Scam report about Darya Alekseevna Vershinina

First name:  Darya Alekseevna
Last name:  Vershinina
Aka:  Daria
Age:  27
Location:  Russia Kazan
Address:  Street: Business 3 apartment: 58 postal code: 420032
On websites:  Skype
Report:  I could not enter her Skype address on reporting form. Here is what she gave me Here is my Skype ID: Live: 6a47bd111356a406 When contacted it was Miss Bond. Daria I was contacted by her with the usual saw your profile on a dating site...I do not subscribe to one. This scammer is quite unique she always referred to things I wrote her. I did find a couple of phrases on the net she wrote me but not conclusive evidence. I actually believe she has sent me pictures of possibly three different females. One having placed second in a bikini contest. She would never tell me what year. It would not have been the first time a scammer sent pictures of someone she thought she looked like. Naturally she loves me wants to come to me and does not have enough money. Would not acknowledge that I offered to travel to her. She was very playful in a sexual manner. One thing that happened was she did contact me on Skype and I saw the girl who has the straight hair. What was unbelievable was she only spoke Russian and used a translator to convert to English. I got the sense someone else was with her when we were on Skype. A couple of time she looked off on another direction as if to take instructions from someone. She never wrote to me saying she spoke English Best get her posted as she could possibly fool someone else No contact from her since Skype

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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