First name: Alla
Last name: Mikhai
Aka: Svitlana
Age: 30
Location: Kharkov Ukraine
Address: Pushkinskaya st. 51, apt. 7
Report: she write you about,shes a dentist and hope to win this grant to come to USA and does win,then shes short $600 to help her buy a certain date,she calls you and leads you on and says i love you and so much more,shes a scammer, uses the name or her friend svitlana potorikiko ,might be real friend or fake,she uses this name to call you,shes sends copy of visa usa,and passport,,lives in keiv,both of these women are bad news be aware ,took $600 from me.i will report them to Ukraine police.for interenet fraud. heres a copy of letter,,,Good morning Michael! First I would like to thank you for your letter. I reply you from my work. I find this more convenient for me, cos I monitor my mail box every morning! I use a computer only at work. Unfortunately I have no a computer at home. Not long ago, I created my profile on the website of dating club. In the short runWithin a short time I got many mails. They were shocking! At one point I thought that only freakos and cheaters use online marriage clubs. Someone wanted me to show them my nude pictures, other men wantedhinted at only intimacy. Even a married man sent me a letter, had an idea to become lovers secretly from his wife! What a terrible thing! I haven?t even answered to such emails. I can?t understand such way of this In my resume I explained clearly that I?d like to find only a committed relationship with a single. telling you such moments, but I was really scared by this event in general. I expect you are different man and we have the same goals. Please write me back the letter as soon as possible if you would like to continue our acquaintance. Id like to get to know some facts about you, your living place, your occupation, hobby, family situation. I would be happy to see some of your pictures. I will send you another email later where I I want to tell you in detail about my life in order to pique your interest! )) I ask you to reply to this letter so that I know that you have received and read it. I don?t want to disturb you with a long writing so that you wouldn?t be bored )) Hope you have a great day today! Look forward to receive you answer!!! Truly, Svitlana,,i have photos so get back to me ill post or send you to publish
First name: Lily
Last name: Owen
Aka: Miss Lily
Age: 36
Location: Leicester, United Kingdom
Address: 42 Eamont Close, LE2
Phone: +256786051802
Report: My dear How are you today? I am so glad you accepted my friendship proposals by providing me with your personal Email, I like to be open to you because I wish to build a rigid relationship with you which I believe will yield good fruit for both of us, I am a woman who have seen life, I have been in the social circle for many years, it really does not matter one's age or color or achievement, what matters in our life is nothing but care and expression and mostly expression of the heart. This is the most important thing in life, to me the most beautiful thing created by God is never seen, it is only felt in the heart which is love. I have been hardworking all my life till now, i must think of something better to enjoy my life and probably have a family or maybe relocate and start investing in other things anyway. I will like to tell you little about me, my name is Lily Owen am Britannia. I lost my only daughter at child birth. Presently, Am working as a Senior Audit / banker in CitiBank Plc United Kingdom. I was married but my ex Husband out of impatience got married to another woman which caused our divorce, but it's OK because I have to move with my life since I've been accused of being so busy with my work in the bank and it's I would not have been able to do that, to achieve in life but he was impatient so I have to let him go, but it's over now, I am happy because I have everything I need, I have had it as a priority to give out 40% of my salaries to the less privileged and the motherless babies and with all this, I have never lacked for this this is why I think of relocating to your country to get into and maybe own a small company that can be manage Enough for myself, I would like you to tell me more about yourself too. I would like to know you better, what you really do and your position in your work, your marital status and where you reside now I love to hear from you soon Miss Lily Owen
First name: Mia
Last name: Khalifa
Age: 35
Location: Chicago Illinois
Report: She says she is a ex porn star and been living in a hotel for the past 3 months and wants me to send 2 thousand to pay bill
First name: Linda
Last name: Johnson
Aka: Ariana Maria, Jane Gilbert
Age: 28
Location: Texas and California
Address: 11323 lyric
Email: Lindajohn@gmail.con
On websites: Instagram, Whatsapp, hangout
Report: Trys to get you to buy a eBay or Amazon card for a video or to meet her
First name: Alice
Last name: Celestina
Age: 25
Location: South Africa
On websites: Mingle2
Report: This Lady I found on Mingle2 under the name Somma. She sent me a email address after sending her a email I got a email back with this email address: In this email there was a Link to get in contact with her. After this, she was blocked at Mingle2 Why a scammer? If someone wants a real contact, she/he wont send you a mail back with a link to dating site and photos.
First name: Alice
Last name: Osborne
Aka: Alice Brady, Olivia Jeffrey
Age: 29
Location: Richmond, Virginia; Houston, Texas
Address: 10512 Beechnut St, Houston, TX
Report: Scammer
First name: Svitlana
Last name: Poteriaiko
Age: 35
Location: Ukraine. Karkov
Phone: +380(5770)47071 (at least the one used when calling)
On websites: Unknown
Report: Sends daily letters (19 in total) in which she tells she has a scholarship to come and study in your country says to be a dental assistant). Provides details including passport photo and e.airline ticket and it ends up in a request for money to ba able to leave the country. Letters can be in different languages,according to interlocutor's nationality but they are all similar.
First name: Alice
Last name: Celestina
Age: 24
Location: Little rock, ar
Address: 623 s. Oak St.
Phone: 5015170339
On websites: Iwanthotties
Report: She got my email address and has been trying all weekend to get money
First name: Anastasiya Igorevna
Last name: Kozlova
Aka: Nastya
Age: 29
Location: Ulianovsk Rusia
Address: City - Ulyanovsk Street - Lenin Street House - 46 Apartment - 12 Post code- 432000
On websites: Correos electronicos y llamadas por telefonos privados
Report: Elle inicio el contacto. Se inicio el contacto por correo electronico Hotmail. Mantuve contacto con ella 8 meses. Descubri que tenia correspondencia a otros hombres y los correos son igual solo cambia el nombre de los hombres lo descubri por topscammers. Me pidio dinero para su viaje y gastos de pasaporte. Se le envio dinero 500 USD y me pidio mas, 2700 USD aprox. Ella recogio el dinero por western union y queria que diera transferencia a nombre de ella al siguiente banco Kozlova Anastasiya Igorevna Beneficiary account (ACCOUNT ?):40817810300996535455 Beneficiary bank (BENEFICIARY BANK): RUSSIAN STANDARD BANK JSC, MOSCOW, RUSSIA, SWIFT- RSJS RU MM Bank address: TKACKAYA STREET, STROENIE 36, POST CODE 105187, MOSCOW, RUSSIAN FEDERATION . Fue un solo deposito por western union el 14/06/2019 por 500 USD. El resultado final, termine mi relacion con ella y deje de comunicarme con ella.
First name: sandra
Last name: john
Age: 35
Location: nashvile tn
Email: sandrajohn79@gmai,com
On websites: hangout
Report: this lady is a nurse in Nashville tn she was a nurse for a ex girl friends mother who was also a scammer by ex gave this lady some goal that belongs to be she first contacted me asked for money for uber to bring goal to me then she wanted to stop at a store asked me to send her a card so she could buy some panties I said I dont buy panties I cant pull off she said you buy me some when I get there you can take them off me I haven't had sex in awhile well I sent her a card she never showed up after that she asked for money several times so she could deliver the goal ever time was a excues never got delivered sent me pictures of her private part telling me she loved me wanted a long term relatenship which I got tried of send money all together she got 1500 at least
First name: Ann
Last name: Sarah
Age: 30
Location: USA
Report: A typical scam. I approached a soldier who was retired. Since I participated in military operations in Syria before retirement I was asked to keep my retirement allowance. Besides, ?it takes money to retire?, ?I will lose my retirement allowance? I was asked for money, of course I refused,?you must manage?
First name: Debra
Last name: Pete
Age: 56
Location: Right now she says she's in Australia
Address: 6203 cane creek cir
Phone: 18033724986
On websites: Hangouts
Report: She claimed that she has a lot of money in Banks wish you need help to get it out she also claimed she has an SUV the need to be ship I need help to pay for it
First name: Alyona
Last name: Guschina
Aka: AlyAlina
Age: 33
Location: Stakhanov
Address: Kurchenko Str. 22A/18
Phone: +380 95 911 7800
On websites:
Report: A very skilled professional scammer.
First name: Viktoriya Evgenevna
Last name: Novikova
Age: 32
Location: Kirov, Russia
Address: Kalinina St, House 40, Apt 31
On websites: Loving Hearts
Report: Here is a sample letter: Hello my dear ...!!! I'm writing to you from Moscow! I rented a room in the apartment. Owner of the apartment is very nice woman. I will write you the address, which is now settled down. 119261, Russia, Moscow, Leningradsky avenue, 58-89. ..., I visited the embassy and the airport. In embassy I filled out all the documents for visa registration. I liked that the visa center is staffed friendly people. I was assisted absolutely everything, I have given all the necessary documents, I also took photos for visa registration. Now I am looking forward to my visa. I met a girl and asked her how long it takes to get a visa, she said that now everything is done quickly, as a lot of people wanting to get a visa and this embassy is much faster. In embassy told me that I need buy 2 tickets. Air tickets needed for issuing the visa. The fact that the staff of the embassy should be exactly sure of the exact dates of my departure and return back to Russia, and that would mark the dates on the visa. I thought that the tickets can be ordered through the Internet, but the embassy said that it is very strict rules and tickets are needed to fly the originals and be sure to provide them for the fact that the embassy would have assured them that they could see the date of my departure in your country and return back to Russia. To me explained that this is the main condition for obtaining a visa. I was very surprised with such rules, but I was told that it is important that quickly obtain a visa. Today, I personally visited the airport Sheremetevo-2 and considered the price of airline tickets, the choice of air tickets is very large. I bought a ticket for December 11!!! Now tickets at the embassy, which means that everything is going well. But today I was told another condition that I must fulfill to get a visa! citizen arriving in the USA must have cash in the amount of 100 USD per day. Unfortunately I missed the point and at the embassy reminded me of it. The minimum number of days, during which I shall have the money - 30 days. It is a condition of my visa. Therefore, I must obey the rules and must have 3000 USD in order to come to you. I have a 2300 USD, I need another 700 USD! I did not know how to tell you this. Unfortunately I have to ask you 700 USD, I hope I will wait for your help and writing. I knew that I would have a cost, but I did not know that so much it will cost. Unfortunately this is the case, and now I must fulfill this agreement. It is a lot of money. I understand it. But I must tell you that we do not lose those 700 USD. The money is needed to prove to the embassy that I am financially stable citizen and I have the freedom to provide my journey to the USA. I hope you understand this formality. When I arrive to you, I will return the money to you, and I promise that I will not spend money. Do you understand that? All the money will be on my bank card. Today I am very upset and it is breaking my heart when I heard the news. But I love you very much and want to come to you. I'm sure we can do this step. I want you to also was sure of it. ..., I did not want ask you for money, but I bought a laptop, and since I have a high cost here in Moscow. Now I have no money order to confirm its financial stability!. I paid at the Embassy Check visa and health insurance. I also pay for the stay in room. I bought plane tickets! I am now there is not much money, but I need money to live in Moscow. Can you help me to confirm my financial stability? I spent a lot of money, and I need your Help. My dear, when I can get your help? Already my visa is in the process of registration in the near future I will be come to you !!! I am glad that I was able to start the process visa! I hope that very soon we will be together. Now I introduce our romantic evening by candlelight, I will prepare a delicious dinner, you open the wine, how I dream about it! I am very tired today, Moscow is a big city. Please do not leave me without your letters. I'm all alone here, and I need your support every day. I always think of you! I'm trying to make skype on my laptop, but I can not, I hope that I can do it, I do not when she did not do skype, and this me can not do it quickly, but I am confident that I can do it, if I can not do it, when I arrive, I hope you can help me and learn how to use skype. I also made a video for you, but my camera fell in the train and the microphone broke.
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Silina
Aka: Tatyana, jana
Age: 44
Location: Russia, Penza
Address: Borodina street 10. 440060 Penza
Report: I am a Swedish man, 61 years and a widow, now the idea started to try to meet someone, so I registered myself on the dating site. Already after 4 days I got in touch with a woman who initially wanted my email address. After that, our communication started and then it turned out that she was from Russia. I got a photo of a beautiful woman, she was 17 years younger than me, but it didn't matter to her. communication became more and more intense, we emailed every day and a declaration of love arrived. I made a decision to invite her to my country. I sent money so she could arrange the documents needed, visas and air tickets. so far so good. on the day she was to obtain her visa, the travel agent told her that she had to have 40 euros a day for her stay during the validity of the visa, 90 days, that would mean 3600 euros. when I pointed this out, she became irritated and insisted that it was Russian rules. I checked with the Swedish embassy and got the answer that she only needed 40 a day during the time she would visit me, she would stay for 21 days, which meant she needed 840 euros. when I showed info from the embassy she became even more irritated and did not want to talk about it anymore. for it was 3600 euros which was in accordance with her. ok, i was in love with her so i sent that money. I know I'm an idiot. in the mean time before we set the date for her visit, I received strange emails from her, one was in German, one was some line in Danish. the bells rang high, but I kept going. I could not call her, because her operator could not receive international calls, more warning bells. I can call a guy if he was in the middle of the Amazon. I asked her why she was sending me an email in German, the answer was she had to change the language because she was in a hurry with the email before mine, she wrote very annoyingly. warning, warning. now it's really fun to start, when I sent her money I couldn't direct them to her, but her sister, because she had no credentials, her credentials were at the travel agency, she said. I sent money three times in total over 4000 euros. One day I was looking at google over her city, Penza. then I got pictures of people connected to her city, and to my surprise there were pictures of her. I clicked on the pictures and came to a German site about Russian dating scammers. There she was, a German man notified her for mail he from 8 months earlier, her mail was sent from Denmark. I took copies of the pages and sent to her and asked what the hell was this. her reply was that the man in question had asked her to send nude photos of her, she refused and this revenge for it. warning, warning, think there were other causes too. Now we have set the date for her departure, the email the days before was filled with expectations and declarations of love. the day came for her to travel, by train from Penza to Moscow overnight, she promised to send an email before she went on the flight the morning of the following day. The morning of her arrival I heard that an email was coming, my first thought was that it was from her and that something happened, she is not on the flight. I opened the email and it was from someone called Marina. Marina had received a call on the car from Tanya. Tanya cried and told Marina that she was in prison. I was just thinking, my God. what a surprise. Tanya had been stopped in customs, she said, then they had found an object of great value to Russia and was worth 9000 euros. this would be a gift to me from her father. But an investigator of this had told her if she gave him 4,500 euros he would arrange so that this item could go through customs and Tanya could go to me. So this Marina asked me for help, I could pay this money. I think it was Tanya who sat at home and wrote these emails, the words, the wording were the same as she wrote in her previous emails. There was no Marina.
First name: MARINA
Last name: KULYK
Age: 27
Location: DONETSK
Phone: +380999601993
On websites: Travel Girls
Report: She told me that living in the Donbass region she has a lot of limitation to move to Ukraine. Thains non working, Buses blocked by authorities, only taxy available but it's a huge amount to go to Kiev airport; she start asking small money after that the requests becomes huge. She sent passport with a fake photo made in a very primitive way.
First name: Mary
Last name: Adams
Age: 33
Location: USA, Los Angeles
Report: Mary sends a message on Instagram to initiate contact then suggests to chat on Hangouts. She then overnight falls in love with you but then the requests for money or vouchers start. She is a scammer of the highest order.
First name: Lilia
Last name: Pterovskaya
Age: 35
Location: USA
Address: RR#4
Report: This is Aria Giovanni, US porn model, born in Ghana and lives in Ghana Was Penthouse Playmate in September 2000. Her pictures are stolen every day by scammers. mostly West Africans. She has gone public about this with other porn stars like Danielle Delaunay. However, certain porn stars are scammers as well. E.G. Briana Lee, Miss Teen Porn USA, and numuerous adult video awards, and has her own websites and channels, selling videos and pictures. Also, Janessa Brazil, US porn star, born in Ghana, real name Francis Amoako.
First name: Natalia
Last name: Lunova
Age: 38
Location: Ukraine, Pervomaysk
Address: 25/89 Lomonsova Street, Pervomaysk, Luhansk Oblast, 93200
Phone: 380502234174
On websites:
Report: $50 for Skype Video Chat from Lugansk. Never did the video chat.
First name: jenna
Age: 25
Location: los angeles, ca usa
Phone: 323-802-3015
On websites: locanto
Report: Scammer
First name: Viktoria
Aka: Vicky
Age: 31
Location: Ukraine, Lugansk
Report: She is a poor girl . Lost everything in a war in east Ukraine. Parents also- she is an orphan. She is preparing to come over to me. But I explain to her that this is not easy from there. Passport not valid in the EU. Plus she can not fly from there. But she told me that is not a big problem. She needs to come to Kyiv first by bus I think.
First name: marina
Age: 36
Location: rusia, krasnodar
Report: Hola , por gran suerte para mi , la primera vez que trataron de estafarme por medio de una mujer me ofrecieron depositar u$s 5.500.000.- en mi cuenta para administrarlos personalmente a mi criterio , ergo , exageradamente fantasioso me evito morder el anzuelo . Al recibir la carta de marina le segui la corriente y se las envio como ejemplo y testimonio . Lastimosamente la potencial victima no leera esto antes de ser estafado . Hola, Miguel! Estoy muy contento, que ha contestado en mi correo electronico. Gracias que usted ha encontrado tiempo escribeme carta. ?Como estas? Espero que todo bien con usted. A mi todo bien, porque hoy tengo un buen estado de animo. Yo creo que hay muchas preguntas a mi. Voy a tratar de describirme. No se lo que dira en el comenzando ... Bueno, vamos a empezar! Mi nombre es Marina. Tengo 32 anos de edad. Mi cumpleanos en agosto 15. Mi altura - 5, 7 (171 cm). Mi peso - 118 (53 kg). Espero que te gusten mis fotos. Como se puede ver en mis fotos, tengo los ojos verdes, y yo soy rubia. Tengo intenciones serias, y yo no quiero hacer una eleccion equivocada ... Comenzamos nuestro correspondiente. Quiero ser justo con usted. Lo hare honesto con usted siempre. Por favor, ser franco conmigo tambien. Vivo en Rusia, en la ciudad de Krasnodar. ?Ha oido hablar de esta ciudad? Krasnodar es ubicada en 1340 kilometros de Moscu, en el sur de Rusia, situado en la costa derecha del rio Kuban, a la distancia de 120-150 kilometros del Mar Negro. Un poco acerca de mi. Tengo la educacion superior. Empece mi educacion en la escuela secundaria, en Krasnodar. Despues lo he acabado, he recibido estudio Facultad de Economia de la Tecnica Universidad. He terminado hace 6 anos. Ahora trabajo como una contador. Estoy ocupado en los asuntos financieros de nuestra firma. esta firma no tan grande. Trabajo aqui suficiente tiempo largo, alrededor de 3 anos. Realmente me gustaria saber sus intereses, idiomas, usted habla, aficiones? Dime poco mas acerca de usted. Tambien lo hare le dira mas acerca de mi en la letra siguiente. Espero que mi carta no os aflija. Voy a esperar por su carta y su imagen con impaciencia. Pero si usted no esta interesado, me cae algunas palabras. Es importante para mi. Puede ser su nuevo amigo Marina! Descargar todos los archivos adjuntos en un archivo zip Hola de nuevo Miguel. Estoy contento de ver su carta de hoy. Estoy muy satisfecho de sus calidas felicitaciones, quiero decirle que me gusto mucho! ?Muchas gracias! Sone durante mi infancia, y ahora que estoy sonando. Por supuesto, el mundo de los suenos - mundo ilusorio. Pero es lo unico que puedo hacer. Creo que podriamos satisfacer facil. Hacer un viaje no sera un problema para yo. Una de las razones no me permite llegar a usted en este momento. Esta razon - que se de ti no tanto, y usted tambien se sobre mi un poco. Estamos conocen entre si solo algunos dias. Pero, probablemente, estos dias el mejor tiempo en mi vida diaria. Te convertiste mucho y muy importante cerca de mi! Empece a entender ahora cuando estoy en espera de sus cartas con impaciencia. Miguel, Mucho me preocuparse cuando estoy leyendo sus cartas ... Mi corazon esta golpeado tan rapido! Nosotros debe estar seguro de que en nuestros deseos. Debemos estar completamente listo para nuestra reunion. Se paso muy serio, creo que estas de acuerdo conmigo? Deberiamos estar seguro de uno en el otro ... La confianza - lo mas importante en ?relaciones! No se lo que sera
First name: kristania
Last name: Besouwn
Age: 34
Location: USA and indnesia
Phone: +1(631)557-2818
Report: She called Ann tessy, an army sergeant working in Afghanistan, and made an appointment to meet in Japan, cheating the vacation fee and air ticket costs. She worked in Miss Indonesia in 2006, worked in the US military, worked as a nurse in the US Army, but retired in 2015 for marriage. He then falsified the fake army ID and worked on a number of romance scams. The counterfeit ID is born in 1989, but the fact is born in 1985. The fake ID card she uses is also used by other female military scammers, so it is only created by a scam group. Her main scam tricks have been skillfully explained as working in Afghanistan using photos and videos from around 2011-2015 while enrolled in the U.S. military. Also not working. She belongs to a scam group and uses fake commanders to send money from the victims for vacation and aviation costs. Currently, many scams are being performed while moving around the United States, Indonesia and Jakarta. Her family and relatives live richly with money earned from her scams. She retired the army for marriage four years ago, but the failure of her marriage partner triggered a fall into the path of fraud. Soon after divorce, she began dating another man and remarried. Her fraud group includes members who forge documents such as military identification and approval documents, and fake lawyers, and have networks in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and the United States. There is also a Japanese bank account to deceive Japanese people.
First name: Lindy
Last name: R. Boyd
Aka: lin
Age: 43
Location: Bern (Switzerland)
Phone: +49 1521 8960914
On websites: Connecting Singles
Report: She is SOOO in love with me, and uses pictures of a real docor in Turkey
First name: Olga Valerevna
Last name: Zemtseva
Age: 32
Location: Okha Russia
On websites:
Report: Contacted me Sept 20 2019. Claimed to be a nurse in Okha Siberia Russia. Said she was on a 5 yr. contract and had already done 3 yrs. Then changed contract to 7 yr. Claimed to quit her job and come here. Now she says, stuck at the airport and needs money to pay the tax. Says she is now living in the airport until I can send money. Claimed everything else is already paid. Flights did not check out and I am sure there is no visa paid for. it must be shown that the person has enough money to stay in this country. I forced her to phone me before money released. I have the number now. 22 Nov 2019.
First name: Naomi Lynne
Last name: Anderson
Age: May 4th 1985
Location: LA
Phone: 12602004368
On websites: WhatsApp
Report: Contact initiated by scammer, a woman calling herself Naomi Lynne Anderson, born May 4th 1985 in Salt Lake City?? of mixed parents, mother american, father Egyptian, lived several places, Italy, South Africa..Parents decesed. Has a 6 year old daughter living with her aunt in Michigan. Claims to be a fashion samstress attending various colleges, specificly one in Cape Town, South Africa. Falls in love imidiatly
First name: jenessa
Last name: burns
Age: 29
Location: Accra Ghana
On websites: mingle2 and hangouts app
Report: Using pictures of porn model Talked with on hangouts Talked about taking money from stupid White's Stated they had took $5000 yesterday asked for Amazon Card
First name: Mary
Last name: Hill
Age: 45
Location: Accra Ghana
On websites: Hangputs
Report: She says that she has a daughter named Christina aged 8. That her father died and mother died. Father was a diamond and gold broker. That she needs money to pay her lawyer to complete the paperwork. Lawyers name is Williams (first name). He sent me an email. I actually used Google maps and found his address doesn't exist. I Googled lawyers in Accra Ghana, they list many, but he's not listed. She's a very attractive woman, to me, appears Hispanic.
First name: Alicia
Last name: Burnage
Age: 29
Location: Wellington ,NZ
On websites:
Report: She says that our credit card details are for a security clearance check to make sure that I wasn't a sex offender or murderer or.something like that and I couldn't believe any of it yeah the photos are hot and the promise of oral sex is rather enticing. My mates wife works at BNZ so I rang her first before making advancements then I ran her photo in onion browser and bang she has my name and she's always using the promise of sex to get the card details and name so far that's all I know
First name: Sandra
Last name: Abban
Age: 47
Location: ghana
Phone: 233-540-458844
On websites: dawnsplace
Report: conned me out of thousands.....said she was planning on moving to america...the whole 9 yards needed passport,phone, plane fare, taxi fare,, shipping luggage costs ,shipping gold costs. widowed by a gold miner husband. all the photos came from a porn site which I discovered too late