First name: Christin
Last name: Reizend
Aka: Diana, Amelya, Yulia, Kylie Smith, Bernicehani, Anne, Jessica Parker, Matilda, Jones Zakna, Gertrude Altenburg, Pat, Patricia David, Georgina Takyi, Cindy Williams, Janet Palmer, Rebbie Dawn, Maria Lucinda Poole, Nafisa, Maria, Amanda Baby, Mabel Kann, Olivia Anderson, Angela, Rita
Age: 29
Location: Moscow, Russia; Indiana, USA; Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany; New York, United States; Chicago, USA; Indianapolis, USA; Berlin, Germany; Miami, USA; Dronten, Flevoland, Netherlands; Hamburg, Germany; New Jersey, United States; Jos, Nigeria; California, USA; San Diego, USA; Camrose, Alberta, Canada; Alamo, Georgia, United States; Ailertchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany; Seattle, USA
Phone: 4062042069, 4704005190, 4342261153, 3123006007, 9517586502, 9179832368
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Lucy
Last name: Baidoo
Age: 35
Location: Kumasi Ghana
Email: Savetheblacks
On websites: WhatsApp, Handouts
Report: Claims to work at orphanage called Christian Missionary Orphanage in Kumasi, Ghana. Her father supposedly started it. Mother is American, father is Columbian.
First name: Marry
Last name: Lee
Aka: Valusha, Tatyana, Taty, Margarita, Anastasiya, Evgenia, Viktoria, Heather Lambert, LISA, Lola Ayo, Lola Roberts, Sharon Zarnett, Variant Chappel, Lydia Bruce, Rosslyn, Marry Smith, Sandra Smith, Sandra John, Clarabelle, Helena Sackey, Mary, Steph, Grace Barbie, Morgan Monica, Sweet Bae, Ruth Arhin, Barbie, Belinda, Carrie Steele, Mary Steele, Steele Rose Dylan, Debbie, Anne, Cinderella, Judy Lagasse, Sweetie, Variant Chappel, Precious, Oceans, Roseline White, Lizzy, Joammma, Svetka, Daniel, Lyudmila Kazantseva, Tracey Veale, Chappel Smith, Maiiya, Chappel Variant, Clara Tesi, Josephine Larry, Betty Perker, Lena Zelencova, Elena Barbara, Cindy Rose, Judith Symonette, Alicia Perrot, Emilie Polette, Mary Scott, Veronique, Oksana Fedorova, Sandra, Elizabeth, Daneilla Cass, Bella, Helena Sac key, Michelle Lee, Jelena Jensen, Priscilla, Sarah Vandella, CANADINI, Sherry Holmes, Claudine Fourg, Mariam Babiker, Obosky, Kate Kosova, Joy Clara, Anna Clinton, Andi Pink, Andi Land, Roseline
Age: 30
Location: Bethany Beach, FL; Atlanta Georgia, USA; New York, United States; Santa Clara, USA; Florida, USA; Westley, California, United States; Acton, United States; Berlin, Germany; Arizona, United States; Douglas, USA; Atlanta, Indiana, United States; Akiak, Alaska, United States; Scottsboro, Alabama, United States; Branson, Colorado, United States; Gbawe, Greater Accra, Ghana; Akron, Ohio, United States; Louisville, Kentucky, United States; Preston, VA; London, UK; Buffalo, USA; Ridgely, MD; Beverly Hills, USA; Hamburg, Germany; Arlington, AZ; San Antonio, TX; Clarksville, TN; Oklahoma, United States; Bridgeport, CT; remerhaven, Bremen, Germany; Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States; Albany, Georgia, United States; Nizhny Novgorod, Russia; San Carlos, United States; North Carolina, U.S; Clayton, Delaware, United States; France, Paris; United States of America, Los Angeles; Benin, Cotonou; Saint Petersburg, Russia; Penn Valley, United States; Big Stone Gap, VA; Las Flores, United Sta; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States; York, Ontario, Canada; Moscow, Russia; Manns Harbor, North Carolina, United States; Dallas, Texas, United States; York, South Carolina, United States
Phone: 3049343392, 3309996746, 7862970548, 2109605618, 6236634818, 77334235067, 5063009879, 79644230350, 4104133149, 9142795603, 221704585593, 4102085655, 7205208088, 17314205067, 9203463274, 33756895691, 18325296444, 7857107782
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Anna
Last name: Speranskaya
Aka: Anya
Age: 30
Location: Russia, Ukhta
Address: Ulitsa Mira, 15
Phone: +79877117657
On websites:
Report: I went on to hopefully find a lovely lady. This was the first time I have ever done this, so I want sure about the protocol and steps, but I was doing the best I could. Anna connected me and sounded very shy, and was absolutely gorgeous. She said she doesn't normally do this, but she wanted to contact me. We corresponded for a month total, but about half way through she suggested she come visit me. At this point I was starting to fall for her, it's like she know all my soft spots. She threw out a bunch of expenses which she said she would cover, but she asked me to help with the airfare. It was a lot of money, but it sounded only fair. After all, I did want to see her. She suggested using the RIA app to send her the money so she can buy the tickets. Since it was cheaper than what I could find, and it would work with her schedule better, I sent her $600 US, which she picked up in Russian cash. She sent me her full name (Anna Alexandrovna Speranskaya) which I believe she used to pick it up. A few days before she was supposed to leave, she said that the visa office needed to see that she had money in her account to cover s month's worth of stay at $85 per day for 30 days ($2,550 total). This devastated me because I didn't have it. This also woke me up from the dream a little bit and inspired me to do what I should have done from the get go. I looked her up and that's when I found this site and that she was a scammer. I saw several of the same emails that I got, word for word, and similar pictures. Then I noticed some of the inconsistencies in the pictures she sent me, and the fact that she never sent me the pictures I requested. It was like she had stolen someone else's pictures, and is sending them as hers. We'll, once again I was completely heartbroken and devastated, but for a different reason this time. I was still somewhat hoping that she was for real and not a fake, until this morning when I got another (most likely her last) email. It was translated into Polish instead of English, and it was intended for another guy named Arthur. She was asking him for airfare to meet with him with pretty much the same layout as what she sent me. That's when I wrote her a nattygram calling her out. Somehow, I don't think I'll hear back from her. I just wish that I could contact this guy and warn him.
First name: Molly
Last name: Janet
Aka: Karen Dreams
Age: 36
Location: US
Address: Maryland
On websites: Hot Intensity, Hangouts, Instagram
Report: I received this in my email and she invited me in hangouts. Stated she saw me on a web site,
First name: Viktoriya Andreevna
Last name: Gorelova
Aka: vikulishna111
Age: 27
Location: Russia. Kazan & Yoshkar-Ola. Scammer lives in two places
Phone: +7089600983060
On websites:,, Instagram
Report: She is a thief and a scammer and counterfeiter of her own counterfeiter documents. Birthday June 21, 1993. Viktoriya, Viktoriiya. Andreevna, Gorelova.
First name: Linda
Last name: Wesley
Aka: Anna marisax
Age: 30
Location: Poland
On websites: Instagram
Report: She said her name was Linda Wesley wanting money of me for her inheritance paperwork ( ?3000 ) and I would be part of her life ?. I found out she calls herself Anna marisax and rebbaca Williams as well
First name: Ella
Last name: Jefferson
Aka: STELLA, Ekaterina, Elena, Katie, Jessicar, Eunice, Tracey, Tina Mawuli, Jessi, Sanni Jasmine, Maria Jessy, Helena Sackey, Barbara, Candy, Natasha, Janet Jane, Jessica, Tiffany Smith, Mercy Williams, Dora Will, Nice Catherine, Katt laaye, Grace Mills, Mary Tomela, Destiny, Pearl Mills, Jena White, Rose Clar, Kendra, Daina, Daisy, Alisa, Janet, Mary, Sara Bobs, Jasmine, Gaby Pownall, Sarah Lisa, Jayden, Sarah, Ann Smith, Kathy Hicks
Age: 27
Location: Perth, Australia; Arizona City, United States; Berthoud, CO; Nevada, USA; United States of America, Belmont; Los Angeles, United States; Florida City, United States; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Douglas City, California, United States; Sandpoint Idaho, USA; BRIGHTON, CO; Greater Accra, Ghana; Adelanto, CA; Florida Ridge, United States; Texas City, United States; HILLSBORO, OR; AUBURN, IN; FAITH, SD; Analong, Northern Ireland, UK; ATLANTA, LA; ANTHONY, FL; ADAMSVILLE, AL; Louisiana, USA; Appleton, United States
Phone: 5023855678, 2342218947, 8595928945, 7274930004, 6318554531, 7014041210, 2514445414, 5046769188, 5048142134, 8022423161, 16026980436, 5012906216
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Sandra Cheryl
Last name: Wilson
Age: 37
Location: Berlin
On websites:
Report: Everything was very handsam. As wanted to arrange a videoconference she refused
First name: Elisa
Last name: Juliana
Aka: Stella Paisley, Tanya Chambers, Keri Chambers, Amelya, Ann Zhang, Safiya Muktar, Marg Morgan, Regina Dyne, Grace, Georgina, Angela Heaven, Lisa, Rehina, Ann Pima, Anne Pella; Melessa Freya, Rose, Adriana, Elise Clemens, Hannah, Millicent Welbeck, Tyler Brown, Amanda, Mellisa Havery, Jennifer Tilly, Becky Gibson, Reine, Laura Linda, Angie Varona, Cindy, Linda, Martha, Esther Williams, Darina Pens, Veronica, Jiana, Anita Lewis, Cluzy, Shelly Nelson, Jennifer, Wendy, Emmanuella Tetteh, Anita, Mai Sydney, Victoria Micheal, Stella Hudson, Tori Black, Leyla Cortney, Ayam Maccarthy, Gina Dudley, Moriah Hills, Jane, Mary Smith, Linda Clare
Age: 30
Location: California, United States; Ace, Texas, United States; Toronto, Ontario, USA; Beijing, China; Virginia, United States; Florida Pensacola, USA; New York, USA; Jerusalem, Israel; Dallas, TX; Chilton, TX; Hawaiian Gardens, United States; Dakota, IL; Century, FL 32535; London, United Kingdom; Atlantic Beach, FL; Los Angeles, CA; Washington, DC; Dakar Dodj, SN; Berlin, Germany; Allentown, GA; Glendale, AZ; JACKSONVILLE, FL; Boaz, United States; ARKANSAS CITY, KS; AMES, IA; AFTON, TX; ADELANTO, CA; Springfield, IL; Albers, IL; Abbeville, AL; Bourbon, IN; Alabaster, United States; ANSON, USA; Kyiv, Ukrainian; Pathum Thani, Thailand; Manhattan Beach, United States; New Albany, Indiana, United States; ATLANTIC BEACH, FLORIDA, USA; AROMAS, CALIFORNIA, USA; Qandahar, Afghanistan
Phone: 8506043127, 2086758453, 5012389800, 8503666074, 2136005936, 2134410542, 6106007704, 9044543543, 6072825456, 2702017632, 8476485799, 3468163293, 4302225687, 5028185491, 3043154584, 7048486759, 3253130548, 9014710601, 7065249790, 4754448576, 8476485799, 3159691716, 4173559112, 3252301441, 5125988219, 8503999858, 19294456682, 2136005936, 2349064523387
Email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, gorgeoussaint328@gmail com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Juliet
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Aisha, Tanya, Olga, Yuliya Stulova, Jane, Mary Smith, Amy Newton, Evily, Fall, Jessie Aryee, Olivia Smith, Laura, Moonica, Betty Powell, Gladis, Jessica Naomi, Rita Kotey, Lily, Tina Camels, Katty Williams
Age: 30
Location: Tripoli, Libya; Texas, USA; Las Vegas, United States; Kansas City, United States; Austin, United State; New Philadelphia, United States; ALGONA, IA; PHOENIX, AZ; Adak, Alaska, United States; Hana, Hawaii, United States; Arkansas, USA; TAMPA, FL; ALTOONA, FL; ALAMEDA, CA; HAU'ULA, HI; OHIO CITY, OH; Electric City, Washington, United States
Phone: 221706703887, 7026647304, 6056265498, 6128079029, 8023310011, 2017624987, 7013695268, 9592656762, 9563689356, 2109001611, 2162209597, 3312486834
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: nataliia
Age: 36
Location: Ukrajina
Phone: 8-914-559-75-15(
Report: I want to report a person for being a scammer
First name: Irina
Last name: Samigullina
Aka: Darya
Age: 35
Location: Russia
Report: This person contacted out of the blue except another by a different name also contacted. They both sent me the same pictures. I knew it was a scam but I enjoyed playing with them both although Irina sent me a bunch of photos. Anyway I played it until I got bored and then I sent each others picture and asked what was going on. Both disappeared.
First name: Faith
Last name: Giggs
Age: 32
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Address: 53 Wentworth Street Newstead
Phone: 0411656856
On websites: Hangouts
Report: This person introduces themselves as Faith. Who asks for money within the first day litually within hours of first contact. And I am not saying $50 or $100 I am talking straight out $500 for a birthday cake for her grand mother's birthday. Then a few days later asks for it to be $800.
First name: Hillary
Last name: Diehl
Age: 36
Location: Manchester UK
On websites: WhatsApp
Report: She approached me on WhatsApp. Said she was from Moston England, but due to COVID she was stuck in Santon South Africa on business. Told me she was working on a multi million dollar Gold sale. Then asked me to be her partner. Asked me to send her $35,000 USD right away. She tried many ways to get the money from me. She got a flight back to England and then said she was scammed by the Gold owner. Then kept asking for more money as she lost all her money in the
First name: Janet
Last name: Lafita
Aka: Hanna, Rose, Maridiya, Hannah, Mary, Valentina, Letitia Nathalie, Tracy, Larissa, Ashley, Veronica Simth, Elizabeth Frank, Jenny Mera, Gifty Smith, Jenit Morgan, Adomaj, Marry Smith, Katty Williams
Age: 27
Location: Admire, KS, USA; Lincoln, CA, USA; Tampa, FL, USA; Armna, CA, USA; Beallsville, MD, USA; Newbury Park, CA, USA; Alma, AR, USA; Henderson, Nevada, USA; New York, United States; Ashland, MA, USA; Barrie, Canada; Chicago, IL, USA; Dallas, Texas, United States; Burwood, New South Wales, Australia; Los Angeles, United States; Austin, United States; Colorado, United States; California, United States; Electric City, Washington, United States
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Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Zaineba
Last name: Mani
Aka: Mary Hassan, Juliet, Sharon Arnett, Anna V. Gribscheva, Irina, Aizhan, Queen Priscy, Patricia Appiah, Coruna Babanto Marion, Angelina Sauer, Mariam Babiker, Tammy, Keren Brandon, Rita Craig, Craig Bella, Wendy, Emmanuella Tetteh, Rose Linda, Nicole Davis, Michelle Howard, Jessica Randall, Alma Rush, Sandra, Rose, Jayden James, Nora Dixon, Helen Vicky, Rosie H, Esther, Wendolyn Hillary, Mikie Ashton
Age: 30
Location: Fagasa, Eastern, American Samoa; Visby, Gotland, Sweden; Dakar, Senegal; Pago Pago, American Samoa, United States; Kolomna, Street Gagarina. The house 7, Russia; Maryland, USA; Texas, USA; Manchester, United Kingdom; Manila, Philippines; Banjul, Gambia; Brooksville, FL; Nevada, USA; Mexico, United States; Air Force Academy, United States; Waldorf, Maryland, USA; Newcastle, South Africa; Seattle, WA; Ashburn, Virginia, USA; Washington, USA; Atlanta, United States; Bushnell, IL; Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; Lonsboda, Skane Lan, Sweden Age: 41; New York City, United States; Maine, USA; Uberlingen, Germany; Los Angeles, United States; Unsw Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Phone: 79278711795, 2076140882, 6109105001, 4693563843, 2347080570056, 2069296274, 6013859757, 4703177938, 2133702561, 5418057285, 2348113535226, 16825007496, 2342182406, 9033075307
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Agnes
Last name: Martinez
Aka: Anzenlinda, Seliandra, Elinor Joseph, Susan Meryem Amera, Dinara, Ekaterina, Nadine Freeh, Kerstin Schulz, Tatyana, Elena, Ann Ghallagher, Beatrice, Pamela Alexandra, Jane Molly, Hannah, Tinah, Shady Carson, Angele Caron, Hannah Fanning, Vida Ella Brown, Yualee, Sandy, Shia, Merryk, Georgina, Beatrice, Cora, Catharine Jane, Lura Anne, Linda, Tracy Mills, Dorcas, Loretta, Chelsea Blake, Betty Nunoo, Chandrika Jenniffer, Josephine Josh, Patricia Lena, Nelson, Tyrone Marucci, Susanna, Mandy Hilger, Bella Loe
Age: 30
Location: Texas, USA; ALBANY, IL; Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria; 125009 Moscow, Russia; Arkansaw, WI; Columbus, OH; Minsk, Belarus; North Carolina, USA; Cleveland, United States; Kenner, LA; Destin, Florida, United States; Buckinghamshire, UK; Da Nang, Vietnam; Madison, United States; Cincinnati, OH; Oklahoma City, United States; Illinois, USA; ARKANSAW, WI; AHWAHNEE, CA; Mission Hills, United States; Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA; COLLINSVILLE, AL; ABBEVILLE, SC; ALBION, WA; ALTUS, AR; ALLENTOWN, NJ; ASHTON, MD; ALTAVILLE, CA; DOVER, KY; North Chicago, United States; Alexander, NC; Kabul, Afghanistan; Huntsville, Alabama, United States; Bishop, California, United States; Cleveland, USA
Phone: 601137783832, 601126420537, 6106005129, 6144012340, 15043151884, 2348181677915, 5138805593, 2055458450, 6106005129, 7406511543, 4752828331, 4582023697, 8088000174, 6052735741, 5022006144, 5867380210, 18133201572, 7865658807, 6786533580
Email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, chelseablake004@gmail com,,,,,,,,,,,
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Anna
Last name: Marisax
Age: 34
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Hangouts
Report: Ive been talking to her for 5 years and got scammed outta alot of money i dont know if its a man or woman (help me on that please ) dont remember i think in 2019.was scammed outter $2600.00 while talking to her all those years she didnt try to get money outta me then in 2020 late. She gave me back my $2600.00??????? So i would trust her again then she tried to scam me again when it didnt work (2021) she stopped trying with me.
First name: Judith
Last name: Crenstil
Aka: Irina, Larisusya, Amelya, Claudia Freitag, Svetlana, Sara Bae, Helen, Sara Doson, Christiana, Suzzy Williams, Jessica, Mandy Pyler, Susana, Helen Manson, Bethany, Doris McMahon, Janet, Dorcas, Umu, Amirathem, Stela, Monika, Lisa, Cynthia, Emily Brandon, Beatrice, Grace Token, Taylor Dorcas, Mable, Nazl? Ruzgar, Amanda Knox, Mandy Rain, Benitta, Elizabeth, Mandy Rain Rose, Kate, Hunt Rose, Esther, Tracy Trout, Joyce Culton, Bethany, Amex, Charlotte Boahema, Henrietta Mayer, Lana Rhoades
Age: 30
Location: Bayshore Gardens, United States; Adelanto, CA; Oradell, NJ 07649; Swedesboro, NJ; Alexandria, AL; New York, USA; San Francisco, USA; Clover, South Carolina; Macomb, OK; Yukon, OK; United States of America, Newark (State of New Jersey); Austin, KY; Athol, KY; Arlington, CO; Uniontown, AL 36786; Montana City, United States; Stockholm, Sweden; Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, USA; Alliane, OH; Kentucky, USA; Kentwood, United States; United States of America, Santa Rosa; Badakhshan, Afghanistan; ANNA MARIA, FL; ALBANY, GA; ALPINE, CA; Toronto, Canada; LOS ANGELES, CA; California, USA; AMERY, WI; MACOMB, OK; AVENUE, MD; Louisiana, Orleans, USA; DAGSBORO, DE; Denver, CO; Kirkland, Arizona, United States
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On websites: Worldtng
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Olga
Last name: Potapova
Aka: Olga
Age: 32
Location: Tyumen, Russia
On websites: ;
Report: This scammer's full name is: Olga Potapova ... I am assuming this person is a female because her bank name is Olga... she was writing to me every day for several weeks, gaining my trust, telling me she likes me, and recently, she claimed that she was in love with me, and wanted to marry me and have children with me... she was sending me photos of a very pretty blue-eyed blonde woman who looks identical to Elvira Brian (same photos shown on this website)... She asked me for several thousands of dollars to pay for the return airfare and documents, to come and visit me, and she gave me all her bank account details, here... This is her full name (in case she gives you her bank account information): Beneficiary: POTAPOVA OLGA ZAKHAROVNA Beneficiary's bank: SBERBANK (VOLGO-VYATSKY HEAD OFFICE) NIZHNIY NOVGOROD RUSSIAN FEDERATION) She uses these Emails: I wanted to see if she was really the same person in the photos, so I asked her for a live online video chat... (before sending her the big money she was asking for)... and she has never written back since... because I am sure she is not the same person in the photos that she sent to me... (Photos of Elvira Brian)... Avoid anybody who calls herself: OLGA POTAPOVA ... and always demand a live video chat before trusting anybody online... or ask for a selfie photo where they must show you a unique hand gesture (e.g. Ask that person:
First name: Catherine
Last name: Daniel
Aka: Ekaterina, Mascha, Debby Larry, Ekaterina, Daria, Olga, Irina, Willa Williams, Arhin Sandra, Sandy Brown, Linda Anzen, Nancy Williams, Janet, Salia, Faye Jessica, Mary, Nikki, Lucy White, Nancy, Amanda Knox, Katta, Mary Peler, Alexandra, Theophilla
Age: 28
Location: Michigan, USA; New York, USA; Oregon, USA; Texas, USA; Columbia, Maryland, United States; San Diego, United States; ACKERLY, TX; BLUE GAP, AZ; HATHAWAY PINES, CA; AKRON, IA; Denver, CO; AVENAL, CA; AMERICAN CANYON, CA; ATWOOD, CO; ALBANY, GA; CARLE PLACE, NY; GEYSERVILLE, CA; ABERDEEN, WA; Florida, USA
Phone: 22893883240, 7065249790, 8122709656, 6125165646, 7205208088, 9293497601, 7022130480, 2282565238, 4079071227
Email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lovianacy935@gmail@com,,,,,,
On websites: Talkgator, Loveplanet, Mirlovez
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Laura
Last name: Pace
Aka: Natasha, Nina, Irina, Elena Fedorovna, Emmanuala, Yulia, Kseniya, Tatyana, Sandra, Esther, Suzzy, Evelyn Lina, Melissa, Janet Apedo, Elizabeth, Rosine Kotchi, Kuburatu, Chandler Ben, Debbie Mashburn, Janet, Anna James, Evelyn, Florenca, Usulla Zubeir, Angeline, Rosina, Angela Alaku, Fadila, Diana Knight, Judith, Angela Mingle, Mary, Diana, Mary Addei, Larisa Williams, Doris Robinson, Lily, Katie Ray, Countryp, Peggy, Angel Camara, Ellen Brown, Tracy
Age: 28
Location: ABSECON, NJ, USA; Carle Place, NY, USA; Callaway, VA; CENTURY, FL; Englewood Cliffs, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Accra, Ghana; Texas City, United States; Altona, New York, United States; Oregon, United States; ADAMS, TN; ADAMSVILLE, AL; BIRD CITY, KS; ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ; ACCORD, MA; BRONSON, FL; LOS ANGELES, CA; ANDOVER, KS; BONITA SPRINGS, FL; BEAVER DAM, WI; OHIO CITY, OH; ASHDOWN, AR; CALIFORNIA CITY, CA; BREVARD, NC; Annville, KY; Amersham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom; NEW YORK, NY; ARRIBA, CO; Dallas, United States; Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom; London, UK; Cincinnati, OH; SULTANAHMET, ISTANBUL, TURKEY; New Brockton, United States; NICEVILLE, FL, USA
Address: Russia, 425457, village of Nursola, Nursola street, house 5, apartment 3
Phone: 79233707001, 393207567113, 393512051447, 9713198866, 4106489383, 2156958027, 14194053256, 9804341096, 2512906007, 4106489383, 2522495721, 6572975031, 4243392787, 3134621276, 8108011911, 19017014094, 447441464818, 2162209597
Email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, miss_kotchi2@yahoo com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Carolyn
Last name: Williamson
Age: 35
Location: Loganville, GA
Address: 1000 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. 6-434
Phone: 6785229319
On websites: OK Cupid
Report: Sent many alluring photos, huge *******. Didn't take long to request financial support, iTunes gift cards etc.....Professes love through text. Could never substantiate any place or anything about her person. Sent fake Driver's License and fake hotel bills when she claimed to be on a trip to Houston.
First name: Mellissa
Last name: Etian
Aka: Aizhan, Alina, Roselo, Janet Mary, Elena, Sherri Ayrea, Ruby, Emily Blaise, Austyn Ellison, Lexie, Sara Bae, Doris Mensah, Angela Aluku, Harriet, Katie Jerry, Kim, Matilda Sharee, Sandra Melissa Havery, Victoria, Kindly, Ann, Angela Teye, Blessing, NIHAD, Maccuy Perry, Mercy, Helen Heidi
Age: 26
Location: ABERNANT, AL; Berlin, Germany; Tel Aviv, Israel; Lynchburg, USA; Memphis, USA; Wisconsin, USA; Acworth, GA; Albania, Diber; Washington, D.C., United States; ADELANTO, CA; Atlantic City NJ; AVILA BEACH, CA; AGUILA, AZ; BLUE JAY, CA; AMBROSE, GA; Chicago, Illinois, USA; ADELANTO, CA; LOS ANGELES, CA; ALAKANUK, AK; Waco, Texas, USA; BETHEL ISLAND, CA; LOS ANGELES, USA; Arkansas, USA; Memphis, Tennessee, USA; Bradfordsville, Kentucky, USA; Maryland, USA; CHASE, KANSAS, UNITED STATES; ALTAMONT, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES; Hamburg, Germany; Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany; Frankfurt, Hamburg, Germany
Phone: 4092093306, 2348055309319, 2135879695, 2016141307, 6099083456, 4053674349, 8722054407, 2542946687, 8324823767, 8704741273, 9018080073, 2704004016, 3016906110, 4793856696, 6265947186, 6604936804
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Shandi
Last name: Cabrera
Aka: Pauline, Patricia, Jennifer, Anastasiya, Ekaterina, Liebe Madchen, Valentina, Larisa, Pamela, Olson, Mary Berry, Emily Brandon, Felicia Gomez, Catherine Rose, Ruby, Emily, Julie Muller, Nancy Osei, Snundra Willims, Kate Jackson, Grace Toto, Morra, Catherine Rose, Helen michell, Roberta, Sohpia, Elizabeth William
Age: 30
Location: Faga?itua, Eastern, American Samoa; Moscow, 111250, Russia; New York, USA; Denver, Colorado, USA; Florida, USA; Badakhshan, Afghanistan; Cruz Bay, Saint John, Virgin Islands of the United States; London, United Kingdom; Wisconsin, USA; Paris, France; Dakar, Senegal; Phoenix, Arizona, United States; Willow City, Texas, United States
Phone: 7194187685, 6014190071, 447947999663, 9152240253, 7053152137, 9062121901, 23422497309, 447947999663, 3234834135
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Hassan
Last name: Kargbo
Aka: Bonnie/Tracey Hobson
Age: 30
Location: Freetown Sierra Leone, Phoenix Arizona
Phone: 1 205 708 0604
On websites: Messenger and Hang out
Report: she has tried to get me to buy her money cards at wallmart in exchange for some videos. asking for more than i'm going to give
First name: Judith
Last name: Mcauthur
Aka: Anastasiya, Yulia, Clara, Irina, Pauline, Maria, Pauline, Pauline Funny, Alyona, Helen Michell, Jennifer, Precious Milan, Rita Adom, Vera Micheal, Rose Scott, Sandra Clegg, Sandra Clegg, Frances, Linda Smith, Martha Mary, Amanda, Selemah, Sarah Robert, Sandra Davies, Kathey loly, Sarah Woody, Janet
Age: 35
Location: Aberford, United Kingdom; Brussels, Belgium; Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, United States; The Settlement, Christmas Island, Australia; Vaitogi, Western, American Samoa; Ajo, Arizona, United States; Arizona City, United States; Miami, United States; Peoria, IL; Bonita Springs, FL, USA; Elko, United States; Altadena, CA, USA
Phone: 4562131187, 13203737868, 2105710938, 16628830814
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Olesya
Last name: Kovtun
Age: 37
Location: Moscow, Russia
Phone: +79676313069
On websites: fdating
Report: Sie ist eine professionelle Betrugerin. Sie hat schon sehr viele Manner um viel Geld betrogen. Die Methode ist immer gleich. Verlierer sind immer die Manner, ihre Opfer. Viel versprechen, nichts halte. Lauter leere Versprechungen.
First name: Sarah
Last name: Haggrey
Aka: Ludmila, Irina, Tatyana, Tatiana, Karina, Yuliya, Ekaterina, Mariya, Katya, Alisa, Tracy, Casey Jones, Deborah Smith, Bramas Taino, Caitriona Llivan, Hannah Winterbourne, Akiva Young, Anastasiia, Olenka, Anechka, Elena, Olive Londo, Emily Knight, Abigail Dowson, Monica Rohrman, Shallotte Walker, Laura Meerick Day, Linda, Stef, Kimberlyn, Stacy, Kelly, Safia, Lynda, James lizzy, Mary Oppong, Ava, Carol Griffin, Hannah, Alisa Amore, lissa, Luna
Age: 27
Location: Accra, Ghana; Bay Minette, United States; New York, USA; Canada, Ontario; Singapore; Toronto, USA; Frankfurt, Germany; Luhansk, Ukraine; Texas, USA; Sydney, Australia; London, UK; Miami, United States; Lyon, France; North Bergen Georgia, USA; Atlanta, USA; Washington, Alabama, USA; Houston-TX, Texas, United States; Ohioville, United States; Los Angeles, United States
Phone: 79267461891, 6315053277, 4422987773, 0460241551
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
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