Scam report about Candy Thomason

First name:  Candy
Last name:  Thomason
Age:  29
Location:  USA/ Mississippi
Phone:  1 412 387 7109
On websites:  telegram/ google hangouts
Report:  I got to know Candy over a ten month period, she claimed she moved from Alabama to Mississippi to live with her aunty who had fallen sick, her aunt supposedly got sicker and had to move her to a hospital in Santa Cruz California, then suddenly left her to go to Lagos, Nigeria in a hurry supposingly to take care of some of her late father's buisiness dealings there, the whole time throughout the 10 months she ask me for money in the form of Steam cards and iTunes cards to help her pay for food, lodging and personal items, I know Lagos is a haven for this type of behaviour and I honestly believe that she is a scammer making promises of a coming to live with you and starting a family.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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