Name: Svetlana Shestakova
Age: 27
Name: Eva Prunely
Age: 30
Name: Natalia
Age: 20
Name: Margarita
Age: 23
Name: Dede Tetteh Joyce
Age: 29
Name: Linda Ricci
Age: 32
Name: Brenda Jones
Age: 33
Name: Oksana Kuznecova
Age: 27
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 38
Name: Glory William
Age: 21
Name: Juliet Tammy Williams
Age: 32
Name: Oksana Vygovska
Age: 28
Name: Kristina Fedorova
Age: 28
Name: Rose Mary
Age: 28
Name: Ekaterina Utonchyonnaya
Age: 40


First name: Tatiana
Last name: Stepanova
Aka: Tatianastept5
Age: 34
Location: Moldova
Address: Str. Mitropolit Varlaam
Phone: +995599132870
Report: On 14.02, I was contacted by a lady named Tatiana Stepanovaa Moldovan, residing in Tbilisi Georgia. She claimed to be a professional match-making expert and offered me her services for a discounted price. Since I am registered on a couple of dating sites, I assume she obtained my contact from these sites. To win my trust, she sent me a copy of her passport and ID . After having a short video call and exchanging some WhatsApp messages, on 21.02 I decided to pay her 240 Euros per PayPal. She stated her PayPal ID - tatianastept5 which interestingly belongs to a lady named
First name: Jennifer
Age: 31
Location: Russia
Report: Goodlettie mail. I post each every mail from them at the website.
First name: Szilvia
Aka: Goldenbride
Age: 32
Location: Hungarye
On websites: Miss4ya UA dates Need4love Goldenbrides
Report: After several warnings Goldenbride website and showing people from the scam website Miss4ya is the reason to put you on this website. Never ever come off !! I said to stop mailing me. Never ever calling me from +44 or from Ireland.
First name: Angelika
Last name: Toddorenko
Age: 45
Location: Russia
Report: Already working out this scammer. That?s the fifth one and it starts to become my hobby. This one is different. From the secon mail she starts to attache personalized video messages and it makes her look more credible. Unfortunately, she made a mistake early. While already in conversation, she attempted to star second conversation using different email address..
First name: Kristina
Last name: Shaulo
Age: 42
Location: Akmola (Kazakhstan)
Address: Kazakhstan, 020410, Akmola region, Tselinograd district, village Marinovka, Irchenko street, 15
Phone: 07774235738
On websites: Ourtime
Report: I have been corresponding with her since 09/01/2024 on a friendship basis. I have always been suspicious of her and mentioned it right from the start. I t has now reached a stage where she has, allegedly purchased a flight to come to the UK for 30 days to stay with me. So far she has never asked for help with the payment, which I expected her to do. As far as I am concerned it has gone too far for me so I thought I would try and find information on her, which I am able to do now I have her full name and address. So I have found her on your site and also messages to another man using the same text that she has used in our messages. I have today ended this relationship by email.
First name: Anna
Last name: Yudina
Aka: Nasia
Age: 30
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Address: Boryspil
Phone: +380633003300
On websites: Ukraine date
Report: Nickname: Nasia First name: Anna Yudina Second name: Anna Andriichuk Birthday: April 3, 1993 Email: Phone number : +380633003300 Locations: Boryspil City: Kiev Country: Ukraine Operates on websites: I met this scammer at UkrainDate in June 2018. This infamous online dating web company is located in Australia. I can say she is an excellent scammer. In the beginning, she hooked up me to Viber app. She knows how to let males to send money to her for the reasons of her router, her tooth pain, her Ukrainian ID, her Ukrainian passport, etc. She has a lot of video talk with me. Then she told me that her router broke, her cousin is sick, and her mom is sick. She told me fly to Kiev to marry her. As she said, she is working as a middle school teacher in history, but she never gave you the school name. Probably she is working as an English teacher. She want you sustain her for a while. She also told me she needed my help to move her family from Donesk. In fact she is born in the countryside of Kiev. She has a male golden retriever, who sleeps on her bed. Her cell phone number registration name is also different from her name. As another victim told me she has 2 cell numbers. After my arrival in Kiev in Oct 2018, she never showed up, and said I do not love her, and block my number. Once she has mulitiple profiles in UkraineDate: declines to take any action against her, although I filed complaint against her. Here is her link in tourbar: Referring to her online CV in Kiev, she once worked for a travel agency in Kiev. Her major was English. She graduated from a university in Kiev.
First name: Melissa
Last name: TiaTaughtYouWell
Aka: Joanne Ha, Joanne Houng, Amanda Charles Harrison, Haley Quiles
Age: 34
Location: Texas, Virginia, California, Michigan, Syria, Afghanistan
Address: 3322 Raleigh ST, Houston TX 77021-0012
Phone: 413-688-2151
Email: haleyquilesworld1on Instagram
On websites: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook
Report: There are many profiles using different names, using photos of the same woman who can be seen in a Army Uniform with the names HA in some and Quiles in others. Cities used to tell a person where they live include Houston Texas, Santa Clarita, California, Virginia and the state of Michigan. Names such as Melissa TiaTaughtYouWell, Haley Quiles, Amanda Charles Harrison and Joanne Ha and/or Haung. Melissa promises to become a ****** companion to you for $1500 that she says will be refunded to you when you meet up. The others will make contact with you within minutes of each profile. They will ask you to use Telegram, Google Chat, signal. they prefer to use PayPal or Zelle for you to send money. This person(s) try hard to be convincing that all will be just fine.
First name: Anastassiya
Aka: Nastya
Age: 38
Location: Kazakhstan, Aktobe
On websites: Mydwoje
Report: This person, find me out on website. She's ask about leave her email address. Then she's send me an email.. sends pictures. She texted that she a widow, she lost her husband and son in Doneck by war.. it was hard to believe in her story.. especially that the woman from pics is really pretty.. after that I started searching about her email and I find out that website. Our conversation finished after her second email. Be careful guys..
First name: shelly
Last name: agurrie
Aka: tulip
Age: 32
Location: San Diego Cali
Report: I recently joined the $Nobody server and doing my due diligence, how long have you been around here ? i'm Eurasian my mom is Vietnamese lol i'm 32, oct 29 cool, i'm actually a newbie lol was refered to the project by my colleagues at work i'm Eurasian my mom is Vietnamese lol ,where are you from ? (i said toronto) my mom lives in toronto haha she was here in Cali last years christmas season i agree so much, like the saying goes
First name: MARITES
Age: 38
Location: Mindanao. Philippines.
Address: Garcia compound. Coronon. Sta. Cruz. Davao del sur 8001. Mindanao. Philippines.
On websites: Facebook
Report: She is profesional scammer , with black magic she works in Singapore as a maid, This scammer uses a method of making herself pregnant with her husband in Philippines, then having *** with many singaporean mens in Singapore and scamming those men by saying that the child in her **** is their child. She has earned a lot of money and become rich with this method, while the mans she scam became poor and lived a miserable life now.
First name: Robert
Last name: Engelhorn
Age: 50
Location: USA
Report: Attention: This is to inform you that you have been selected to be among the 2023 Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH(BMW) of $1,500,000 US Dollars and Brand New and BMW SUV Car only. The selection process was was processed through The Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH (BMW) computerized email selection system, from a database of over 200,000 email addresses obtained from all continents of the world, which you were selected among. The BMW Charity Pro-Am is a golf tournament on the Korn Ferry Tour. It is currently played at ... Korn Ferry Tour events ? Golf in South Carolina ? Golf in North Carolina ? Recurring sporting events established in 1992. This is done to support charity work, and democratization efforts and civil society organizations around the world. We are delighted to inform you that due to mixed up of emails, names and numbers, your name attached to approved number **876/57EZ, therefore, you are advised to contact the Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH(BMW) European Automaker Coordinator and heads BMW's plant USA Mr.Robert Engelhorn, to claim your $1,500,000 US Dollars. the delivery fee $225 with the Check and Car Name: Robert Engelhorn email; email: Contact him by providing him with the under listed information as soon as possible. 1. Name In Full : 2. Address : 3. Occupation ; 4. Nationality : 5. Direct Phone : Be inform that Mr.Robert Engelhorn is the Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH(BMW) European Automaker Coordinator and heads BMW's plant USA. He is responsible for the smooth and efficient release of all beneficiaries fund globally including your 2023 United Nations Democracy Fund of $1,500,000 USD and Brand New and BMW SUV Car only, so contact him immediately with these information's as required above. Congratulations once again. Mr. Sebastian Mackensen President & CEO for BMW of North America and head of BMW Group Region Americans
First name: Nina
Age: 39
Location: Russia
Report: ****o! My name is Nina, and I recently saw your profile on the Internet. I decided to write to you because it seemed to me that we have some common interests and I would be glad to talk with you. I am passionate about creativity, art, seeking new knowledge and skills, and I would be interested in learning more about what you like to do. In addition, I love walking, traveling, sports and I like to learn something new and constantly develop. I'm looking for a serious relationship! I want to give love and attention to my future partner. I am 39 years old. I have never been married and I have no children. My height is 169 centimeters, and my weight is up to 60 kg. If you have time and desire to chat, I would be glad to hear more about you. Can you tell me something interesting about you or share your plans for the future? I'm looking forward to your answer! Best wishes, Nina.
First name: Lee
Last name: Baker
Age: 40
Location: United Kingdom
Report: Greetings!!! I'm Lee Baker a Research Assistant of Research and Development Department working with Prestford Laboratories Ltd. UK, One of the leading Bio Pharmaceutical Companies here in England. I'm looking for a reliable businessman/individual in your region to represent my company in sourcing some of our basic raw material used in the manufacturing of high quality Anti-Viral Vaccines, Cancer treatment and other life saving Pharmaceutical Products. This may not be your are of specialization but it will be another income generating business out of your specialty. This is because Our company are yet to locate any seller to buy from, however, I have been able to discover a local dealer who can supply us this product. He is selling at a cheap rate , which is far more cheaper than our previous purchases. My director is not yet aware that I have found a new seller. Now THIS IS MY PROPOSAL TO YOU; I want you to stand in as a new local dealer from your country and I will introduce you to our company. The reason for this is because I don't want my company to have direct contact with the local agent that sells this herbal oil extract very cheap. This will enable us work together as partners and make real cool profits. You as the local seller will supply to our company at a good rate which I will inform you later when we are in agreement and this will attract the attention of our company director to buy from you as against the previous rate . You will be amazed with our total profit . I will give you more specific profit details when I receive a feedback from you if you are interested, Sincerely, Lee Baker, Research & Dev Dept, Prestford Laboratories Ltd. UK.
First name: Svetusik
Age: 32
Location: Russia
Report: Good evening. How are u? I am Svetka, I'm just 32 years. I am originally and now live in country Russia. I'd like to meet you better. Where are you from originally? I am honestly interested in you. I searching for a male for creating long-term relationship. To myself, the main thing in a young man is honesty, fidelity, trust. I wish to meet you because I do not want nothing to do with Russian guy. I'm looking forward to your letter. If you wish to know little story about myself, you can ask, Iwould be glad to respond u. And I have a big favor to you, to response me only if you're interested in me. In case you are not interested in this, please do not waste your time. Interested? Please answer ONLY to my personal email: Wish you a great day! Svetusik.
First name: Svetka
Last name: Frolova
Age: 32
Location: Russia
Report: Good Day Dear! How are things going? My 1st name is Svetlana, I am just 32 yrs. I was born and now live in country Russia. I would like to get to know u better. Where're you from originally? I'm very interested in our correspondence. I wish male for creating strong relationship. To me, what matters most in a guy is candor, fidelity, confidence. I want to meet you because I do not want nothing to do with Russian person. I am waiting for your mail. So u like to know something about myself, u could ask, Ia??d be glad to answer you. But I have a big wish to you, to write me only if youa??re interested in interactions with me. So you arena??t interested in communicating, please do not waste either mine or your time. Interested? Please write ONLY to my regular e-mail: Wish you a lovely day! Svetlana.
First name: Amelia
Last name: Kennedy
Age: 70
Location: Nigeria
Report: ****o, This mail may come to you as a surprise, but I have good news for you. I was contacted by my late client (Mrs. Amelia Kennedy) who gave me your email address before her passing. She instructed that a donation sum of USD $95 million dollars should be prepared in your name for the sole aim of setting up a charity organization in your home country, and part of the fund for yourself and family. I am contacting you with trust that this mail will not be exposed to third parties knowing fully well that this is a life-changing opportunity for you and your family. Kindly get back to me for directives on how to get the fund released to you by the security company where the fund is deposited. Reply this mail via and also provide your WhatsApp phone number if you have any for ease of communication. Thank you. Dr. Mack John.
First name: Sveta
Age: 32
Location: Russia
Report: Greetings my great friend How are you? My first name's Sveta, I'm actually 32 y.o. I am originally and now live in country Russia. I'd like to get to know u better. Where you came from originally? I am really interested in our interactions. I wish someone for creating serious relationship. For myself, what matters most in a man is candor, allegiance, trust. I wish to get to know you because I do not want to have anything to do with Russian men. I am waiting for ur answer. If u wish to know anything about me, you can ask, I'd be happy to reply u. But I have a big request to you, to answer me only if you're really interested in me. So you are not interested in communicating, please do not waste either mine or your time. Interested? Please write ONLY to my private email: Wish you a wonderful day! Sveta.
First name: Kunduz
Last name: Cholponkulova
Age: 35
Location: Latvia, Riga
Report: This lady contacted me in the beginning of January, declaring at once: ?I think I might have found what I have been looking for?, which is not bad for a beginning of correspondence. Of course, her feelings for me developed quite quickly and she announced that she would come to visit me. But first, she had to go to Kirgizstan to sell the house of her deceased uncle. The problem was that this house was indebted, and she did not have enough money to pay the debt. So she asked me to help her with 500 EURO, and then sent me a lot of mails to tell me how desperate she was.
First name: Brenda
Last name: Hopkins
Age: 35
Location: Cleveland, OH
On websites: Facebook
Report: Has been incessantly contacting my father and texting him with different email addresses and asking him to buy them gift cards or send money via cash app.
First name: Marina
Last name: Pozdeeva
Age: 37
Location: Kazakhstan, Astana
Report: Wants money to prove financial stability to US Immigration for visa.
First name: Amanda
Last name: Harrison
Aka: Anna Hilton
Age: 37
Location: Afghanistan
Email:, amandacharlesharrison5
On websites: Instagram; Facebook
Report: The person behind these names is a fake US Military member. States to be in Afghanistan for 3 years and claims to not be able to access her bank back in Houston Texas, so they ask that you send them money to pay down a list military rifle along with a promise to repay you. Well don't believe a word that is said,bas the US doesn't have any military members whatsoever remaining in Afghanistan. They might call it a secret mission, but again a lie. If contacted by this scam artist, your u should save any and all photos that are sent to you and then search for ways to report it to the Army, FBI and of course here on
First name: Sa Bina
Last name: Sabina
Age: 30
Report: **w are you Good day! I'm Sabina, I am a free and I dream of finding a good man for a happy future together. I would like to know more about you and find out if our personalities and goals align? I have included my pic. I hope you will answer soon! Sincerely, Sabina.
First name: gulnara
Age: 33
Location: Almaty, Kazajstan
Report: Known scammer, there are some reports about her in this site
First name: Charla
Last name: Litherland
Aka: 30
Age: unknown
Location: Kazakhstan
Report: It is enough to to cry about loneliness! U can find dream Good day I just leavecret Click here and start the promising conversation with pretty girl! 70y0xhg Delete your email from alerts list unsubscribe right here
First name: Kumushkan
Last name: kumushkan.
Aka: Unavailable
Age: 28
Location: Kyrgyz Republic
Report: So, please Good day Darling, I hope this letter finds you well. I understand it may be difficult to learn each other through a single mail, and yet we should give it a go. First of all, I am a laid back 28 yr old single female living in Kyrgyz Republic. I got a nice job and no significant issues in life. I'm interested in learning you much better and discovering your personality. But, I do think we should not be in a rush. Our acquaintance can become genuine and deeper over time. I'd like to highlight that loyalty and faithfulness are extremely important to me. I really could never accept cheating or dishonesty. So, please don't react to this text in case you are already in a relationship. Please respond to my questions and ask your own. It will help us both get ready for our eventual meeting. Lastly, I want to mention that I don't know how you smell, or how you inhale and exhale when you are asleep. Maybe you snore just like a big bear and toss the bedsheets in the air at night. If you want, you can leave me your contact number so I can easily call you whenever I'm totally ready. Eager for your upcoming letter.
First name: Kristina
Last name: Vitalevna
Age: 29
Location: Kaluga Russia
On websites: Tinder
Report: Air ticket and Visa fraudsters who both go on Skype and send you a picture of her passport, the fraudster operates on Tinder where the person claims to be in your country until you want to meet the person, then she has gone home to Russia. The person will receive money through, and the money must be sent to an existing travel agency in Kaluga, Russia. This person is a woman who both video links with you and sends you video greetings as well as a picture of her Russian passport. When the Person disappears there are no help from the travel agency....! All videos and pictures are available..
First name: Akniyet
Last name: Muratova
Aka: Akni
Age: 35
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Phone: +77278746097
Report: Pretending to meet up in person and asking money to buy plane ticket and a show money. Eventually a total of ?1900 has been scammed from me and feel sorry for me.
First name: Radiant
Last name: Ruby
Aka: Radiant
Age: 30
Location: Kazakhstan
Report: Report suspicious love romance scammer Paste and copy as follows Hey there, I'm a beautiful young girl with an open and gentle personality, who I'm on the lookout for a guy for a reciprocal partnership. I'm really into music and historical movies, and I totally love an active life. Melodies has a major role in my existence, while I enjoy listening to various genres as well as discovering novel artists. Music has the power to transport me to a different realm and create moments of genuine wonder. I also have a particular passion in historical movies. They give me the opportunity to immerse myself in the past, gain insights into various time periods as well as cultures. If you have any favorite movies from the past, let's exchange them with one another. I aim to upkeep an healthy lifestyle, looking after my physical health as well as staying in excellent shape. I like sports, spending time outdoors, and adventuring. If you hold dear an energetic lifestyle, we can bond through some common interests. I'm looking for a guy who shares my interests as well as values, someone who is willing to encourage me in everything and create a blissful future as a team. If you're up for a committed romantic partnership and want to become acquainted with me more intimately, drop me a text. I'd love to meet you!
First name: leslie
Last name: auvana foucher
Age: 43
Location: france nice
On websites: hangout After months of dialodue
Report: After months of dialogue She always has somme issues ... I had confidence thene but now 2023 / 11 ,,, she is still asking me for money even if I told her 25 times '' no more money from me ''' she keeps comming back for mor money ....... Up till march 2023 I had gave her 15,550 $$
First name: Galina
Last name: Shtin
Age: 36
Location: Almaty,Kazakhstan
Phone: +77026585990
Report: Almost bit off the whole enchiladas with this scam degenerate I studied every letter and noted her scam blueprint..for future cousin is a single Detective and he uses this site and helped find her mug..believe me..I?m gonna post her scam profile where she works in Almaty,Kazakhstan,facebook,instagram etc..not to mention all her emails..indefinitely..