Scam report about Olga Maksimova

First name:  Olga
Last name:  Maksimova
Age:  35
Location:  Russia Kolomna
Address:  Russia, 140407, Kolomna, shilova 1
Phone:  + 79877194258
Report:  Olga contacted me by normal e-mail. I answered back stating I try to answer all e-mails good or bad. we corresponded for several weeks. I told her I lived in the US. She stated she looked up the area where I lived and told me I live in a cool area. I never sent her a picture as I did not have one on file. as time went along, she stated she would like to visit. she really liked the way I thought for it was similar to hers. I told her what the final destination would be and that she should do a cost analysis for the trip make sure she had enough money to support this kind of trip. she wrote back told me she had her physical for health insurance and was going to Moscow for an interview for a visa (normal procedures) the next she told me that with the cost of the visa 300+ dollars an a retention of 500 dollars for flight tickets, she need 700 dollars more. then requested me to send money W.U. I told her no the fees were too high. I questioned the money for the visa US visas are only 160 USd. the flight retention she should have asked me first. I the asked for all the accounting the 700 uds would sum up the flight but there was no flight schedule sent (not good) I wrote back stating the accounting was ok she should go to the bank for a loan. she was so sad I would not send money.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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