First name: Michelle
Last name: McDowell
Aka: Ekaterina, Elena, Regina Eyison, Regina Jackson, Bamins Faith Sarah, Sophia Pablo, Joyce Larousse, Courtney Floral, Elizabeth, Tori Anne Rouse, Tori Anne Davis
Age: 28
Location: Germany; Ulyanovsk, Russian; Antwerpen, Belgium; Texas, USA; Dallas, USA; Boston, USA; Michigan, USA; California, USA; Wichita, Kansas, USA
Phone: 2068013016, 9494242660, 12232150901
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Anna
Last name: Chemekova
Age: 32
Location: Russia, Penza
Address: Zip Code: 440061 St. Gertsena 44B
Phone: +79058127185
Report: This lady contacted me in the first half of December, and told me ?Entertainment is not for me. I am looking for a serious relationship with a man?. After a few letters she suggested a possible meeting, which is rather fast. She wanted to know the nearest airport, and told me that she was going to contact a travel agency. But then: ?I could not imagine that the flight would become so expensive, for me it is really a lot of money, through the tears on my face I want to ask for your help, my love?
First name: Pretty
Last name: Aleksandra
Aka: Aleksandrushusenka
Age: 35
Location: Brazil and Rio de Janeiro
Email: and
Report: Beware of the scammer for catfishing and money example bank accounts, cash apps, gift cards, money transfer, and Paypal. The scammer's email location is Brazil in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Hey person, How are you? I believe you are OK and you will be happy to respond to my letter. I am very much glad that Ia??ve got a chance to get acquainted with you. My name is Aleksandra. Probably you have guessed where I am from judging by my name. I am from a large splendid country Russia. I am 35 years old. Ia??m searching for a man for true friendship and probably for serious relations. If you liked me and got interested in my personality, I will be happy to receive your answer. I hope you will not let the lonely girl to get bored. I will eagerly wait for your letter at the earliest possible moment. I hope what is important for you to have intercourse of adult adequate people. I don't want to play the games and waste the time. If you give me an answer, I will send you more images of me. So we will be able to see each other much better and get acquainted better. I hope you will also forward me your picture and tell me about yourself. Ia??d like to learn more information about you. I wish you a lucky day and good mood. Interested? Please answer ONLY to my personal mailbox: I am waiting. Aleksandrushusenka
First name: Cecilia
Last name: Rossi Allison
Aka: Rossi Allison
Age: 45
Location: Kabul
Address: Cleveland Ohio
On websites: Linkedin, G-mail Hangout
Report: I met Cecilia on LinkedIn 18th December 2020 her profile name Rossi Allison who is an Orthopedic Surgeon? Cecilia to be working for the US Military on deployment in Kabul Afganistan. Cecilia is registered on Google G-mail Hangout with an e-mail address of: Cecilia claims to have helped medically an Afgan Oil Barron and his family, who has gifted her gold bullion? She has shipped the goods through a courier They claim the consignment is being held in the Dubai International Airport Customs area, waiting for documentation to clear and that I need to pay $6,500-00 for the consignment to be released? I initially logged into the site to register the consignment number to track the good. It did say held in Dubai customs! I have since tried logging onto in the last couple of days and the site is not available. I cannot find a bonafide company of that name or their physical address and contact details. Or a registered business company details? We have has some very loving correspondences through Hangout. I have requested a phone number or for Cecilia to call me? I did ask for a photograph of the Gold? Her mailing address through the US Military for personnel serving overseas? Nothing has come back, only 7 photographs of her, her kids, and the dog Max which could have been screenshotted from any lady's profile on any of the social media sites?
First name: Belinda
Last name: Marshall
Aka: Sweet Belinda
Age: 43
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Address: 7706 Glassboro Ave Canoga Park, CA 91304
Phone: 630.409.4185. 281.849.1850. 8872.704.2654 260.376.7465
On websites: Facebook, WhatsApp
Report: This person, it, male or female scammed me for over $55000! over the past 2-3 years. I want her found! Has business in Ghana, told me father and sister died and sold 4 properties in CA, worth over 4 million dollars and gold deposits in Ghana. She used mecas her bank for over 2 years.. Currently in Ghana now, but supposedly bought a house in Colorado Springs, CO. I want a full investigation done, planning on going on Catfish TV show, and FBI has been no help. My number is 706.773.3944, Currently homeless in GA. LIVING IN MY CAR!! BROKE, JUST STARTED A NEW JOB, 67 YEARS OLD TOMORROW! RESPECTFULLY YOURS MR. ROBERT E FOUGERAY.
First name: Yana
Last name: Aizhan Ayanbek Ahmeta
Age: 29
Location: Kazakhstan, Sarkand
Address: Bajtursynova Street, 9A city - Sarkand 041501
Report: This lady contacted me in the last part of October, telling me that she had found my email address in a dating agency called ?Annule?. She then told me: ?I want to devote my whole life to these relationships, build a family and live a happy life. I am sure that I am completely ready for a happy life with my beloved husband.? After a few email exchanges she presented some ideas about meeting in real life, suggesting the best solution would be that she came to me in my country. But then she found out that she had not enough money to realize this travel, and asked me to help her: ?Now I need 1027 euros?.
First name: Sandra
Last name: Ella
Aka: Lena, Yulia, Maria, Sveta, Olya, Lina, Viktoriya, Viktoriya, Sara, Sara Sai, Aizhan, Natalia, Vika, Sofiya, Tatianushoka, Dani Danielz
Age: 28
Location: Balo Kounda, Senegal; Toronto, Canada; Jaguariuna, Brazil; United Kingdom; Brest, Belarus; Lutsen, USA; France; Holland; California, USA
Phone: 16473756177, 447448787412
Email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Victoria-2021-@outlook,,,,,,,,,,,
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Gifty
Last name: Mensah
Aka: Janet Sessah
Age: 35
Location: Ghana Africa
On websites: Live Dating Club, Google Hangouts
Report: Contacted me out of the blue saying she found my email address on Live Dating club, not true , it is not listed on that site. After some dialogue in Hangouts chat this person erequested me to get them a wallet steam card to continue chatting because their time was running out, not true , hangouts is free. Below is a copy of the email and a copy of the hangouts chat. n Jan 13, 2021, at 7:03 PM, janet sessah wrote: Hello handsomeman.......... how are you doing and nice to meet you here by the way i am Janet 35 years single with no kids and i am looking for the right that i will start a strong and stable relationship with and i want to spend my entire life him because loneliness is killing me here i am tired and sick of being lonely and i don't care if you are old or not because to me age is just a number and even in a relationship we dont need age all we need is true love so can we have some more chat on Hangouts so that we can get to know to more about each other and get in touch and see where it will leads dear.....Hit Me Up Hello handsomeman.......... how are you doing and nice to meet you here by the way i am Janet 35 years single with no kids and i am looking for the right that i will start a strong and stable relationship with and i want to spend my entire life him because loneliness is killing me here i am tired and sick of being lonely and i don't care if you are old or not because to me age is just a number and even in a relationship we dont need age all we need is true love so can we have some more chat on Hangouts so that we can get to know to more about each other and get in touch and see where it will leads dear.....Hit Me Up Okay My WiFi is low so I need some card to use to send you the card Pics Card ?? What card ?? Steam card Well go get one You try and get me some Any amount you can get Hell no Oh why
First name: Mary
Last name: Johnson
Age: 30
Location: California
Phone: 213-793-8045
Report: Romance scam. Starts relationships with men that are lonely to quickly
First name: Tatianchik
Last name: Lonely
Aka: Svetlana, Alla, Anna
Age: 29
Location: Samara, Russia
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Arlette
Last name: Lovisa
Aka: Jennifer, Vika, Svetlana, Ekateryna, Alla, Sara Hmiles, Mary, Rose, Becky Lisa, Isabella Raymond, Evelyn Smith, Daniella, Perkins, Joyce Palacio, Katherine Palacios, Kemi Johnson, Danielle Cohn, Sandra Anani, Cristi, Diana, Sunshine, cassandrar, Vivian Shine, Ganet, Mary Botwe, Tracy Clee, Kudi Tony, Pablo Sophia, Lisa Hawkins
Age: 30
Location: Brooklyn, USA; Texas, USA; Stockholm, Sweden; New York, USA; Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; Samara, Russia; FRANKFURT, GERMANY; Karlsruhe, GERMANY; Arizona, California, USA; New Franklin, USA; Birmingham, USA; Alaska, USA; Los Angeles, California, Orlando, USA; Spain; Miami, USA, Gbawe, Ghana; Lombardia, Italy; Santiago,Chile; Oklahoma, USA; Virginia, USA, Yendi, Ghana; Los Angles, USA; Leaseweb, USA; Ohio, USA; Kansas, USA; Montreal, Canada; Kissimmee, USA; Alabama, USA
Phone: 3366606907, 4079901938, 5137269911, 7799991864, 4845581208
On websites: Dateolicious, Tagged, Twitter, Instagram
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Vika
Last name: unknown
Aka: Victoria
Age: 32
Location: Poland and Opole
Email: and
Report: Beware of the scammer for catfishing and money example cash apps, bank accounts, gift cards, money transfer, and Paypal. The location of the scammer is Poland in the city of Opole Good day, my name Viktoriya I am looking for a caring man to create romantic relationships. Iam a little nervous, If you are interested in meeting me, You can write me an email and we will get to know each other better! Please send your photo and tell us about yourself. Vika
First name: Rose
Last name: Martin
Aka: Mary Amponsah
Age: 36
Location: Rockford. Illinois
On websites: Instagram
Report: I came upon the woman named Rose Martin supposedly living in Rockford IL. (but gives a Chicago area zip code when she told me) She claims that both parents died when she was very young and has been on her own ever since. She claims her roommate who goes by the name of Farwa Shazari pays all the bills for them. I have asked for a picture of Farwa, but of course none came. Rose claims she is in her final year of nursing with the promise from the World Health Organization will have an opening for her when she completes her degree. Funny thing is she has no job but has taken out a loan from PayPal to pay her tuition. No license, no car, no income but takes the bus to and from school everyday. Most of her messages have a USA time of 2am even though she says she gets up at 5:30am everyday. She demands you buy her an iPhone and that Farwa will pay for the cell plan for her. She twice said she has a part time job, but later denies having one.
First name: Melody
Aka: Meik_25
Age: 30
Location: Colombia and Bogota
Report: Beware of the scammer for catfishing, finding victims, and money example bank accounts, cash apps, gift cards, money transfer, and Paypal. The location of where the email is coming from Colombia and Bogota. The Scammer is writing in German and I translated this into English
First name: Lisa
Last name: Hawkins
Aka: Natalie, Mariya, Mary, Kseniya, Nataliia, Ekaterina, Juliet Botwey, Sophia Pablo, Kudi Nasuwa, Stacey Mills, Marie, Kate
Age: 30
Location: Alabama, USA; Moscow, Russia; Kissimmee, USA; Djibouti; Califonia, USA; Minnesota, USA; Texas, USA; France
Phone: 2137880087, 15129917749
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Isabella
Last name: Raymond
Aka: Maria, Veronica Jacob, Ekaterina
Age: 30
Location: Austin, Texas, USA; Alaska, USA; New York, USA; California, USA; Montreal, Canada; Florida, USA
Phone: 14027831762
On websites: Canadian Chat, Badoo
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Amia
Last name: Schulte Merrick
Aka: Capt. Amia Schulte Meerick
Age: 38
Location: Afganistan
Report: Claims to be Army Captain and want me to invest in her pet project. Uses photos of deceased Florida servicewoman as bait. Happy weekend my dear friend, Copy of e-mail attached. Thanks for writing me back and i want you to know that no friendship is an accident and I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light. without going too far below here are all About me: Name: Capt. Amia Schulte Meerick Born: September 25, 1983, Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. Marital Status: Single Country: United States of America Rank: Captain, USAF EDUCATION: Graduated from Parkrose Senior High School, Portland, Oregon in 1999. 2003 Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colo. 2007 Master of Science degree in aeronautics/astronautics, Stanford University, Calif. 2009 Flight Test Engineer Course, USAF Test Pilot School, Edwards AFB, Calif. MAJOR ARMY FORCE AWARDS AND DECORATIONS: Defense Superior Service Medal with two oak leaf clusters Legion of Merit with three oak leaf clusters Meritorious Service Medal with oak leaf cluster Air Force Commendation Medal NASA Distinguished Service Medal Presently i am in Afghanistan for peace keeping mission due to the war crisis going on here in Afghanistan, i have a good heart of peace making and i am very sincere and faithful every area of my life, I am an easygoing, respectful and kind Woman, My religion is Catholic christian, I never judge others and am very compassionate, i love to appreciate the little things in life. finally Dear i want to let you know that I have good reasons to contact you as I have something very important to share with you in my next mail and i will be expecting for your urgent mail communication and i wish to build a strong relationship with you on the atmosphere of trust and sincerity in order to go into business partner with my funds which I need to invest over there at your country with your urgent assistance. Let me stop here for now, i am expecting an urgent respond from you soon. Your,s sincerely friend, Capt. Amia Schulte Meerick
First name: Viktoriya
Last name: 34
Aka: Vikusya
Age: 22-40
Location: USA and Pompano Beach
Email: and
Report: Beware of the scammer for catfishing and money example cash apps, bank accounts, gift cards, money transfer, Paypal Let's meet Good day, my name Vika.. I'm looking for a real man to create serious relationships. I'm a little nervous, If I interested you, You can write me a letter and we better know each other!!! Waiting for your photo and story about you!!! Vikusya
First name: Maria
Last name: Shatkova
Aka: Olivia Hansen
Age: 36
Location: Ukraine Mariupol Ave. Metallurgov 129
Address: 23 A Yakina St. Mariapol Ukraine
Report: I have two additional letters to add with the registered lady, I reported her earlier. It proofs the other names involved, Ms. O.Hanssen, Popova Varvara Pavlona and (new) Kseniya German Russia and Ms. Ekaterina Chadaeva Russia
First name: Lisa
Last name: Baldwin
Age: 33
Location: Ontario, Canada
Address: Beaumont, Texas
Phone: 409-292-7009
On websites:, Google Hangouts
Report: This girl claims to be a deaf mute who will ask you to send her I Tunes cards or Steam Wallet card then ask you to open CashApp and Coinme app so she can get her inheritance.
First name: Peggy
Last name: Riggins
Aka: Anita
Age: 36
Location: Wytheville, Virginia
Address: 1375 west Railroad Avenue
Phone: 2762504660
Report: She scammed me out of $10,000.00
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Dorofeeva
Aka: Sveta
Age: 34
Location: Russia
On websites: Elmaz
Report: Hello. I want to warn you about a dangerous swindler from Russia. Her name is Svetlana Dorofeeva. He says he works and lives in Baltasi, Tatarstan. Not true! I checked at the hospital and the address he gave me. I mailed a postcard and called the hospital. Such a person does not exist. He wants money for a visa and a plane ticket.
First name: ekaterina
Last name: melyanik
Aka: ekaterina osipova
Age: 30
Location: Ukraine, Odessa
Address: 344 S JEFFERSON ST
Phone: 380637372310
Report: I have met this person several times, do not trust her, as she will lie to you. I thought after meeting her I could trust her and thus I sent her money, more than I should have, but I thought we were in love. But she just stole from me. She has a viber account phone number 977-9869415607
First name: Angie
Last name: Varona Flowers
Aka: Joyce neal
Age: 28-33
Location: Florida
On websites: Hangouts,, Facebook
Report: She has been talking to me for 3 years and I have been sending her money because she said she needed it in order to come see me,, so I have been sending her money the hole time and now she just stopped talking to me for no reason,,
First name: Esther
Last name: Krafty
Aka: Esther
Age: 40
Location: Ghana
On websites: hangouts
Report: I am in touch with this lady who says she used to be known as Talia Sheppard. She is very wary when I asked her to video chat but when she did there was no sound, it was grainy and it didn?t seem as though she was talking to me. Wondering if this scammer is really good and puts a video recently published by Talia on the actual chat making it look genuine.
First name: Kathleen
Last name: Jones
Age: 31
Location: USA San Antonio Florida
Phone: 3609288690
On websites: Instagram, Mingles, Hangouts
Report: That she was cheated on right before he wedding by her bestfriend. A week later her brother died and now she raising her brother's daughter all by herself her name is Theresa and living with her grandmother and her family is from Spokane WA. Supposedly before she went to FL she was in Jenks Oklahoma and was constantly trying to get money out of me then we stopped talking for about a month but it was always through texting never over the phone until tonight and come to find our it's been a black dude this entire time. I have photos also.
First name: Anastasia
Last name: Rudova
Aka: Vladimira Gaidashov
Age: 30
Location: Ukraine, Odessa
Phone: +380976602126
On websites: Dream Singles
Report: I was contacted by Anastasia via email stating she worked for Dreamsingles site as an IT tech and for 100.00 USD she would hack into the site and sell me the ladies contact information. This was to include By mail Telegram Viber Skype WhatsApp Facebook I agreed and sent her or Vladimira 200.00 USD and all I got was this ; Anastasia Rudova Sat, Dec 26, 1:45 PM (2 days ago) to me Ksenia +380983699630 @kseniavlp Telegram Eleonora +380632877049I f @Eleoonooraa Telegram I tried calling both numbers and they were not in service. When I confronted Anastasia that I felt ripped off all communication stopped. The money was sent via Western Union via this bank account that belonged to Vladimira . National Bank of Ukraine PrivatBank. Number card: 5168 7422 4024 5708 Name: Vladimira Surname: Gaidashov Country: Ukraine City: Odessa IBAN: UA873052990000026200888893436 ID: 2710205519 St. Kamanina 50 +380976602126
First name: Lisa
Last name: Smith
Age: 33
Location: U zs A
On websites: Instagram
Report: A very determined black mailer
Last name: RICHARD
Age: 28
Phone: 1-213-761-8811
First name: Jenny
Last name: Wilson
Age: 56
Location: Kula Lumpa
Email: thatsamelovelady@gmail
On websites: Be2 match makers
Report: Met Jenny through a match maker group. She immediately wanted to communicate by email. After a week or so she said she was going to Malaysia to see a Solicitor who was handling Sale of her late father's estate. She requested we communicate via Skype. She told me how much she loved me which I fell for. This was in the middle of virus travel restrictions but she said she had permission to travel under special circumstances. She went to Kula Lumpa and stayed in a hotel. After 2 weeks there she sent me an official letter she received from her solicitor advising that Aus$25,500 Stamp Duty was to be paid to the Kula Lumpa Court before contract for sale of father's land could proceed being aus$ 3.5 million. She said she paid $20,000 of the Stamp Duty amount and asked if I could lend her the remaining $5,500 until she gets proceeds from sale of the land. I agreed to send the money to her Solicitor. She wanted me to credit the funds into an account at Byron Bay NSW and gave me t he details of it. I said I wanted her to sign a Loan Agreement Form which she provided a signed Loan Agreement Form being for staff of the Solicitor. I eventually called it off without paying anything but feel someone from the Solicitors office was in on it to produce the letter head of the official Solicitors letter together with the simple solicitors staff Loan Agreement Form.
Latest female scammers
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Age: 33
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