First name: ANASTASIYA
Last name: LEVADA
Age: 37
Location: RUSSIA
Phone: 9522745759
On websites:
Report:     we meet each other on the website after one month she asked me come visit me . unfortunately my passport was expired . so she asked me let me thinking after I will answer you . so after a week she asked me support me I wanna come to iceland see you in really life . she always telling me I love you I love you . so after two months we come closer by VIBER contact everyday . every time I asked I wanna see you she made a lot of excuse . by the way one of time I send 580$ after one month again I send 840$ dollar . she said I am coming please come to the airport a little quick because I don?t . she told me her flight will landing 8;35 am . I woke up 5;00 in the morning going to the airport waiting until 11;00 am . finally she said I cant move from Moscow because before I toke loan from the bank and police stop me in the airport . finally we broke up because she is reality scammers
Status of report: is still without proof