First name: Sarah
Last name: Moni
Age: 27
Location: Netherlands
On websites: Just Say Hi dating app, Mingle 2
Report: typical another dating scammer that send you a link to a another website that not willing that will meeting you without the website
First name: Tatiana
Last name: Tanechka
Aka: Tanya
Age: 30
Location: Russie Koursk
Report: She contact me by e-mail since 30/11/2019 then ask me skype address. On skype, She want webcam to see her nude. I refused. Since, no more contact
First name: Lisa
Last name: Jefferson
Age: 32-35
Location: Whittmore / Newberry South Carolina
Address: 75 Sims St
Phone: 970-369/9617
Report: Was chatting for a while , always had a sad story of no food and made arrangements to come to my home, sent a little money for transportation and never show
First name: svetlana
Age: 28
Location: penza, russia
Address: 34 leonova st penza russia 44028
Report: Hello my sweet Christopher. I am also sad and not comfortable because of this situation, that I have to spend so much time discussing our meeting. We could discuss more interesting things .... Well, it looks like I will have to come back to this again. It?s hard for me without a man, I?m a young girl and I?m tired of being alone and tired of waiting. I need a real man to give my love and tenderness. This conversation does not make me happier day by day. So let's decide today, Christopher. Either we meet or not. There are only two options for us. My vacation will open very soon. Now do you understand why I'm trying to rush? I am afraid if we do not take this serious step towards our meeting, then later we simply will not have a suitable chance for a meeting. I will go on vacation and, most likely, will spend it in the village, then I will be busy with work and I will not be able to take a vacation for a long time. What is even more offensive to me, you will find a new girl and will tell her what I would like to hear. Whisper tender words in her ear, hold her in your arms and receive mutual affection ... This cuts my heart with a knife! Why can't you decide now for a serious act? Do a man?s deed and tell me your hard word.
First name: Dana
Last name: Olsson
Age: 28
Location: Netherlands
On websites: Just Say Hi, Mingle 2
Report: Typical anther dating scammer that write a link to a another dating site and not wanna meet you in real live
First name: Olga
Last name: Budaeva
Age: 37
Location: Ruzaevka Russia
Phone: +353860449924
Email: olyabu@outlook.com9
Report: She is looking for money. will offer herself and all documents are prepared, Fake passport and other documents, make sure if you do any transfer it will be insured, all documents are fake. she will contact you by phone but no longer than 3 min, a fully tracked location leads you to Austria but the phone calls are from Russia.
First name: Mariya
Last name: Kvayatkovskaya
Aka: Massha
Age: 36
Location: Russia, Noginsk
Address: 41 Klimova, Noginsk, Russia
Phone: 79093692958
Report: Hello my love Dan My dear man Dan, how your mood? How to pass your day? I hope that at you all is good... Today I much have learnt that it is necessary for me for my travel in the Canada. I already wrote to you that I have an international passport. It is good because at me will be less expenses. The most important thing is to receive the visa. Because without the visa I cannot take off for Canada. I should fill the document for reception the visa. In travel company to me promised that I without problems will receive a tourist visa. Usually the tourist visa is made out 7-10 days. I think that for a week my visa will be ready. My holiday begins in 11 days. 22 February I am on vacation!!!! I have good news to you!! Today I could pay the medical insurance. I have paid for the medical insurance of 8250 roubles. I am now worried about another problem!!! The overall cost of my travel in the Toronto makes 33526 roubles. For me it is the big money!!! I have addressed for the help to the parents. My parents do not have big money. My parents very much worries for ours with you of the relation. My mum and the father want that we have met you. For the sake of our meeting, my father wants to sell the boat. The father has told, in the near future will be engaged in sale of the boat. The only problem is that I do not know how long it takes the boat sales. It is necessary for me to pay the travel now. That I have had time to legalise papers prior to the beginning of my holiday. Now to pay the travel to you, I have not enough 25276 roubles. 1 euro = 71 Russian Roubles. I now needed to pay 356 euros. Dan,I need your help !!!! What to me do in my situation...??? I really did not think that I will have a financial problem.Do not forget that I prepare for our meeting seriously and responsibly!!!! For me the main thing to see you Dan. To see, how you live. I promise to do the utmost to arrive to you Dan!!! You the serious man. I the serious woman. I respect you Dan. To me I nothing to hide therefore always is frank with you. You also should hide nothing from me... Remember Dan!!!!! I cannot postpone the holiday, for other time... My holiday is limited because of my operating schedule!!! I finish the letter, because of bad mood. I hope that you understand my problem. I wish you good mood. I will look forward your answer. I will miss you Dan. With all tenderness I hug you and kiss you tenderly. With love your Masha. p.s. I send you a check copy about payment of the medical insurance. Probably this documents will are important for you!!! How you Dan.? How your mood? I hope that at you all is good... Today I do not have any plans. Now my head is hammered by thoughts on ours with you the nearest meeting. Here my mobile phone number +79093692958. But it is a pity to me, now my mobile phone is broken. My phone has casually dropped out of my hands and now does not join... In some weeks I will receive the mobile phone from repair. You can call to me after 25 February. Well? I went to bank. In bank I have received the information on how you can send me means. In bank to me have suggested to send means on system of remittances. The company is called RIA and on this reliable system you can send means. For sending of money, my co-ordinates are necessary for you. Here my co-ordinates: Name: Mariya Aleksandrovna Surname: Kvyatkovskaya Russia, Moscow Region City Noginsk Street Klimova House 41 Apartment 11 Index 142409 Dani, here addresses of offices RIA, whence you can send me means: 1.) Money Emporium Inc (Inside of The Sheraton Centre) 123 Queen Street West Suite C73 Toronto, ON Tel: +1 (416) 364-3004 2.) Amn Enterprises(Indian Liquidation) 8 Colborne St South Simcoe, ON Tel: +1 (416) 458-2886 3.) Toronto 73 Simcoe St Suite 301 Toronto, ON Tel: +1 (647) 710-7101
First name: Kashi
Last name: Naicker
Age: 29
Location: South Africa
Phone: 0673496514 and 0661155812
On websites: Facebook
Report: She invites guys on fb .1s u accept she starts sex talks and sends nude pics and wants pics of you aswell.she then blackmails you for cash or she will expose your pics and chats on social media The email address does not work so use the contact numbers
First name: Fira
Last name: Listopadova
Age: 30
Location: Parnu Estonia
Phone: 7(341)-250-3189
Report: Fira Fira Attachments Tue, Feb 18, 5:17 AM (3 days ago) to me Good morning my dear. How are you today without me? What is your mood before the weekend? Right now it's 7 o?clock in the morning here in Parnu. I just woke up and hadn't even had breakfast yet. And I had never written to you so early in the morning. But tonight I had a dream about you and me, and so until I forgot about this dream, I decided to write to you right away without getting out of bed. I ask you not to think that your friend is supposedly joking with you, no, that?s not so. I'll send you a sexy photo. Damn it, I'm a little ashamed to tell you about my dream, but I want you to see me miss you, so I'll tell you about my dream right now. I dreamed it was raining outside. I was home alone and suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and to my surprise I saw you standing on the threshold all trembling and damp. Then I let you go home, poured hot tea and wanted to wrap you in a warm towel so that you could get warm. But you removed the blanket and told me that nothing would warm you better than my warm embrace. Then you hugged me and we merged in a passionate kiss and gentle hug. Then, after a kiss, you lifted me in your arms and carried me to my bedroom. After that I woke up. Oh my god, it was such a frank dream. Now I?m even embarrassed to send you this letter, because you probably now think of me as a depraved woman. But believe me, I'm not like that! You know, before I met you, I never dreamed of such dreams. But now when I fall asleep with thoughts of you, I often see you in a dream. I don?t know, maybe I fell in love with you and therefore I dream of you? I can ask you one question ... I wonder if you ever thought about meeting me in reality? Yes, I know that we have not known you so much time, but to be honest, I'm already starting to think about meeting you. And I have one idea, but I don?t know whether to offer it to you or not. I was just thinking about it ... but okay, I?d risk offering you. What do you think if you and I go somewhere to rest? I mean, spend a vacation together. I plan to take a vacation in mid-March and am thinking of relaxing somewhere in Turkey or in Egypt. And I wanted to ask you, maybe you would like to keep me company? It's not for long. I will take a vacation of only 2 weeks, so that we could leave no more than 10 days. But 10 days together and on the shores of the warm sea, I think it would not be bad. And you, what do you think about this? You will not have to worry about anything. I will bear all the costs for the hotel and accommodation. You just need to keep me company so we can spend time together. Or if you do not have time to travel at this time, then I have another idea. I have not thought about this carefully yet, but what if on my vacation I can come to you? But before planning to visit you, I would like to ask you something: 1. If I come to you in March, where can I live with you? Can you meet me at your place or will I need to book a hotel? And if I need to book a hotel, what hotel would you recommend? 2. What is the nearest airport to you? Although I can find this information on the Internet, it will be easier for me if you yourself tell me. 3. I am a little ashamed to ask you about this, but to be honest, what are your intentions after meeting me? I mean sex ... would you like to have sex with me when I come to you? I understand that the last third question is more personal, but I ask you to answer me honestly, because for me this is important. And please do not worry about the costs. I will take care of all the cash expenses for my stay with you, so you won?t have to worry about anything. Just think over these two of my sentences and let me know what you decide, okay? Okay, now I need to go to my store. I still have some paperwork that I will need to do today. And by the way, I will send this letter to you a little later from my work laptop in the store. I?m having some problems with the Internet at home again, so I can?t send this email right now. But I already called the operator of my home Internet. And there they told me that this afternoon their master will restore the Internet network. So I'll write to you later today when I get home from the store. I wish you a pleasant time of day and good mood. Lots of kisses and tender hugs. Mmmuuuaaaahhhh (I hope this sounds like a kiss sound?) Your Fira. ... I almost forgot to say about my surprise. These photos I just received on my phone from a photographer who did a photo session earlier. I just wanted to tell you Good morning !!! P.S we could talk in skype, my skype is my e-mail. My sweet, sorry, but I can?t be online today on Skype. Oh my god, my grief happened today. And now, when I write you this message, I am crying at the same time. Dear, just half an hour ago, I received a call on my home phone. I picked up the phone and heard an unfamiliar female voice. At first I could not understand who it was. She spoke English, but her English was very poor and therefore I could not make out who was calling. But then in her conversation I heard the name Zhanna. And I immediately remembered my cousin Zhanna, who lives in Gdansk in Poland. But I remember her voice and it was not her voice. I asked her who is this? In response, she told me that she was a nurse from a Polish hospital in Gdansk. And she said that she was calling me because my cousin indicated my number as her only relative. Then I asked what happened? And this nurse told me that my cousin had a heart attack and that she died in the hospital today. Oh my god, I was shocked when I heard about it. And now I can?t even describe my condition. It is so hard on my soul and lonely in my heart. And there?s not even anyone around to comfort me. If you would be here now, I would be calmer next to you. But you are not here and there?s no one to even console me, and because of this I?m doubly hard at heart. Oh my god, she was my same age. As a child, when she lived here in Parnu, we spent a lot of time together. We went to school together, then we went to university together. But then her parents divorced and separated in different directions. Her mother was from Gdansk. And after the divorce, Zhanna took her mother?s side and, after graduating from university, moved to live in Gdansk. Oh my god, I cannot believe that she is dead. It?s just some kind of horror that I don?t want to believe. I'm leaving for Gdansk today for my cousin?s funeral, so I won?t be able to skype tonight, sorry. I just wanted to warn you not to lose me. Sorry, I can't write anymore. It?s really hard for me in my heart, so I can?t continue to write. But I beg you, just don?t forget me, okay? I will write to you when I get back. Or better call me. My number is +37258949670. This is my mobile phone number, but my mobile connection is not supported outside Estonia. But whatsapp should work, so write me there. Okay, I need to rush to the bus station to catch the bus to Gdansk. I beg you, just do not forget me. Hug you, your Fira. Fira Fira Attachments Thu, Feb 20, 3:46 AM (1 day ago) to me Tom my sweet heart, are you here now, are you online? Oh my god, I don?t know if right now you can see this message, but if you see I ask you to answer me as quickly as possible, okay? Damn it, I don?t even know where to start. I am now depressed because of the situation I was in. I was robbed in Russian Kaliningrad and because of this I now don?t know what to do and how to get back home. I am now in the city of Kaliningrad in Russia. And right now I'm writing you this message from the computer of the Russian police. Of course it would be better if I could now call you and explain by telephone about my situation. But some burglar stole my bag. My money, my passport, visa, my bank card and even my phone - all my things were in my bag. But some robber stole my bag and now I just don?t know what to do and where to go. This happened yesterday when I was waiting for a bus transfer. To get to my cousin?s funeral, I had to transfer to another bus here in Kaliningrad. My cousin lived in the city of Gdansk and the fastest way to get to her house is to transfer to another bus in Russian Kaliningrad. I already went this way and I know this way. But yesterday a terrible thing happened. Some robber robbed me at the station and because of this I am now stuck here and I can?t leave anywhere. Damn it, it happened so unexpectedly that I myself did not understand what was happening. I was standing on the bus platform waiting for the bus, when suddenly a man grabbed me from behind. He hit me several times in the body, then grabbed my bag from my shoulder and ran away in the opposite direction. All this happened in seconds and I was just in shock. I was scared and could not do anything. Maybe another braver woman would run after them to return the bag, but I was very scared and ran inside the station. Going inside the station, I called a policeman and told him about the robbery. But for some reason, the Russian policeman was not even in a hurry to catch up with the robber. He simply reassured me and told me that I should thank God that I was still alive. After that, the police officer took me to their police department. There he began to question me how this happened and this interrogation continued all night. I did not hide anything from the police and told him the whole truth. I hoped that the Russian police would catch the robber that night. But they still have not found the robber, and now I doubt that they will even find my things. Oh my god, I don?t know what to do now. This is the second day I have been in this Kaliningrad. But most of all, I regret that I missed my cousin?s funeral. Her funeral was today. But because of this robbery incident, I could not get to her funeral and now I hate myself because of this. I can no longer be in this Russian shit. I couldn?t get to my cousin?s funeral and now I just want to go back home. But the problem is that I have no money, no passport, no visa. All my documents and money were in my bag, but it was stolen and now I am left with nothing. This morning I decided to try to find my embassy to ask them to deport me home. But the police department told me that there is no Estonian embassy here in Kaliningrad. The officer said that there is only the Estonian Visa Application Center. Today I went there in the hope that they could send me back. But the woman there told me that without money they could not help me. She said that in order to restore my passport and visa, I would have to pay for it. She said that they did not have the authority to deport me home for free and gave me only advice so that I would ask for any help with money so that I could pay for the restoration of my passport and visa. My dear, I wrote a letter to several of my relatives asking me to help me, but no one answered me. This is all because after the death of my parents the whole inheritance passed to me and the relatives do not want to be friends with me because of making. I would give all the wealth in order to find family and love, where the honor and dignity of the family and such qualities as friendship, nobility and kindness instead of lousy money will come first. I hope you understand what I mean? I also tried to contact my friend Amanda, I remember her phone, but her phone is not in the network, most likely due to the fact that she left for her husband in China now. I was very ashamed to come to this decision, but on the other hand, you are also my friend. And even more, I treat you closer than just a friend. Honey, I am very ashamed to ask you for help, but if I ask you to help me, tell me can you help me get home? I now need money to restore my passport and visa. And also money for buying back a plane ticket for my own safety. I have now calculated the costs, for all this I will need about 880 euros. Tell me honestly, if I ask you to lend me these 880 euros, can you help me? Honey, I promise, it's only for a couple of days. I have to take a plane ticket for my own safety, so that nothing happens to me on the road. And as soon as I get home, I will send your money back that day. Damn it, I?m very ashamed to ask you for money, but I don?t know who else I should turn to for help. So if I?m even a little special for you and if you even love me a little, then please help me get home, okay? I am now in despair. And right now, you are my only hope for my return home. So now with tears in my eyes I beg you for help. Please write me your answer when you see this my message. I will be waiting for your answer. With tears in my eyes, your unhappy Fira. I will attach documents from the embassy and the police in order to keep you informed of everything that is happening to me, my dear. I trust you so I will send you the documents later in another letter. I also found out how you could send me cash assistance. A police officer told me that the only quick way to send cash assistance from one country to another country is through Western Union or Money Gram banks. I already told you that I previously traveled this way from Parnu to Gdansk through Kaliningrad. I have one good friend in Kaliningrad, her name Elena is a single mother and she is from a poor family, I already asked her to help me but she said that now she can?t even accept me at home, because now she lives in her house parents after a fire in their house. I have nowhere to go. Elena said that she was ready to help me with the transfer of financial assistance, I told her that I had a man, that is, you. If you agree to help me, I will write you the data for transferring cash assistance through Western Union or Money Gram in the name of Elena. Elena is a wonderful woman and you can trust her. Here are her details: Name: Elena Surname: Sadreeva Address: Russia, city Kaliningrad, street Narvskaya, 98 Elena told me that I could sleep in the pantries where potatoes and onions are stored after harvesting their garden. With all my heart and soul I hope for your help, I have nowhere else to go.
First name: Ekaterina
Age: 32
Location: Russia Yastrebovka
Report: This scammer contacted me. Letter check reveals this to be a prolific scammer. Got 19 hits searching for Snowman. Most letters were the same sentences. This scammer has been active for years and has been unbelievably successful in screwing men out of money. Best to post their latest stolen pictures as no doubt they have been used to suck in