First name: rita
Last name: adams
Age: 32
Location: says calafonia from ghana
Address: 9 sussex road, chester
Phone: 01244317697
On websites: oasiss
Report: know her for a couple of weeks ,then said she needed topay her tution fees can i send 240dollars said no ,but every time we chatted it always came round to money
First name: Bae
Last name: Biscuit
Aka: jorgefurfaro
Age: 29
Location: Russia
Report: This scammer is catfishing for someone who not knowledge enough to fall for this kind of scam I'm reporting this one.
First name: Irinchika
Last name: Woman
Aka: Irusenka
Age: 28
Location: Russia or Nigeria
Report: and This received from my email at August 10, 2020 for luring me to her pitch that I can easily be catfished on her charms with this type of scammer. Never give any information just ignored =.
First name: Lucile
Last name: Berchie
Aka: Angel
Age: 30
Location: Poland, Katowice
Address: 7541 Chappelle Way
Phone: 5106771023
On websites: RussianCupid
Report: Responded to her ad on RussianCup, she claimed to have a green card for USA and to have lived there since 21, but returned to Poland for her father's funeral in March of 2020 and due to fake Covid-19 Jew fraud, has been trapped there by travel restrictions. She claims to have paid an apartment through the end of August, and she hopes to return to Jacksonville, Florida where her mother lives in September. She claims to have no cell phone, and no laptop, and she is using junk desk top computer provided by apartment landlord with no camera. If you try to do video call, or voice call, she claims she will borrow her laptop from a neighbor but there will be no sound. She chats with typos that indicate she does not speak English well, and for a person that has spent from 21 to 30 in the U.S. I think she will speak English much better. She tells you she is out of food, and scared to go outside due to Covid. I told her get free food from church, she is full of excuses. I offered to send her $100 by Western Union for food, she says that is not enough till end of month, and she does want Western Union, she wants block chain crypto. I told her asking for crypto that cannot be traced to a receiver is a red flag to me she is a scammer. I told her I will only send to Western Union to the name Lucile Berchie. She says she does not want it then. I said that indicates to me your name is not Lucile Berchie. She claims she just likes block chain. I put her email in google search and it turns up this site with other romance scammers using a similar email, name, followed by I am then convinced she is a scammer, and I send her message informing her of same.
First name: Anastasia
Aka: Nastya
Age: 50
Location: Omsk
Phone: +7 (987) 700-67-29
On websites: meetic
Report: El contacto lo hizo, desde meetic, desde un pueblo de Espana, me envio mensaje privado, con su correo electronico. La correspondencia duro un mes aprox. por descubrir su foto, en vuestra pagina. Si que note, formas de expresion raras, y al mismo tiempo, sin sentido. No se envio dinero, por que corte la relaccion, al darme cuenta de su prisa por venir a Espana, me puso en alerta.
First name: Marina
Age: 30
Phone: +380993730536
Email: marynalaza48@gmail
On websites: WHATUPP
First name: susan
Last name: ofori
Age: 40
Location: ghana
On websites: hangouts
Report: i have know this woman for years and thousands of dollars
First name: Stephanie
Last name: Louise
Aka: Melissa
Age: 27
Location: USA or Nigeria
Phone: +17324197708
On websites:
Report: Melissa pretended to be a college student and asking for money transfer, giftcards, and Atomic Email Hunter software. At first I see her as damsel in distress but making full of excuses for not seeing her in webcam real time or a call I already suspected her she's catfishing and looking for victims to lure tothem to her pawns of deception with a sweet talk you with her pitch. Beware of this kind of scammer never trust anyone who you don't meet in person, web cam in real time, and talk on phone. They make excuses that their smartphone doesn't have camera, it's broken, and money to pay it. The only way to lure them is give them false information and never tell them anything about the real you and anything else privately since they gather data from you and that's how they get you.
First name: Angela Long
Last name: McConnell
Aka: Angela
Age: 35
Location: Louisiana
Phone: (619) 492-7417
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Messaged me out of the blue and sent pictures right away some nude. I never asked for pics. Then went right to will you help me need a Steam card to get my phone updated then we can video call. Then more pics and will you get my son a PS2 card? Just snap a picture of the card and send it to me she texted. She would not talk on the phone only texted . I knew it was a scam right away when she sent pics and asked me for a card but I let her go for a couple days and then told her I knew this was a scamand had better things to do...
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Novikova
Age: 32
Location: Saratov, Russia
Address: unknow
Report: She is clever and professional. I only know her email-address, nothing more. She did not leave any post address or phone number. She asked first for a relatively small amount of money. After she got this money, she started to ask for a large amount of money. This is the first time I lost my money.