iTunes cards $100 $15 here $25 . She sent me a lot of pictures of her but different ages different times . So I knew she was scamming . She still tries to get money from me but no more so watch out for this one. I don?t know if she?s on
Status of report: is still without proof