Scam report about Vlada Malyhina

First name:  Vlada
Last name:  Malyhina
Aka:  Marinulenka
Age:  34
Location:  Russia, Novorezj
On websites:  unkwown
Report:  Hello Charming! Is it possible to become friends? Excuse me in case I bothered you with this email, because maybe you don't want to have real relationships. In the event that you dona ? ? t want to find such a form of relationship, do not respond to this email. But in any case, I hope you are a nice man and youa ? ? ll read this letter at the end and Anwer it. I've seen your contacts on a dating site some time ago, but I hesitated to write to you. I don't write to a strange first. I assume the WEA ? ? got the same goals at the moment. If you are registered on a dating site, are you looking for a person to creat relationship, Aren't you? I love your country, the culture, the life and the mentality of the people. It's the biggest reason why I made a decision to write to you because I made a desire to leave Russia. If you don't mind, we can get to know each other better. Is it a good idea? I am a free woman and I would like to meet a good man in your country to create a new relationship. It may sound naive, but I am sure you have a chance to build serious and long-term relationships on the internet that will be based on these feelimgs and beliefs. Now I would like to introduce myself. I'm MARINA. I come from Russia and I'm 34. My last relationship ended around 6 months ago, so it's a better story to forget. Since then Ia ? ? ma free woman. I'm a dental technician in one of the largest private clinics in my city. I actually deal with dentures and dental prostheses. I spend a lot of time almost all my day in our clinic. Through my work I have visited a number of countries where I have improved my skills. You know, I am a workaholic .. First everything was fine, but now I suffer from it, because I couldn't make a serious relationship and now I want to change this! Time passes and it becomes increasingly difficult to make new acquaintances and tender relationships. So hard to trust others, especially on the internet. I was on some dating but there I only found sick people who only asked for sex and nude photos. That's why I deleted my data from these sites. I realized that there are many bad people on the internet now. I don't want to play games and I am not looking for a sponsor. I have a good job and I can live my life. I hope you understand what I write. If you don't like me and you have my doubts, but don't answer my email. OK? I really hope you read my letter to the Enda ? Do you like my photos? I would like to get to know you better if you don't mind of course. Where do you work? What about your hobby? I would like to know as much as possible about you. Maybe you are my mr. Number one? Interested? Just write my regular e-mail: We look forward to getting an answer from you. Marinulenka! Attachments

Status of report:  is still without proof

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