First name: Svitlana
Last name: Butova
Age: 30
Location: Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk
Address: st. Galitskaya, 124, fl 18
Phone: +380686140594
Report: She initiated the contact in the end of July, expressing her wish to ?meet a worthy person who needs love and support?. After a few letters she revealed her plans to me: ?I am not looking for a relationship in Ukraine because I plan to leave the country. and start a new life. Now my documents are being prepared, for my dentist internship in your country?. She then discovered that she needed some 380 USD, to cover a debt. Without paying this debt she would not be allowed to go outside Ukraine, and she asked me for economic support.
First name: Priscilla
Last name: Lovell
Age: 32
Location: Missouri , Brooklyn,NY
Phone: 3143258629
On websites: Jaumo, Badoo
First name: Dubsie
Last name: Morgann
Age: 24
Location: Netherlands
On websites: Mingle 2
Report: typical a dating scammer with a fake name that send a link to to a sexdating site
First name: Yuliya
Last name: Popova
Aka: Yul, borisovna
Age: 35
Location: Russia, Bryansk
Address: Country: RUSSIA City: BRYANSK Romashina street, house number 29 Postal code: 241050
Phone: 79217635838
Email: 1st: Sweetums Yuliya 2nd: Yuliya 3rd: then always :
Report: This scammer contacted me in June 18th 2020 with 2 different email addresses but on answering it changes to 2 different addresses . Not a good start for a professional scammer!!! she will write long letters with many photos all stolen from a well known model Daria Bondarenko. Once exposed as a scammer her defence was that : a few years ago she has lost access to her social network account, and scammers used it to create all those sammers links where she is posted with a different name. She only wants to visit you because she has fallen in love with you but being a teacher she can only get 10 days holidays??? Money demand followed and all of it because she cannot find anyone who will help her to fulfill her dream. I have heard that before. gent be careful with this one she will charm a bird out of a tree to come to her hand. Very clever scammer indeed
First name: Donna Jennifer
Last name: Adio
Age: 42
Location: Cyprus,Greece Chicago,IL
On websites: Plenty Of Fish
Report: I met her off of Plenty Of Fish female looking for female. Donna said she lived in Chicago,IL but was from Cyprus, Greece and that is where she was originally from. She said she was going back to Cyprus on a business trip to sell the buildings her late dad's company had built. She inherited the company. She had a lot of pictures. I talked to her on the phone several times but her English was horrible yet, she could text and email proficiently in English. She said she needed money to pay some kind of taxes in Cyprus before she could sell the buildings. She claimed she had no one else to help her but me. Only child no living family members. Then she lowered the amount she wanted from me , asking for money to stay in hotel or hotel manager would kick her out. Her phone was a google phone with a number out of Florida. I erased all pictures, emails and her phone number bur will never forget her name.........
First name: Lillian Linda
Last name: Nakumiza
Aka: Lily Gidz
Age: 37
Location: Kampala / Uganda
Phone: +256782649264
On websites: Afrointroduction
Report: Marriage Trickster, using contacts to receive visa and tickets to Europe, then just disappears
First name: Alexis
Last name: Naomi
Age: 29
Location: 71 Aba Johnson Crescent, Off Adeniyi Jones Avenue., Ikeja
On websites:
Report: Hi Alexis, It/s Falco from Wonder dating. Im just off to work now and in done at 5 so if you wish we could chat after 5 How are you doing Hi, I'm going crazy. Lol busy day. I'm well thank you, how are you? I am doing good Do you care for a chat and get to know each other more better? That's nice to know. Yes that would be nice, it will be between the things that I still must compleate Cool and nice to chat with you now!!! So you live in Calgary do you Whats your name, where are you from? I am from texas My name is Falco. I am from B.C but I live in Alberta, I thought your profile says Calgary. Hmm kind of a long commute for a coffee Am Alexis naomi from texas Well very nice to chat with you I don't know how to open it I like your name Can I have your pics Thanks Nice babe Are you married and how about kids? Divorced 15 years ago and two girls all grown up married for 20 years all came to a crashing halt I have been single since then Am single never married with no kids,but I have been in a bad relationship before and I don't want that to happen to me anymore. Sorry babe I don't blame you What will you like to tell me more about that? Wow you look fantastic. Thank you Thanks My ex-hurt and cheated on me a lot, that's why am on net to give it a try. Well I have to say something's wrong with your ex because he's got to be crazy to do that I myself am a one woman man always was and always will be How long have you been single and do you like being single? I've been single for 15 mobile 16 years and being single does take a little bit of getting used to I don't necessarily like it but I do enjoy the freedom Am single now for the past some 2years and I hate it cause it is lonely. 6, What is your age and When is your birthday? They just before I go on just wondering how come you didn't take a selfie and send it to me My birthday is 22nd of sep... 30years,,, Age difference does not bother me. What matter to me is both partner pure heart, cause am human pure heart is like a pot of Gold. My sister do snap for me Well I'm 60 now and my birthday is in April One more picture Love that dress How long have you been on wonder dating and what are you really looking for on there? What is that?? Send me your text message number?? +1(909) 588-2294 My text messages number You are doubting me You were in a call with Alexis Jul 24, 4:19 PM Talk to me babe ?sorry just bought up in work You were in a call with Alexis Jul 24, 4:23 PM You were in a call with Alexis Jul 24, 4:24 PM You were in a call with Alexis Jul 24, 4:24 PM You were in a call with Alexis Jul 24, 4:24 PM You can hear me You were in a call with Alexis Jul 24, 4:25 PM You were in a call with Alexis Jul 24, 4:27 PM Babe Hi, Im still working right now Okay message me when you are less busy Hello babe Hi Hi, is see your on, Hows it going today? did you get your voice morph software figured out yet. Not really How was your work over there?? work is much, and the last days are hot, just trying to wind down on this sunday. how is it going on that end and how is the weather there Very cool and nice I hope everything will be okay soon???????? Thought you have a hurricane happening. Wow qute pic. Truly lovely And you babe Can I have one pic of you too?? I would but I dropped my phone and broke the glass over my lense ???????? I can when I get home. We can video chat. Is that okay Are you truly ready to move on and settle down with the right lady in your life?? Yeah you are the man I ever seen With the right lady But I remember my past He hurt me badly I'm sorry to know that. I don't know what I could say to give comfort to you I am ready to settle down with the right man, I can even relocate with him. Trust is earned not bestowf Okay I will never hurt who care for me The best avrnue is to meet. And make a decitipn Sorry spelling sucks What do you do for a living? Okay I wish you will wish me good as I will do for you I fix things, cars trucks . Build houses, applinces, electronic, computer and so pn Okay I wish you best of luck I wish good things for all humanity, you be included I do travel all around the world due to my job. I buy and sell Antiques Materials for a living. Am presently in (West Africa Nigeria) To buy some Antiques I will be back to State in couples of weeks now. Will that will comfortable with you ?? If you get to Alberta I will be happy to show you my life. What is your ideal income I mean how does your job pays you? Yes everyone needs to do as they required to be happy Could be better, much better, I have rent power and heet free and pay 200 rent, 2000 month income clear It depends on my business trip, Cause I am into buying and selling of goods. Okay babe What are your plans for today?? Having supper right now, then off to bed soon What do you seek for in a relationship? Have get home?? Can I see it ?? Okay I hate texting, can we video chat? I am also off to bed Yeah but I have problem with my mouth piece but am saying you should do it for me I can only do you won't hear my voice Are you okay with that No sorry ?? Will you like to hear my voice but I am sorry But I will do the call Well how do you talk to clients if you're phone is not working. I do chat I find texting takes all the effort from a person . One can't even go to the bathroom. When texting I am not saying it is not working i have problem with mouth piece Mouth piece? Okay i will only see you and you can't hear my voice Yeah Babe I will like to be trustworthy with my partner I don't lie But how can you use your phone if the mouth piece is not working? I do text I cant call Travel the world with a phone that no one can Heer you Babe please understand me Am sorry Please Okay I will try my best I don't cheat Me neither I was cheated on Most of my clients understand me And you have to understand me better now So how can that happen ?????????? ?????? ?????? ?? Okay If you don't I am going offline then We continue and get Get what To know more Okay About each other What do you seek for in a relationship? Okay An honest life partner I want a serious and long term relationship that involves commitment that will lead to marriage with the right man for me. A true human. You know I am 60 years old Yeah Physically what do you look for in your woman? I look for kindness and companionship, a person that wants to be with me Handsome and Good looking Man with all the right curves in the right places like you. You should have a closer look I'm not that attractive What qualities are important in your mate you look for in a woman and what would you want from your partner? Babe you are I love like that My love is unconditional, a person treats me with respect and fair play . Then I am on the page I want Someone calm both inside and outside, honest, loving, caring, trustworthy, hardworking, God fearing, kind, romantic, passionate, kid loving, generous and respect. Some one who I have trust, honesty and faith in him... I want someone to love me for me and me alone and not love me for what I do for them cause I give it all when it comes to a relationship and always there for my man, if he does this, I will treat him like no woman as ever I treated him and make him my one and only Love. Mostly importantly I want to get married to a caring, down to earth, romantic, God fearing man soonest. The main thing is life that will make me happy is to have a loving, passionately man and a happy family as well. am religiously in-dined, God fearing, and believe Jesus die for me on the cross of Calvary. Trust and massive care is mandatory in every relationship and I really want that. I don't need anyone to take advantage of my weaknesses or my strengths, I need someone who will appreciate me for everything that I am... My past relationship was bad ever since then I have been single and scared to fall in love but now I am willing and ready now for a relationship... I am easygoing,open mined and I know how to treat my man and make him feel good, I gives to him every love he wants and always there for him when he needs a shoulder to lean on. You definitely know what you want, that's good. I really wish to meet you, so you can know me, this is the best way to know me How do you treat your woman? You profile stated you were in Calgary, I am hoping to interact with another this is how I can be comfortable Okay love when I am back My partner is the most important in my life , I will put my life in protection of my partner I treat my man like no one has ever treated him before and make him my one and only love, Like a King. And I like to be treat the same. Uhuuu I do you Really When you get to your work place will you show It to me Yes my life is for my partner Yes I will send you this Nice Tell me more about your parent? My Mom, Dad with my lovely brother died on there way going to london for an occassion,,,so since they had died things have been so hard and tough with me and my younger sister and thats why am really looking for the right man who is gonna be there for me as a best friend and Lover...Infact i was just crying here now because its very painful to me, whenever i remember it. Is that your work place Where is your then Have you do the lense Okay Won't you tell me any thing about your parents?? Ok babe Yeah that happens here as well It is for u Really Yes my cat I thought you might find it a little funny Yeah of course I saw you laughing I like to be happy. And I like it when people are happy Okay love 18, What would your family say about me? Why I do make mistake why typing My keyboard is not good I will have to down load more My family is no more. My too children would be happy for me to be with another person an be happy Okay!!! Thanks. but Honey I don't want 3rd party in our relationship right now and also I will love to make it a surprise to your families seeing me when I get back in the states with you my love. There is no third IST 15 years since Okay love Are you financially stressed? Depends I'm not as I live but if thing change then possibly I'm not a welthy man What is love to you? Love is unconditional. When i fall a feel love I feel empty and worthless. Like I feel now When no love is for me Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.. Nice. Are you tired yet??? I am tired I am not tired of chatting with you, I really want to chat with you all day We can chat a little longer What's your favorite band of music??? No doubt, p!nk, al Stewart, in general I like most music, some rap not so much. Classical and blues is nice in the evening A song I really like is the song played by Gerry d screamers them song I can send it to you if you wany I have over 22.000 songs in my collection Blues and christian band (Marc Anthony, James blunt, don meon) Wow Lets Travis some music What dancing step do you like most, like going to concerts, flea market? Yes all. The above And I like dancing but have no step Really What is the most romantic thing a significant other could do? I haven't thought about that much it's so many years. I have not been intimat wit any other for very many years Cook me a romantic dinner with roses. I'm not a very good cook. But I would get my friend to teach me a good supper and cook that for you What is one thing that you value most in a relationship and do you like to talk about future? Just be honest. No game. Guessing is not an option say what you mean. Mean what you say. Future talk is good but now is what makes future reality Caring, supportive, love and respect for each other... I do like to talk about future when in a right relationship. You made a list of questions. Not really i made it for better knowing of each other Caring, open minded, self esteem and achievements.... Hmm kissing and sitting at the forefront telling each other sweet things. And you babe I'm not very good at texting, I don't know to well how to put my feelings and thoughts into text Okay Sorry Sorry love But I do Let me ask you two more questions!!! Ok Do you drink or smoke?? Yes I don't drink and I do not smoke You should have led with thows questions How important is having children to you? You were in a call with Alexis Sun, 11:23 PM How many kids did you want from me? I have had children. I am the last member of my family. I have no son, so important. But I would love my children without reservation No kid from me 2 children 1 girl. 1 boy What did you notice first about me? But I know this can not be . God is the decider Your are charming and amazing Handsome. I notice that you are misterious. What's one of your dreams??? Non of the above To fly One of my dreams is to have my own Antiques Company,I know with you all dream will be fulfilled I worked for a friend that owns Gerry's anteqs and things. I repaired his goods that needed atention When is the last time you cried? Look him up Today Why Yesterday Why ?? I an very emotional. Sad things make me cry, coved is killing people and I feel for them I also feel sorry I have years now If you were mad at me how would I know? Spelling, sorry If I was mad at you how would you know? I get quiet. I do not get angry, everyone has the right to do as they please but consider the other before doing something that might hurt another If I was extremely angry I would tell you that I need to calm down before I talk about it. If I was just angry I'd say something like
First name: Elena
Age: 29
Location: Russia
Report: Elena is not too aggressive but she wants things none the less. Only one conversation convinced me that she was a scammer
First name: Jessica
Last name: Ravane
Age: 30
Location: Ghana
Address: 6822 NW 16th Street
Phone: +225 69 51 70 10
Report: Asking for money to help her with apartment or else... Does it once a month. Got tired of it. Needs to be investigated.
First name: Celia
Last name: Janssen
Aka: Liefde in passie
Age: 35
Location: Amsterdam
Email: Celia Janssen @ Gmail or something
On websites: Victoria Milan
Report: After patiently texting friendly massages on VM she invited me for text on skype. After a few days came an invitation for online sex. Suddenly I was intimidated bij a film from me that would be published on the internet and would be damaging my reputation and so on. Also that on some article I would have broken the law an would be convicted for crime. A large amount was asked . She said money was needed for a serious ill mother. I replied I a had pictures from het too. I was suspicious because the masturbating woman was another one than on pictures before I shut down the contact and she did try about 5 times to contact again I deleted and blocked all known contacts ( dit not know the existence of this site)