First name: Jessica
Last name: Ravane
Age: 30
Location: Ghana
Address: 6822 NW 16th Street
Phone: +225 69 51 70 10
Report: Asking for money to help her with apartment or else... Does it once a month. Got tired of it. Needs to be investigated.
First name: Celia
Last name: Janssen
Aka: Liefde in passie
Age: 35
Location: Amsterdam
Email: Celia Janssen @ Gmail or something
On websites: Victoria Milan
Report: After patiently texting friendly massages on VM she invited me for text on skype. After a few days came an invitation for online sex. Suddenly I was intimidated bij a film from me that would be published on the internet and would be damaging my reputation and so on. Also that on some article I would have broken the law an would be convicted for crime. A large amount was asked . She said money was needed for a serious ill mother. I replied I a had pictures from het too. I was suspicious because the masturbating woman was another one than on pictures before I shut down the contact and she did try about 5 times to contact again I deleted and blocked all known contacts ( dit not know the existence of this site)
First name: Anna
Age: 24
Location: Poltava
Phone: +380500871904
On websites:,
Report: This lady was very strange to meet in real life. This whole agency in Poltava is a scam. If you send them the ladies you are interested in meeting, they will say that 100% are interested in you and even more that you did not ask about want to meet you. This should have been my first red flag. When you meet the ladies with the translator, the translator will always leave with the lady and I have noticed the translator dig around for cash and even carry cash out with her before walking the lady away from the date... very strange. This lady in particular would only meet in the office and made some BS about she just broke up with her boyfriend and did not want to local people to see her out on a date. I met her twice then she wished to give me her number, she seemed excited. So I took her number, from this she never even said hi, nothing. So I am thinking that it was just a fake number to make me feel comfortable to go meet other ladies with the company. This company is very shady, and very impractical about
First name: Florance
Last name: Tyler
Age: 35
Location: USA , Ohio
Phone: 727-497-7293
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Tried to do Skype video fist day, was more then happy to do so gave her my cell number threw txt, set up skype connection and video started with her looking very pretty, average video quality then started waiving like she was happy, then suddenly she realizes her audio is not working, drop call try couple more times says mic is broke... very convincing and well times, asked later in week to voice call, on cell number has no cell phone only her moms but it's the broken mic device, that she clearly was not using in video because you can see glow from monitor... lead her along for while, offered video to me that were low quality... good scammer be careful Who initiated contact? her How was contact initiated and which website did the contact originate from? POF How long did you correspond with scammer? 4 days Did you notice anything strange during your correspondence? long messages, not answering simple question, no cell phone but obviously you can tell were she's living with her mom because her dad died when she was 13 in Florida there is money for cell phone How was the money request initiated and for what? asked to buy her cell phone so we could voice chat instead of txt What was the name of the person who received/requested the money transfer? How much was sent or requested? How many times did this occur? never sent money What was the final of the story? sent her pics of herself that she never sent me
First name: Lilia
Last name: Popovich
Aka: Lily
Age: 28
Location: Zelenodol'sk, Ukraine
On websites:
Report: She initiated contact on After that, she sent the same letter as was posted. She also sent pictures that are from an actress. The name of the actress is Celeste Desjardins.
First name: Winona
Last name: Jungman
Aka: Vivian K J
Age: 33
Location: USA
Phone: +(1)3365603455
On websites: Hangouts
Report: I'm Vivian by name and I got attracted to your profile on the site that's why I tried to contact you on here but Simply Online looking for a appropriate Guy,and a Long-term Relationship, Marriage,Activity Partner who is honest, fun loving and will respect his partner.Someone that can laugh and make me laugh too. I admire honesty, integrity but then I do come online much but you can add me up on hangouts or text me so we could get to know more about each other.hope to hear from you soon..+(1)3365603455 /hangouts..
First name: Sandra
Last name: Ballancy
Aka: Gifty Aryee
Age: 32
Location: Accra Ghana
Phone: 233547997185
Email: ;
Report: This lady claimed to be Gifty Aryee to me she is already listed as Sandra Ballancy. She has a son Robert who loves WWE. (pictures were sent..) She claimed to be a hair Stylist going to school for nursing. When she started asking for money I got suspicious.
First name: Lisa
Last name: Williams
Age: 29
Location: New York city
On websites: Wink app
Report: Claims to be in the USA, but has a poor grasp of English and Americana, and also is clearly in a different time Zone
First name: Susan
Last name: Powel
Age: 30
Location: Los Angeles California
On websites: Wink app
Report: She has 7-8 profiles with the same picture on the app
First name: Alice
Last name: Torres
Age: 34
Location: Osu Ghana
Phone: 233556006911
Email: Alice.
On websites: Hangouts
Report: Alice says she is porn star janessa Brazil hiding in Ghana and can't go back to usa because she owes money to pornhub, the pictures she has sent looks like janessa Brazil but lot older she is very convincing and takes your wallet before you realize.