First name: Elena
Aka: elenuska
Age: 30. DOB 14.05.1989
Location: from Belarus but lives in Prague
Address: Tchekoslovakia. Prague. Priona 1892 11000Nova Mestro
Phone: 420296183011
Report: Elena wrote tp me on 28.01. and stopped writing on June 25th when she needed financial help to pay the bayliffs who will not let her fly out of Belarus .I did not send any money. Extremely experienced and clever scammer (a man 100%) using photos of a well known model. be warned gents she will send you photos non stop and give you her flight number for arrival to you in order to live with you love you and start a happy family . be carefull with this one she will convince you and will take her time in writing such convincing and loving letters.
First name: Olgchika
Aka: Olha
Age: 34
Location: Small town in southern Russia
On websites: Gmail
Report: Olha contacted me and made it clear she wants out of Russia. She also likes to be called Olenka. I know she is looking for a payday so I got her info and will move on after completing the task of gathering data.
First name: Lilia
Last name: Popovich
Aka: Lily
Age: 28
Location: Zelenodol'sk, Ukraine
On websites:
Report: She initiated contact on After that, she sent the same letter as was posted. She also sent pictures that are from an actress. The name of the actress is Celeste Desjardins.
First name: Yuliya
Last name: Delziya
Age: 34
Location: surgut khanty-mansi/russia
Report: she tried to ask me to send money for her flight insurance but i will expose her because she is beginner in romance scam field. and there is nobody in the world believe romance scammers and internet phishing . i am warning every guy on the internet from romance scam and phishing and fraud and from that girl. she is beginner swindler. i will expose her and here it is her phishing letter Hello my dear Aymen. I 'm in Moscow now. Today I was busy very important issues. These are the important cases I told you about in previous letter. I visited the hospital and did a number of tests on No virus in my blood. I didn 't spend a lot of time because It is now a massive event that is available to any volunteer Wishing to look for the disease in his blood. My documents practically are ready. The travel agency monitored flights to Necessary charter flights in advance. I took some missing Medical tests today and went to Aeroflot Company I Provided an extract from the embassy, which allows me to make a registration Tickets as part of the volunteer program. But at Aeroflot to me Said I had to be mandatory before registering tickets Provide Travel Insurance. Now even for special Persons and persons of the volunteer movement must necessarily be such insurance. I could have guessed that. Earlier these Requirements were not mandatory. And now these are mandatory Demands I went to the insurance organization. It seemed to me that Paying for and getting insurance is only a formality. In the insurance company I saw a big price tag for this kind of insurance. But it was previously the standard price. Now I watch prices For such services of Russian insurance companies on the Internet. I begin To understand that insurance companies have greatly overestimated the price tag for such a Important insurance during the pandemic. I found previous prices and Called these insurance companies, but there I was told that prices were simple Has not been updated on the site. I have now found a site where the real Current prices for insurance for crossing the border of the Territory Russian Federation. Now I 'm starting to realize it 's insurance Has too great a price for me. I called almost everything Companies from the list of those that give such policies. I can see on the screen right now Monitor is the cheapest version of this type of insurance. I made for You 're a screenshot of those prices right now. Where the cost is specified in rubles. I I am beginning to understand that insurance companies have cut off the availability of these Services for a simple citizen. I don 't have that many funds right now, to buy medical Travel policy to your country. But the biggest part is documents it is already ready. I invested a lot in preparing this trips. I 've been preparing this trip for a long time. And now I can 't cancel it. In the contract with the travel agency there are conditions that Indicate participation in the volunteer program. I couldn 't know that Insurance companies will make a higher price for some of their types insurance. Maybe the tourist operator expected me to have Funds for this type of insurance and did not notify me of Changed prices for insurance... In any case, it became clear to me, That this price increase occurred very recently. It is difficult to adapt to changing conditions. I don 't want to miss this one possibility of a trip. I called all my friends. I not Was able to find that amount of money from my friends. Even small sum, now it is difficult to borrow. After all, I have already occupied some small amounts for Trips, my closest friends. If you see a screenshot, a minimum package is listed on the site Insurance for the amount of the insurance refund EUR 30,000. Sum Insurance policy in such a case 57,579 rubles. And also to me A few days will have to live in Moscow. This too will have some small expenses. If you express all the necessary amount for insurance in dollars, it is The amount is $737. Only $737 is separating us right now. I have now opportunity for flight. But I should have mandatory insurance Policy from the Russian Insurance Company. Russian company Must insure Russian citizens when leaving the country, these are mandatory Conditions for border crossing. This is a mandatory requirement of your Countries for special persons on charter flights. In our country supported these requirements. I understand now that the demands have become more cruel. And the price of insurance policies in Russian companies it is more increased. After all, it wouldn 't be a problem for me. I solved almost all the problems. I 've bypassed all the thresholds in this travel. But now I understand that I can count only on yours help. I can 't buy this insurance policy myself. I already looked for Help with friends in my city. I called almost all of my to girlfriends. Now I can only hope for you. In your country for Volunteer work we will be paid some funds. If now You can lend me this money to buy an insurance policy, then by I can return these funds to you at the end of my volunteer work. I 'm very asking you to help me now with buying this kind of insurance. I need $737. Darling, tell me, Can you send me $737 for me to Moscow? I have to look for cheap accommodation in Moscow now. I have to look for A way out of this situation. I will be waiting for your answer today all day in Hoping for your help. I 'm asking you to understand me now. I appeared in difficult situation. It was difficult to predict such behavior insurance companies. Once I can solve my insurance problem Then I will be able to pick up previously paid tickets for Charter flight to your country. We 'll be able to see each other in two Weeks after I arrived in your country. My sun, I only need $737. I 'm asking you to help me. Can you send me $737? Now, I really need your prompt response. I love you. My kisses are for you. Your Yuliya
First name: Anastasiya
Last name: Murzina
Aka: Karelia
Age: 33
Location: Kazan
Address: Kurchatowa 6 city KAZAN ZIP 420087
Report: She came on to me and it was very quick within 6 days of emailing that she told me that she was flying to me. i told her her that you need a visa to my country and that she had everything in hand. I said OK but was not going to pick her up at the airport. I kinda thought all this was quick off the mark so juist played along with it to see if any more mistakes were going to happen which they did . yes she sent short videos of herself and the usual stuff between me and her, but fialed enormously on her flights as they dii not make sense when she was flying to me on the 13th from Kazan then to me on 15th wghich she said was the same day. So I left it to her to amke her way when pow ant out of the blue (not) on the 13th July she asked for money as she was at the airport and customs say that she has to have $20 per day to travel. As she was supposed to be staying 21 days this came to $420.00 and did not for see this. Well I did... She also told me that I was her first man she had written to but by the looks of reports on here she has been writing to others. Her in experience or at least this person which could be possibly a man behind this was easy to know that this was going to be a scam. Just be warned out there of this person who no doubt will strike again. Also her videos are named as Karelia.
First name: Winona
Last name: Jungman
Aka: Vivian K J
Age: 33
Location: USA
Phone: +(1)3365603455
On websites: Hangouts
Report: I'm Vivian by name and I got attracted to your profile on the site that's why I tried to contact you on here but Simply Online looking for a appropriate Guy,and a Long-term Relationship, Marriage,Activity Partner who is honest, fun loving and will respect his partner.Someone that can laugh and make me laugh too. I admire honesty, integrity but then I do come online much but you can add me up on hangouts or text me so we could get to know more about each other.hope to hear from you soon..+(1)3365603455 /hangouts..
First name: Maria
Last name: Alexander
Age: 29
Location: USA
On websites: POF
Report: Scammer has multiple accounts over the Internet with different names. I fell victim to this person.
First name: Chelsea
Last name: Smith
Age: 28
Location: Durham, NC.
Address: 2608 Erwin Rd.
Phone: 704 709-3329
Report: Started talking on Instagram. After a short time, we exchanged phone numbers. Started texting. She asked for money several times. I'm glad I don't send money to someone I haven't seen or met in person! She says she is from Durham, NC. Another scammer told me that she is fake and lives in Texas.
First name: Natalie
Last name: ferraras
Age: 28
Location: usa
Report: she has a snapchat story that is explicit and offer many things from pics,vids,dropbox.even meeting ups. Unfortunately it was the later that got me. her and a list of others once u view her story will contact with an inviting pic asking to buy their media for various prices, i asked about meetups. she agreed and ask my location which is one of the tricks used by them all, the second is half now, half upon arrival. after saying my city or address to meet she says she will live verify shes coming only after payment. she will send a map showing her location as being close in another city thats just far enough to keep from popping over quickly. in my case she said she was in lexington va and i was in covington va at the time. keep in mind once agreed upon shes talking many things to entice a quicker visit, in my case i was going to her apt in lexington but she wouldnt give address until the half payment was made. of course because i intended to meet her and wanted to soon i began the trip there and told her the only way i would send anything is once i arrived at address i would before actually seeing n meeting her. she asks me if i was familar with some streets, i in turn gps to find. she continues encouraging with messages to hurry n get there. asks me to send my coordinates so she can help guide me and offers to fix me a drink or cook for me something, says she is ready and waiting as i get closer to the street shes on, i feeling pretty confident all was how it should be i cashapp her not half but all 140 she said was her fee. I thought by being right there and all seemed normal i should fulfill my agreement with her. then poof once i did she didnt talk even after multiple messages then i figured i was scammed and went back to where i came from, the next day i was blocked and no ability to reach her. she used against me the fact of the arrangement being fee based, her safety as the reasons why she couldnt just accept payment the old fashioned way in person. cashapp, venmo anything sent is gone, no way to retrieve or cancel once she accepts it, also with snapchat being mostly an anonymous way to communicate especially with location if they are using the ghost mode, she can live pic if requested, video if requested from anywhere she is truly located . she offers explicit advertising on the story or tease as its called which on snapchat if one screenshots, deletes or capture pics or messages it tells the other what was done, she also says in her story rules that if one does any of that she blocks them so if wanting to meet her kinda have to follow the rules set. she is not the only scammer i am going to submit to you as i have been scammed mutiple times. i consider myself pretty smart, keen and cautious and try many things early to get them to reveal a clue that says its a scammer not a real possibility like it appears to be. even unpaid meetings with relationship intentions and more i am going to send to you. pics, documents and all of them, where they operate, their schemes, scripts n more if you will make my membership gold so i may research chance meeting before i lose nd will also be helping you add to the lists u have here. which this site should the gold standard of anyone meeting anyone online to be sure first. because they are everywhere andare very good at what they have been practicing on many. to the foreigners, locals ,regulars who do this are so expecting they usuallly will show a sign like ur warnings say scammers do. some though appear, talk , act and will continue working one for a long time. my worst embarrassment which im saving for last as big bonus, as she worked me for over 8 months just like it was perfectly real and legit, definitley didnt end that way. its gotten way to routine and many on dating sites are exactly who they say they are and even put cashapp or venmo handles in profiles to blantanly request money someone may send, many are wanting sugar daddys which also is a trend in itself, they treat it as a job for the younger crowd its so common. ive been able to obtain much information on many from personally being scammed to making it my research project to be able to figure out schemes. scripts , language , words, reverse image pics n more so if you feel i am as much of an asset to you that i know is a data goldmine to post i would appreciate a long term gold membership so in exchange for exposing the many scammers i can help protect myself in the future by being able to use ur posted data unrestricted. thanks i have numerous pics. documents of them all. i dont see a place to upload though?
First name: Mary
Last name: Kent
Aka: Mary Kent Terry
Age: 51
Location: Spain
Address: 2478 State Route 218, Gallipolis, Ohio. 45631
Phone: (440) 658-7124
On websites: Instagram
Report: This woman claiming to be a Mary Kent born in Madrid and has an antique dealership in Gallipolis Ohio. She approached me through the website Mingle2. She seemed legitimate and we had been coresponding for almost 3 months through email and mostly texting on hangouts but we did speak on the phone. She claims to live in the US and is an antique dealer. She then said she had a big antique shipment she was sending to Warsaw Poland to auction. She asked me to receive money in the sum of $7,300 then send a cashier check to someone looking after her shop then $4,300 to some guy who delivers her antiques however this was sent in Bitcoion. She finally asked me to receive $8,500 From a different client and send that money to Delivery service in Warsaw Poland. More red flags kept popping up and I asked her for a pic of her passport, Lo and behold it looked fake so I emailed the Spanish Embassy in Miami Florida. Here is their response. Thank you for your email. Indeed it looks very suspicious in the picture, for the type of letter of the name of the holder (Mary Kent) is very different from the rest of the document. The picture seems quite oddly inserted. Although it is only a passport. If she is born in Madrid she shall also have a Documento Nacional de Identidad, so you could double check. Or request her visa or entry into the USA. At USCIS you may double check the entry in the USA. Sorry for not being more precise Yours, CG de Espana en Miami Tfno: (305) 446-5511 Fax: (305) 446-5431 Email: 2655 Le Jeune Road, Suite 203 Coral Gables, Fl 33134 -----Mensaje original----- De: Steve Zech [] Enviado el: viernes, 10 de julio de 2020 13:01 Para: . Con. Miami Asunto: Please verify if this is a valid passport I was contacted by this woman who claims to be an antique dealer working in the US. Her name is Mary Kent attached is a pic of her passport she sent me to verify she is legitimate, however, it looks suspicious. Can you verify that this is a legal legitimate Spanish passport and she works in the US.