First name: Anastasia
Last name: Rudova
Aka: Vladimira Gaidashov
Age: 30
Location: Ukraine, Odessa
Phone: +380976602126
On websites: Dream Singles
Report: I was contacted by Anastasia via email stating she worked for Dreamsingles site as an IT tech and for 100.00 USD she would hack into the site and sell me the ladies contact information. This was to include By mail Telegram Viber Skype WhatsApp Facebook I agreed and sent her or Vladimira 200.00 USD and all I got was this ; Anastasia Rudova Sat, Dec 26, 1:45 PM (2 days ago) to me Ksenia +380983699630 @kseniavlp Telegram Eleonora +380632877049I f @Eleoonooraa Telegram I tried calling both numbers and they were not in service. When I confronted Anastasia that I felt ripped off all communication stopped. The money was sent via Western Union via this bank account that belonged to Vladimira . National Bank of Ukraine PrivatBank. Number card: 5168 7422 4024 5708 Name: Vladimira Surname: Gaidashov Country: Ukraine City: Odessa IBAN: UA873052990000026200888893436 ID: 2710205519 St. Kamanina 50 +380976602126
First name: Lisa
Last name: Smith
Age: 33
Location: U zs A
On websites: Instagram
Report: A very determined black mailer
Last name: RICHARD
Age: 28
Phone: 1-213-761-8811
First name: Jenny
Last name: Wilson
Age: 56
Location: Kula Lumpa
Email: thatsamelovelady@gmail
On websites: Be2 match makers
Report: Met Jenny through a match maker group. She immediately wanted to communicate by email. After a week or so she said she was going to Malaysia to see a Solicitor who was handling Sale of her late father's estate. She requested we communicate via Skype. She told me how much she loved me which I fell for. This was in the middle of virus travel restrictions but she said she had permission to travel under special circumstances. She went to Kula Lumpa and stayed in a hotel. After 2 weeks there she sent me an official letter she received from her solicitor advising that Aus$25,500 Stamp Duty was to be paid to the Kula Lumpa Court before contract for sale of father's land could proceed being aus$ 3.5 million. She said she paid $20,000 of the Stamp Duty amount and asked if I could lend her the remaining $5,500 until she gets proceeds from sale of the land. I agreed to send the money to her Solicitor. She wanted me to credit the funds into an account at Byron Bay NSW and gave me t he details of it. I said I wanted her to sign a Loan Agreement Form which she provided a signed Loan Agreement Form being for staff of the Solicitor. I eventually called it off without paying anything but feel someone from the Solicitors office was in on it to produce the letter head of the official Solicitors letter together with the simple solicitors staff Loan Agreement Form.
First name: Roseline
Last name: Michael
Aka: Rose
Age: 34
Location: USA, Stuebinville Ohio
Address: 1609 Ridge Ave. Steubenville, OH 43952 US
Report: This woman, scammed me for long period of time, doing the Father passed away. She sent me a few pictures, but was always same story phone broke. Claimed she was retired **** star Natasha Nice. But through your site and reading many stories. I was clued in and found through reverse image search and reaching out discovered the actual Natasha Nice lives on West Coast and is still producing adult content.
First name: Christine
Last name: Bentley
Aka: Erika
Age: 29
Location: Unknown country
On websites:
Report: ****o! How are you? I'm Erika, we've talked a long time ago. I hope the photo reminds you of who I am. I promised to write to you right away, but so far I haven't had the courage to do so and have had some problems as well. I hope you are still interested in getting to know us better. Please remind me where you are from and if you are married. Kisses
First name: Charlotte
Last name: Johnson
Aka: Charlotte Rakozi, Charlotte Moore, Charlotte Butzkey Johnson, Charlotte Butzkey Rakozi, Charlotte Rakozi Johnson; Angela Adom; Adei Kotey
Age: 26
Location: Manchester, UK; Accra, Ghana; Germany
Address: Milton St, New Balderton, Newark, UK NG243AW
Phone: +44 7857 849954; +233 24 244 2771; +233 0552415857
On websites: Loveawake
Report: I found Charlotte on Loveawake. I showed interest in her and she contacted me back. First, she said that she was actually 26 when her profile stated that she was 32. We talked for a few weeks before she wanted to take the conversation to WhatsApp. We talked for a very long time before she stated that she was moving from the UK to Germany with her father and sister after her mother died. Then, she said she was going with her father to Ghana to buy gold. After this, her father treated her awfully and she returned to the UK. She left for Ghana again on her own. She ended up getting stuck there. She asked for $700 for a ticket. I didn't have that. She then stated her sister helped her with that but she needed to 200 to pay for the hotel. I did have that and helped out. She went back to the UK. She was trying to sell her gold to a jeweler. She was trying to get to London and asked for $200 (after she had asked for $300). I stated I could get her a ride using Uber to where she needed to go. She avoided talking about that and hurled insults at me for not sending her money right away and failing her. Finally, when she thought I was going to help her again, she asked me to PayPal money to a waiter working at the Best Western London Highbury. I told her I had to come to my computer. Instead of sending her money, I am here right now reporting this scammer. I have months worth of messages. I have apparent bank accounts from Santander bank in UK. People who will take care of bills by sending them money. It was definitely a long game and very organized. I'm glad I only lost $200 and 7 months of my time.
First name: Yuliya
Last name: Domrechewa
Age: 35
Location: Russia
Address: Cherepovets city
Report: Usual emails back and forward tells me she?s bought ticket from Moscow to fly to me for 21 days needs 20$ a day cash to prove she?s a genuine tourist please send 420$ she will give me it back as soon as we meet. She doesn?t even know what country I live in
First name: Amelanda
Aka: Claramond739
Age: 30
Location: Indonesia and Surabaya
Email: and
Report: Beware of this scammer since it's after money and catfishing. Writing in German and translate it into English. Don't fall for the damsel and distress scheme it's part of the spiel. Example: cash apps, bank accounts, gift cards, money transfer, and Paypal.
First name: Leni
Aka: Amelanda991
Age: 22-35
Location: Argentina and Buenos Aires
Email: and
Report: Beware of this scammer writes in German and I translate it into English the point is catfishing and getting my money. Example: apps, bank accounts, gift cards, money transfer, and Paypal.
First name: Belinda
Last name: Beatrice
Aka: Daniella chavez
Age: 30
Location: America fort wayne
On websites: Instagram Hangouts Skype
Report: Claims to be Danielle chavez wants money to see her
First name: Valentina
Last name: Muzychishyna
Aka: Tina
Age: 27
Location: Kiev ukraine
Address: Bogatyrskkaya st
Phone: +3800950462591
Email: Jump4love. Co. Uk
On websites: Jump4love romancecompass
Report: After writing for 15 letters getting her Personal information arranged meeting Three times she made excuses Even turned off her mobile off Gave her so many chances. She's a con Don't go near this waster She has now closed account After I complained about her on site
First name: Rose
Last name: Martin
Aka: Alexandra McQueen
Age: 36
Location: West Chicago, Illinois
On websites: Hangouts
Report: She has been posing under the name Rose Martin and she claims to live in Rockford Illinois 60185 (west Chicago) She will claim to like you almost immediately and then ask you to help her buy a birthday cake and lingerie because she does have a job, but goes to college and wants to work for the World Health Organization (WHO). She will claim she does drive because she doesn't work and her roommate Farwa Shizari pays her bills in exchange for keeping the house clean. She will beg for the top off the line I phone so she can call, chat and send you photos of her Past names used are Rose Atoah and Alexandra McQueen. She will demand photos of you in the ****, just like most scammers. Only a quick glimpse of her behind a computer will come through the video chat feature of hangouts. Be quick to note that where she sits is a blank white wall and video is black and white
First name: Effah
Age: 29
Location: Ghana, Sunyani
Phone: +233507321957
On websites: Afrointroductions
Report: Ask for money even threaten do blackmail...
First name: Alena
Age: 35
Location: Ukraina/Aidar
On websites: RussianCupid
Report: ****o to you, dear. Thanks for your reply and cute photo - I am happy to read it and learn more about your person and your life there :) Thank you! You agreed with me and decide to use this chance to get closer... and it makes me think that at list one thing we have common between us ;))) So, let's continue! :) As for me... I am 35 years old, my height is 171 cm, my weight is 55 kg... I live in the village Aydar on the East of Ukraine... live with my mom, dad and have granny... My family teach me to be kind, clever, hardworking, careful... and I love my family and take care about them and make them happy :) It is so hard times in the world now and I think that we have to make everything possible to make beloved people happy :))) It could be a good sense for life, right? And what make you happy? Also my job make me happy - I am teacher at school... Kids are so beautiful and interesting and tender... also they are so hard and you have to find a way to understand them and teach them to live right way... and I try to do my best to make good people from my pupils :) But what about your attention to kids? Do you like children, Janne? :) And my hobby... Yes, I have one... I love sport... Of course my job also connect with sport... But isn't it good when your job is your hobby? :))) So, I love go to gym, swimming in pool, jogging in the morning, cycling in the park... I think sport make our life full of power, energy, health and good mood... But do you like sport? Do you eat healthy? :) Well, for now I will finish my letter, dear... I send you my photos which I made last weekend - tell me, do you like? I will wait for your answer... Please, be good and have a beautiful day there!!! Alena Uses top model photos in their posts.
First name: Elena
Last name: Crinchenko
Age: 32
Location: Ukraina/Starobelsk
On websites: RussianCupid
Report: **w are you doing? It is nice to get your reply! You know, sometimes we can say more in letters than in words looking into each other's eyes. This is like a book where the author can share the thoughts, feelings and worries with the reader so openly and sincerely, hiding nothing! Today it is so hard and scary to live in our world, so many disasters, diseases and wars everywhere, and this year was especially difficult because of Covid, which does not allow people to work and live normally. I don't know about you, but I'm very tired mentally from all this... Ok, a few words about me... I am 32 years old, brunette with brown eyes. My height is 167 cm and weight is 57 kg. I'm from the Eastern part of Ukraine, but because of the war in my homeland, I had to leave it. It was not easy decision for me to leave my mother with my very old granny, but I had no choice. Currently I live a small town called Starobelsk. As for my education, I have a child psychologist degree, but living in hard time, I have faced with a problem to find a job by my profession, and then I decided to graduate from the hairdresser - stylist school, and you will not believe, but these courses have become my life ring, and now I work in a beauty salon. And I started to love what I do. It is incredible feeling to see the happy faces of my clients after my done work. But I am so tired to be lonely. That is why I decided to try my luck on the dating site! I know, it is very complicated to find love via Internet, especially when my English knowledges are poor, but I am so eager to love and to be loved, so I decided to use this chance, why not? I think it is enough with my biography for today ). Please, tell me a bit about yourself! I am interested in you and wish to know you better. Already waiting for your reply. Take care. Elena.
First name: Christine
Last name: Bentley
Aka: Erike R
Age: 31
Location: England London
On websites: Galactic Love
Report: She will send you the following message : Hello! How are you? I'm Erika, we've talked a long time ago. I hope the photo reminds you of who I am. I promised to write to you right away, but so far I haven't had the courage to do so and have had some problems as well. I hope you are still interested in getting to know us better. Please remind me where you are from and if you are married. Kisses
First name: Anna
Age: 28
Location: Ukraine
Report: I was solicited by this woman and several letters later, I am the man for her, just go the feeling that things were moving too fast and she wouldn?t answer most of my questions. Seemed like a padded response to my letters! Hello Johnny. Did you get my last email??? You didn't say anything. I hope you won't find it difficult to answer. I want to know what's going on and what I should do next! Anna Here is several examples of her correspondence Hello Johnny. Did you get my last email??? You didn't say anything. I hope you won't find it difficult to answer. I want to know what's going on and what I should do next! Anna Good afternoon my dear Johnny, How past your day yesterday???? I wander what were you thinking yesterday??? As for me I woke up early had my breakfast quickly and ran to the work, to check my mail box. I was waiting on your answer. It was very interesting to me your reaction to my proposal. Do I really interest you??? May be you were scare of such concrete steps? Frankly speaking I was wary like a small girl, when was opening my mail box. What do you mean I am not sure? I don?t understand what mean?s I am not ready?? This call doesn?t oblige you to nothing. This is just a conversation!!! If you wanted, you would have found the opportunity to receive a call, even if it is expensive! I don?t see a problem at all!!!! Actually it was very important for me to know your opinion. Shell I take part in the competition or not? Do you want to meet in real or not? Now there is a distance between us. And there is one way how to maintain the relationship is electronic messaging. And this is also a big important step. But it will never replace a personal meet. Do you agree? Just in case I have already agreed my candidacy with my guide and they allowed me to take part in the contest. I will prepare my request today. I don?t know yet what do you feel, but I want to share with you with my mood. Yesterday I was dreaming how it would be great if we would live in one city. May be, on the same street like neighbours. It would reduce a bunch of problems and barriers for us. I even started dreaming. It didn?t happen with me for a long time. I think that my condition and my thinking become happier. I thought that in the evenings or on the weekends we could have dates, go to the cinema, to the cafe, may be go to some picnic together, meet in the gym, watch sunsets and sunrises together. Talk about everything and plan our future. You see how far I have drifted!))) I thought myself Anna, you are like a naive fool, came up to yourself some pink, vanilla happiness. This is a life, in reality everything is much harder. Firstly I need to win in the competition. May be Johnny will say to you that you are fool and naive. May be he does not likes you. But I convinced myself that I should take part in the contest. And simply I will be able to choose another country. In any case it will be a change of scenery. It is always interesting!!! I hope today latter you will write me a letter. Will tell me what do you think about my thoughts and dreams. May be you will tell me your point of view in development of relationship. Johnny, in any case write me a letter and describe me your thoughts. Talk by phone it is very good. But keep up conversation is also important. Also I need to prepare my request for the grant. Remember please that for me is very important to get and read every morning your letter. Your rom Hello Johnny!!! It's a great pleasure to get an e-mail from you! How are you? How is your day today? I hope that you are doing well and your mood is on top. Every morning I wake up thinking about you and my mood immediately gets better. Last night I had a dream about our real first meeting. It was very romantic and unforgettable! We had a picnic by the sea and enjoyed the sunset... Johnny I miss you! I would like to spend as much time as possible with you! You have become a very close person for me, and I hope that we won?t stop at this stage of our relations)). I think that our letters, emotions and feelings that we express in them became our background for something really serious and very important, don?t you think so?! Sometimes I regret that we have not met earlier! Of course I understand that we live in different countries, and it was a problem for us to meet earlier))) But we finally found each other and I don?t want to lose a chance to be with a right person!)) Now I am very grateful to fate and my first letter to you that we have found each other in this big world. I'm sure that we can be happy together! My heart is open to you now. I hope that you will not break it, cause I trust you and I believe your every word. I hope that our relations will develop and grow into true love. I promise you to be always sincere and honest in my feelings. I don?t want to play games, because I am looking for serious relationships. I think that I have feelings to you, but so far I can?t correctly express my emotions. It seems to me that I behave like a little girl.) Now I have such feelings, that in my head everything is turned upside down and I am full of bright emotions!)) And all these things happen because of you Johnny ? I?m loving to read your letters, and I?m reading them with anticipation what is going to be in the end)). Than I read it again and again several times. I almost forgot to tell you good news! One of the jury members told me that I presented a perfect presentation so I have very good chances to get this grant. Can you imagine?! I was in the top five! So I am quite nervous and worry about the results, but thoughts about you keep me from going crazy? Johnny, you settled down in my head, my soul and my heart. Sometimes I can?t even believe that it is happening to me!)) I am just happy now and want to share all my feeling and emotions with you! It is difficult to explain, but it seems to me that a new stage is beginning in my life!) What do you think about it? Now I need to go home to cook dinner and I guess I?ll watch a good and kind movie. I wish you a wonderful sunny day and will be looking forward to get a new letter from you! Your, Anna antic small girl Anna
First name: Maria
Last name: Kozmina
Age: 32
Location: Ukraina
On websites:
Report: a typical fraudster she asks for money!!
First name: ANNA
Age: 34
Location: Krasnodar UKRAINE
Phone: 14245583465
First name: Cynthia
Last name: Nech
Age: 32
Location: Vancouver
Phone: 12085034163
On websites: Kismia, Google hangout
Report: She met me on kismis and really took her time getting to know me, told me she had a good government job and soon she'd come visit me in Quebec where I live and then soon she had many excuses for needing money ?? but the best one was for medication ?? for remedies for food poisoning she received and when I mentioned that canada ???? had full health care including paying for medication ?? for food poisoning she deleted me and stopped contacted me after asking me 500 times for money ??!!!
First name: Nineluska
Last name: Antoninoka
Aka: Antonina
Age: 30
Location: Japan and Fussa
Report: **w are you doing my bloke! I'm sorry for bothered u. In reality, I'm tired of my lonely and decided to try out Net dating site! I want that this act will be another page in my future lifetime. First of all,I am will tell u a little bit about myself! I want, that the correspondence between us will not interrupt, and you're wondered and read my e-mail. I don't sure how to start my story. I'm never tried to write to somebody my individuality in the mail previously. I am can describe my person as the merry, determined, outspoken person. I am a kind person though at the same time I'm a self-confident, woman. I 've normally admired sincerity straightforward and candor. I expect you are wanted, that our written exchanges will proceed. In a future letter, I want to know more about yourself, your outlook on life. I'm sending u my photo. I want that u like it, and we can get closer. If you are interested in me Please write ONLY to my private mailbox: Sincerely yours, Antoninochka I see lots of errors in English spelling and beware of this scammer as an obvious fake. It's catfish for money. Example: bank account, cash apps, gift cards, money transfer, and Paypal.
First name: Oksana
Last name: Lymar
Aka: Urdream
Age: 33
Location: Sumy Ukraine
Address: Ukraine, Sumy, Levanevskogo str. 14, apt. 125. Zip code is 40000.
Phone: +380507725678
On websites: Ukrainedate
Report: She talk with you on Ukraine date she will make fall in love with her then take you to viber like she wants relationship She talk with on viber tired to get money to finish her apartment and support her family when she is really married . Then she you asked for a real meeting you think she from kiev Ukraine but she ask you for money for a 5 hour train tickets to meet because Oksana from Sumy ukrane . After the send the money she promises to meet you in the airport but never showed up
First name: Anastasia
Age: 25
Location: ukraine
Email: @nastya_kosmetichka
On websites: HotRussianBrides
Report: This *** sells her photos to the **** bag Russian Dating sites
First name: Bianca
Last name: Anderson
Age: 25
Location: Manila Philippines
On websites: Hangout
Report: ****o my name is Jesus Navarro I'm writing to you to make a report against the scammer this female her name is Miss Bianca Anderson and I found her a long time ago in 2016 on my email on my old email address her and her manager I think they're both Favre scammers because they're friends of Philippines they scan me a lot of money this person's this female has been scamming me for four years I am a victim of scam please I need you guys to please help me to stop this person as this female Miss Bianca Anderson because she can continue on she's she's continued on scamming other victims out there of guys so online play stop her she has a Facebook page Bianca Anderson and also she has Twitter account she's also Bianca Anderson there she has two uses different names please invest get her place if you guys find her please arrest her because she is causing nothing but damage online to a lot of victims and I think she needs to be punished but I'm a victim because I've been scammed by the same person and also I noticed he is a pornstar model and she is selling her body as a ********** to get money from guys online so I've been victim from that too as well I have pictures of her and videos of her ***** of she is a pornstar so please please I asked you guys beg you guys please help me to stop ms Bianca Anderson I've been hurt by this girl Ms Bianca Anderson and she also have a Google account so she could use this girl Bianca Anderson she has ways how to use things to go online to find people on emails or anything but I beg you guys please help me stop this person block her and if you guys catch her please arrest her please you have my email address and you can contact me okay thank you
First name: Alena
Age: 42
Location: Russia
Report: She calls herself also OLGA and she uses different email addresses. It could be that she is working in a laboratory in Russia. But OLGA or ALENA is very active on the internet corresponding with men all over the world to earn (extra) money. Be aware that she build up her scam very well !
First name: Taria
Last name: Maria
Aka: Tarja
Age: 52
Location: Stockholm
Phone: +46727272728
On websites: Tinder
Report: She claims to be working as a financial consultant she has two kids boy and a girl, divorced and separated .. originally from Finland She claims to wanted to move to a new house and she needed some funds to complete the remaining cost of the new house , luckily I didn?t send her anything,
First name: Alexandra
Last name: Shepil
Aka: Alex
Age: 32
Location: Cherkasy
On websites: Anastasia Date
Report: This woman asked for gifts in the first message. She didn't want to know me, she only is fishing for my money!!
First name: Emelia
Last name: luhrmann
Age: 40
Location: san Fracisco
Phone: 017676415305
Email: Emelia Luhrmann@gmail.comInstagram
On websites: Instagram
Report: she signed up with me with Emelia Linda Luhrmann and we wrote to each other for a few days, she asked me if I want to bring her to Germany? since I am not bound I said yes and asked for a picture she then gave me pictures of Eva Lovia sent and a picture of her daughter Susan. You want me to pay 50% of your money for the flight. But what confuses me is that she uses the pictures of a **** star
First name: Sue
Last name: Yowell
Aka: Alien Rich
Age: 33
Location: United Arib of Emerance
Address: 1402 13th St
Phone: 15154522124
Email: Gagalady8005@gmail .com
On websites: Mate 1
Report: Inheritance scam make you pay for fees and receive 4.5 million. Barrister Wilson is stealing your money.sue will pressure ever paycheck and take you saved money
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