First name: keisha james
Last name: james
Aka: elizabeth opare
Age: 30
Email: keisha_james04@yahoo.,
Report: i sent in a report earleier found her thanks guys i guess im not falling in love L F O L
First name: keisha
Last name: james
Age: she said 30
Address: po box 73 agona-swedru ghana west africa
Email: keisha_james04@yahoo |
On websites: mate 1
Report: this chick contacted me
First name: Linda
Last name: Zinga
Location: Senegal,Dakkar
First name: Comfort
Last name: Addo
Aka: AL 6 Alajo-Accra
Age: 34 or 35, I`m not sure since she operate with seve
Location: Ghana/ Alajo-Accra
Address: AL 6
Phone: 233246257230
On websites:
Report: she have asked and get money for; passport/medical report and visa/plane-ticket/phone/hospital-visit/credits for her phone/i-net-bills alltogether about 3300USD. When she was going for her first ticket to Norway she told me she needed 5000USD for BAT, but since I`ve checked it and knew this did`nt exist, I told her, and her next try, she told she was caught with the customs at the airport with 1,6 kilo gold in her suit-case, and the
First name: deborah
Last name: alvarez
Age: 28
Location: nigeria-lagos
Phone: 002347063290732
First name: janet
Last name: dickson
Age: 33
Location: nigeria
Report: asking for money ,and bank details
First name: Debra
Last name: Collins
Age: 28
Location: Nigeria and Dubai
On websites: Facebook
Report: She starts by saying she is in Nigeria to gain her father's inheritance but needs money with court costs. This will prove you love her as she is already sure that she is in love with you. Then she moves to Dubai because you didn't help her and she needs to make money. Says she's a US citizen who was born in Limburg, the Netherlands.
First name: mole
Last name: carole
Aka: mesas
Age: 25
Location: lagos
Report: she was on the site called she came to me like a lil princess she played with my heart and i stupidly sent her $100,000 in total which was from the stocks i make because i work in a stock firm which pays me alot am comfortable but most of this ladies use that as an advantage if you wanna know more mail me on i love this site for making americans like me aware of this kind of shit
First name: marina
Last name: suknaskusa
Age: 27
Location: russia
Address: Russia, 428008
Report: she was mailed as like his poority shows & need money want to come my country .
First name: Jane
Last name: Powell
Age: 28
Location: UK, Australia, Torrance, CA
Report: This user asked me to