Scam report about Viktoriya Koroleva Koroleva

First name:  Viktoriya Koroleva
Last name:  Koroleva
Aka:  Ekaterina Melash
Age:  30
Location:  Melbourne, Australia and St Petersburg, Russia
Report:  This person is on your web site as Maria Evgenyevna (Epina). I received an email from her where she introduced herself as Viktoriya Koroleva from Melbourne Australia. I do not know how she got may email. At one time i was signed up on a Ukraine website She says she was born in Riga, Lativa and moved to Australia several years ago with her parents. She says she does contract work and travels throughout Europe. She told me she was going to St Petersburg, Russia for work and then to the United States. She wanted to know if she could stay at my home for a couple weeks while she visted the United States. Her story is that she is staying in Russian with friends. One of which is Ekaterina Melash. Ekaterina Melash is shown to be one of her alias on your website. She claims she was robbed in Russia and her money and passport were stolen and she needs money to get home. She sent a picture of a passport she recived from the Australia embassy. This woman is very clever. Later i received email from another person claiming Viktoriya was in the hospital and needed money to pay for expenses. She gave her name as Sofia and said she worked for the same contract company as Viktoriya. She sent a picture of herself. She is also on your website as Anastasia Dolgan. She used several email addresses. and and lovelife Her reason for the differant email addresses was that she was having a problem with her email. She also used which she said was her working address.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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