First name: Blair
Last name: Williams
Aka: Nicolive, Nico Malachowski, Michelle Johnm, Rebecca Johnson, Katherine, Faith Arnett, Olunia, Anastasiya, Tanechka, Evgenia, Katrina, Olunka, Nastya, Anastasia, Aileen Williamson, Sandra Elizabeth, Michelle John, Marcia Passarelli, Angee, Agenias, Keira Yawson, Joyce, Lisa, Leslie, Isabella, Susan, Monicha Jess, Rosina, Ritaemma, Kimberly Williams, Laura Robinson, Abigail, Christian Lazard, Sonia
Age: 32
Location: New York, USA; Alberta, Canada; Hagfors, Sweden; Polish South Australia; Bolands, Saint Mary, Antigua and Barbuda; Mt Laurel, 1800 Bishops Gate Blvd, 08054, USA; Yoshkar-Ola, Russia; Ankara, Turkey; Amsterdam, Netherlands; West Virginia, USA; Toronto, Canada; New Johnsonville, USA; Houston, USA; Baltimore, USA; Asheville, USA; Gliwice, Poland; Berlin, Germany; Lask, Poland; Alpine, USA; Hoopstad, Free State, South Africa; Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada; Abbeville, Alabama, USA
Phone: 9207241376, 44708212377, 3204121679, 233274914209, 4146441628, 7025365122, 9318071190
On websites: Dateolicious
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Olesya
Last name: Kovtuun
Age: 38
Location: Russia
Phone: +491603751890
On websites: Russian Dates
Report: Spammer like since 5 Years. Every year the sam procedure. No ene do therfe thomtnhing. It is blamable. I hope of your help.
First name: Elouise C
Last name: Jones
Aka: Elouise
Age: 29
Location: Reform, Al Phx., oregon
Phone: 2052598068
On websites: Instagram, Google Hangouts and whatsApp
Report: I really blew it with this one. Spent over $30k falling in love with this woman over a nine month period of time. Booked numerous flights out of Phx, Birmingham and Dallas. She was kidnapped twice. And wanted to marry me enough said.
First name: Rose
Last name: Kathy
Aka: Anna
Age: 26
Location: Arkansas
Phone: 6015338566
On websites: WhatsApp, FB
Report: This person sought me out on WhatsApp I think through POF. Originally said she was Asian Native American mix. Subsequently she changed pics to a white girl. Goes by Anna. On the phone she is Asian (suggestNigerian Scammer). Scam was 1. Wanted me to be her husband after a week says her dead father would send a 10m inheartance if married 2. Paid her Zelle about 2k to get her to move to MSP area. 3. On her way says she got arrested by Kansas City PD needed $200 bail. 4. Her @attorney said needed to post bail, but said he has no clue what she arrested.
First name: Alla
Aka: Allochka
Age: 27
Location: Kotelnich, Russia
Report: Same scammer message. Claims she has a broken phone and would like help getting it repaired. I saw her exact message on another site. So stay away from this person
First name: Darya
Last name: Kolpakova
Aka: Anastasia, Alina, Tatyana, Svetlana, Irina, Elena, Julia, Zhanna, Karina, Rima, Natalie, Tenetka, Tenia, Tetiana, Elena Prohorova, Oksana KUZNETSOVA, Svetlana Panteleeva Andreevna, Natalya, Natalia, Natalya Nikolaevna Tarasova, Maria Khristolyubova, Anna Prasolova, Svetlana Tomikova, Chernokaya, Tschernookaja, Yuliya Saychenkova, Elena Guryanova, Tanya Sechka, Anna Vladimirovna Zubkova, Julia Semikopenko, Anastasiya, Alla Peretyatko, Lauren Edwards, Abigail Adams, Felicia Anderson, Susan, Gloria Billy, Suzy Gabriella, Sarah Lamptey, Diana Steinberg, Recheal, Lisa Jaster, Amber Hann
Age: 29
Location: Sankt-Peterburg, Russia; Luhansk, Ukraine; Dolgoprudnyy, Russia; Brussels, Belgium; Sokol, Russia; Irkutsk, Russia; Kremenchug, Ukraine; Cheboksary, Russia; Petschora, Russia; Yurga, Russia; Almetevsk, Russia; Novouralsk, Lenin Street 107-46, Russia; Lenin st 14. Khryashchuvate Ukraine 94457; Bucharest, ROMANIA; Kotelnich, Ulitsa Kirova, 20b, 612600, Russia; Hawaii, USA; NEW YORK, USA; California, USA; Alabama, USA; Texas, USA; Dallas, USA; Chicago, USA; Beverly Hills, USA; Bena, Victoria, Australia; Adana, Turkey
Phone: 79093688795, 79874362382, 33649859372, 79371185601, 79068327366, 79847079863, 79068327866, 380979757795, 79276828846, 380666057019, 6786608281, 5594929098, 3152703140, 5012854867, 3202817987, 6143633529
On websites: Fdating, Jecontacte, Tinder, Match, Russiancupid, Penpalwold, Devoted Singles
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Elna
Last name: Karlsson
Aka: Capt Elna or Capt Kamila
Age: 41
Location: Montenegro, Turkey, Sweden
Phone: +447452246600
On websites: Tinder
Report: Met her on Tinder website. Elna Karlsson contacted me first through messages then through email. Emailed for 2 full months. Nothing that strange, except for once about a name that is used to sign her letter, claimed to be another name that her grandmother called her. The first time was said that she owed a travel agent money to get her passport back, that he was holding as collateral until she paid the money she owed him, this was asked to be deposited into a bank account directly. Second time was for money she needed to have on her to fly out of the country of Turkey. She told me to do a direct deposit into an account at the Scotiabank to a person named: Stanley Eigbokhan Gave me all the banking info for this person, and then to email her the receipt that the deposit was made. First time I sent $3021.00 Canadian The second deposit was to Bank of Montreal to a person named: Ogunseye Mathew Amos Gave me all the banking info for this person, and then to email her the receipt that the deposit was made. Second deposit was for $1700.00 Canadian In December 2020 she just stopped writing cause I had no more money to send. And in the beginning of this month I started to investigate what happened to her and the deposits I made, found out that both banks are both located in North York, Ontario, Canada. The photos that she claims to be her really belongs to a real female pilot named Federica Fuser, public figure from Italy. After all this, I filed a claim with the CAFC Fraud Reporting System.
First name: Nancy
Age: 27
Location: Appleby, Cumbria, UK
Phone: 00447394053598
On websites:, Whatsapp
Report: Met on Seeking, instantly sceptical due to odd choice of language.
First name: Elena
Last name: Tregwbova
Aka: lena
Age: 28 date of birth 18.07.1992
Location: Kazakhstan Astana
On websites: Mamba
Report: Elena a clever travel scammer from Kazakhstan. want to share all travel expenses to come and live with me and eventually marry me. One slight problem I must pay the travel agency half of the expenses , so an invoice was sent to me by the travel agency (who does not exist) . so she (or he) uses Stripe?s software for payment where I have to give my banking details account with my security pin . I am not that stupid . Gents be warned scammers will try anything
First name: Nicole
Last name: Brown
Aka: Aizhan, Vera, Nataly, Gesilda, Jenny, Elena, Agnes Hans Ann, Victoria; Marusia, Mashulia, Yana, Jessica Grant, Michel Smith, Jennifer Hoods, Jenny Royson, Sandra Jensen, Leslie Berke, Sarah Essuman, Lydia, Lilian Mark, Sarah Smith, Victoria B, Annabel Williams, Merry Tee, Olivia Brian, Linda, Mellisa Richard, Sandy, Mikk, Jessica, Denise Banks, Maria, Camila
Age: 28
Location: Cape Coast, Central, Ghana; Charm, Ohio, USA; Tomakomai, Japan; Shymkent, Kazakhstan; Mauern, GERMANY; Yoshkar-Ola, Russia; Karlsruhe, GERMANY; Albuquerque, USA; Kansas, USA; Texas, USA; Tennessee, USA; New Zion, USA; Florida, USA; Kabul, Afghanistan; :London, UK; New York, Alabama, USA; Agosta, Lazio, Italy; Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana; Colyton, Devon, UK; Bielawa, Poland; Ohio, USA; Michigan, USA; Alabama, USA; Florida, USA; Dallas, USA
Phone: 19206294552, 19083127648, 2347700846, 5128310722, 4146441628, 1235566887, 18062033488, 2349069355258, 2348058515392, 447441463694, 13388645378
On websites: Tagged
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Lenusia
Age: 30
Location: Argentina and Buenos Aires
Email: and
Report: Beware of the scammer for catfishing, using fake profiles, and money example bank accounts, cash apps, gift cards, money transfers, and Paypal. The scammer's email located from Argentina at the city of Buenos Aires. Hi! Dear the stranger, I wish the nobility, as it is strong you are interested in searches and to meet with new and good the girl? My name Lenusia. I think, that I to you like on a photo. I search the person with whom my life will be quiet and interesting|to change to the best. I very much interesting, opened and optimistical the girl. But I still one and I very much have got tired from this vital situation. Therefore I have addressed in marriage agency and have sent to you the letter. Actually, I in searches adequate the man for serious relations and marriages further. My purpose - to meet the beloved of all my life. I wish to believe, that you are this man. I will be happy if we find one goal in life, and our acquaintance - the most important moment in beginning of our relationship. At present I do not know, as is strong have interest in continuation our correspondence, therefore I am more than information on I will let know about myself later. With impatience I wait for the reciprocal letter with huge impatience. Bye, Lenusia.
First name: marina
Age: 35
Location: Ukraine
Report: Obvious scam, so I hope this helps
First name: Elena
Last name: Patuk
Aka: Tatyana, Tanechka Sunny, Tatyana, Venera, Lida, Lizzy, Elena, Firstly Yana, Christelle Moullet, Sandra Smith, Mary Orwell, Monica, Kyla, Mary, Teresa, Jessi Smith, Lisa, Jessy Edel, Farida Howard, kathrien kelso
Age: 33
Location: Oxford, UK; Saint-Petersburg, Russia; Frankfurt Am Main, Germany; Tokyo, Japan; Bielawa, Poland; California, USA; Liverpool Cambridgeshire, UK; Londonderry, UK; Texas, USA; Birmingham, United Kingdom
Phone: 2348109274991
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Anna
Last name: Melnik
Age: 29
Location: Dnipro Ukraine
On websites:
Report: She contacted me after I was on this Russian dating site seemed harmless enough ,i didn't contact her she contacted me first small talk flattery cunning she all is she'll tell u within 2 months of talking to me she wanted to fly her with her daughter kept asking around 2 weeks into the relationship I asked to Skype with her suddenly her internet was down it costs $250 to install so after a few months of talking I finally ended it with her cause she kept begging for money like all the time every conversation
First name: Jessy
Last name: Owen
Aka: Veronika, Elena, Diana, Christina, Carina, Karina, Rima, Natalie, Tenetka, Tenia, Tetiana, Tatyana, Leka, Victora, Lena, Mari, Svetlana, Candice Clarke, Amanda Kristen, Lisa Rudolfs, Marrysturges, Regina Sergeevna Ponomarenko, Sunny Annulik, Anna, Clara Hqb, Mary Abbey, joyce, Bride Bushira
Age: 32
Location: Kiev, Ukraine; Yoshkar-Ola, Russia; France; Moscow, Russia; Houston, USA; North Corolina, USA; New york, USA; Minneapolis, USA; Odessa, Ukraine; Ghana, Africa; Los Angeles, USA; Califonia, USA
Phone: 3235219388, 2677142924
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Irina
Last name: Kutish
Aka: IrinaQUEEN88
Age: 32
Location: Ukraine, Kyiv
Address: Zdolbunovskaya
Phone: 5623050856
On websites: godatenow, beauties of Ukraine, Natasha Club, Alone Angels
Report: She is on chat for 10-11 hours at godatenow. Camera is off. But she she call still write. I went to chat with my video recorder on and found her dancing and blowing kisses to at least 2 men. She will demand that you write to her theres. She does not want you to know that she is on Beauties of Ukraine, Natasha Club (scam site) Alone Angels,,,,, and She spends 3 hours a day at Beauties of Ukraine. I setup a false person on beauties and on godatenow. She quickly wrote the same words that she is sincere honest woman. She will write that she would to start a relationship with you ending with Kisses.
First name: Helen
Last name: Mathews
Aka: Alisa, Ekaterina, Mariya, Katya, Lovia, Kandy Reign, Lizzy Tawiah, Gloria Pantola, Pantoja Leah, Lizzyly, Jess, Cynthia Commedor, Linda, Victoria, Rose Hunts
Age: 28
Location: Dakar, Senegal
Phone: 3475049467, 2105047689, 6315966116
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Sarah
Last name: Colombo
Age: 32
Location: Arizona
Phone: 7328008117
Email: Sarahcolumbo12
On websites: Onesceen, Kik
Report: Says that she is from Phoenix Az, but current out of the country in the army and is unable to tell me where. What?s to come home to see me, but has to pay for leave. A moth of leave is over $3,000. Her father died in a plane crash ans her mother is on her death bed.
First name: Irina
Aka: Nadezhda / Ellena
Age: 32
Location: Rus Federation / Kolomna
First name: Irene
Last name: Zakari
Aka: Aleksandra, Tatiana, Darya Shulga, Alicia Trudy, Marie Jacqueline, Eva Nicks, Alice, Rose Stone, Cindy, Pepertual, Jassie, Murph, Tashia, Joce Jocelyne Loupez
Age: 29
Location: Shanghai, China; Russian Federation; Hanoi, Vietnam; Luxembourg; Minsk, BLR; Virginia, USA; Saint-Denis, France; Alaska, USA; Miami, USA; Chicago, USA; Manchester, UK; Boston, USA; California, Alamorio, USA; Dallas, USA; Annecy, France
Phone: 77360543, 2232090352, 2068013016
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Michelle
Last name: McDowell
Aka: Ekaterina, Elena, Regina Eyison, Regina Jackson, Bamins Faith Sarah, Sophia Pablo, Joyce Larousse, Courtney Floral, Elizabeth, Tori Anne Rouse, Tori Anne Davis
Age: 28
Location: Germany; Ulyanovsk, Russian; Antwerpen, Belgium; Texas, USA; Dallas, USA; Boston, USA; Michigan, USA; California, USA; Wichita, Kansas, USA
Phone: 2068013016, 9494242660, 12232150901
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Sandra
Last name: Ella
Aka: Lena, Yulia, Maria, Sveta, Olya, Lina, Viktoriya, Viktoriya, Sara, Sara Sai, Aizhan, Natalia, Vika, Sofiya, Tatianushoka, Dani Danielz
Age: 28
Location: Balo Kounda, Senegal; Toronto, Canada; Jaguariuna, Brazil; United Kingdom; Brest, Belarus; Lutsen, USA; France; Holland; California, USA
Phone: 16473756177, 447448787412
Email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Victoria-2021-@outlook,,,,,,,,,,,
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Tatianchik
Last name: Lonely
Aka: Svetlana, Alla, Anna
Age: 29
Location: Samara, Russia
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Arlette
Last name: Lovisa
Aka: Jennifer, Vika, Svetlana, Ekateryna, Alla, Sara Hmiles, Mary, Rose, Becky Lisa, Isabella Raymond, Evelyn Smith, Daniella, Perkins, Joyce Palacio, Katherine Palacios, Kemi Johnson, Danielle Cohn, Sandra Anani, Cristi, Diana, Sunshine, cassandrar, Vivian Shine, Ganet, Mary Botwe, Tracy Clee, Kudi Tony, Pablo Sophia, Lisa Hawkins
Age: 30
Location: Brooklyn, USA; Texas, USA; Stockholm, Sweden; New York, USA; Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; Samara, Russia; FRANKFURT, GERMANY; Karlsruhe, GERMANY; Arizona, California, USA; New Franklin, USA; Birmingham, USA; Alaska, USA; Los Angeles, California, Orlando, USA; Spain; Miami, USA, Gbawe, Ghana; Lombardia, Italy; Santiago,Chile; Oklahoma, USA; Virginia, USA, Yendi, Ghana; Los Angles, USA; Leaseweb, USA; Ohio, USA; Kansas, USA; Montreal, Canada; Kissimmee, USA; Alabama, USA
Phone: 3366606907, 4079901938, 5137269911, 7799991864, 4845581208
On websites: Dateolicious, Tagged, Twitter, Instagram
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Lisa
Last name: Hawkins
Aka: Natalie, Mariya, Mary, Kseniya, Nataliia, Ekaterina, Juliet Botwey, Sophia Pablo, Kudi Nasuwa, Stacey Mills, Marie, Kate
Age: 30
Location: Alabama, USA; Moscow, Russia; Kissimmee, USA; Djibouti; Califonia, USA; Minnesota, USA; Texas, USA; France
Phone: 2137880087, 15129917749
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Isabella
Last name: Raymond
Aka: Maria, Veronica Jacob, Ekaterina
Age: 30
Location: Austin, Texas, USA; Alaska, USA; New York, USA; California, USA; Montreal, Canada; Florida, USA
Phone: 14027831762
On websites: Canadian Chat, Badoo
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Amia
Last name: Schulte Merrick
Aka: Capt. Amia Schulte Meerick
Age: 38
Location: Afganistan
Report: Claims to be Army Captain and want me to invest in her pet project. Uses photos of deceased Florida servicewoman as bait. Happy weekend my dear friend, Copy of e-mail attached. Thanks for writing me back and i want you to know that no friendship is an accident and I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light. without going too far below here are all About me: Name: Capt. Amia Schulte Meerick Born: September 25, 1983, Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. Marital Status: Single Country: United States of America Rank: Captain, USAF EDUCATION: Graduated from Parkrose Senior High School, Portland, Oregon in 1999. 2003 Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colo. 2007 Master of Science degree in aeronautics/astronautics, Stanford University, Calif. 2009 Flight Test Engineer Course, USAF Test Pilot School, Edwards AFB, Calif. MAJOR ARMY FORCE AWARDS AND DECORATIONS: Defense Superior Service Medal with two oak leaf clusters Legion of Merit with three oak leaf clusters Meritorious Service Medal with oak leaf cluster Air Force Commendation Medal NASA Distinguished Service Medal Presently i am in Afghanistan for peace keeping mission due to the war crisis going on here in Afghanistan, i have a good heart of peace making and i am very sincere and faithful every area of my life, I am an easygoing, respectful and kind Woman, My religion is Catholic christian, I never judge others and am very compassionate, i love to appreciate the little things in life. finally Dear i want to let you know that I have good reasons to contact you as I have something very important to share with you in my next mail and i will be expecting for your urgent mail communication and i wish to build a strong relationship with you on the atmosphere of trust and sincerity in order to go into business partner with my funds which I need to invest over there at your country with your urgent assistance. Let me stop here for now, i am expecting an urgent respond from you soon. Your,s sincerely friend, Capt. Amia Schulte Meerick
First name: Viktoriya
Last name: 34
Aka: Vikusya
Age: 22-40
Location: USA and Pompano Beach
Email: and
Report: Beware of the scammer for catfishing and money example cash apps, bank accounts, gift cards, money transfer, Paypal Let's meet Good day, my name Vika.. I'm looking for a real man to create serious relationships. I'm a little nervous, If I interested you, You can write me a letter and we better know each other!!! Waiting for your photo and story about you!!! Vikusya
First name: Maria
Last name: Shatkova
Aka: Olivia Hansen
Age: 36
Location: Ukraine Mariupol Ave. Metallurgov 129
Address: 23 A Yakina St. Mariapol Ukraine
Report: I have two additional letters to add with the registered lady, I reported her earlier. It proofs the other names involved, Ms. O.Hanssen, Popova Varvara Pavlona and (new) Kseniya German Russia and Ms. Ekaterina Chadaeva Russia
First name: Lisa
Last name: Baldwin
Age: 33
Location: Ontario, Canada
Address: Beaumont, Texas
Phone: 409-292-7009
On websites:, Google Hangouts
Report: This girl claims to be a deaf mute who will ask you to send her I Tunes cards or Steam Wallet card then ask you to open CashApp and Coinme app so she can get her inheritance.
Latest female scammers
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