Scam report about Francis Travis

First name:  Francis
Last name:  Travis
Age:  37
Location:  Greensboro, North Carolina
Phone:  425-880-5273
On websites:  AmateurMatch
Report:  Francis contacted me initially via text message and introduced herself and said she had read about me on AmateurMatch. That was the first time I had every heard of the site and I'm not a member so I was immediately suspicious. However I do know some sites share information on members to increase the number of people they can display . She told me she lived in Greensboro, NC and was looking for a man for a long term relationship. She's quite attractive and well endowed so it was interesting. She claimed to be 37 years old and had lived originally in New York City but her heritage was from the Netherlands. After some discussions she began to ask me to send her iTunes gift cards so she could update her phone and purchase more time. I advised her that I don't provide gifts for people I have never met and don't know personally. She ask me for credit card information and my phone carrier password. She wanted to buy some new phones and sell them to make some money. She quit talking to me when I refused her requests and told her she sounded just like a scammer.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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