First name: Alice Morgan
Last name: Alexa
Age: 27
Location: North Carolina.Pennsylvania,Liberia (Ligeria ?)
Phone: 443 620 4184
Email: I don't know of any
On websites: Google Hangouts
Report: Person has asked for Amazon card and wants to deposit money in my bank account. She states her Western Union account is inaccessable to her.
First name: Kim
Age: 23
Location: Los Angeles California usa
Email: I don?t have
On websites:
Report: She?s a professional thief and scammer She texting you as relationship and when she get your address And stolen your wallet she?s a pretty girl 23 yrs old living in Los angels California
First name: oksana
Last name: Chashkina
Age: 45
Location: sydney Austrlia
On websites: facebook , instgram , tinder ,vk
Report: pretend she is Jewelry designer,and got all her money stolen by her ex husband and going after rich men for their helps and supports.
First name: Elena
Last name: Postanogova
Age: 35
Location: Samara Russia
On websites: Russian Cupid
Report: I met Elena on Russian Cupid, I initiated contact, Her profile was verified and she was a gold member on the site. we had a correspondence for about a week on the site before she started writing my Email. we talked for about 6 weeks over email, first about every 3 days then almost every day. we had a brief Skype conversation stating she wanted to see me. She needed help with visa fees so I payed $280 over moneygram to help her out. She then tried to get a loan for the flight tickets but came up short and needed help I sent $700 over moneygram to her. Days before her first scheduled arrival she cancelled stating she needed money on hand to get through customs in my country. I sent it to her, $600 over moneygram. She booked her flight again, but cancelled. this time she was unable to leave to due past unpaid debt. She did not ask for help this time and took care of it herself. Booked a flight for the third time, this time she never contacted me to cancel. I waited for 4 hours at the airport before giving up. Got an email from her stating her father had passed away. A week later I got a response from her friend saying she had fallen ill from all the stress and she was in the hospital. her friend was given her information to keep me informed. The next time I sent an Email to her the account was deleted and I have been removed from her Skype contacts.
First name: Olga
Age: 33
Location: Kiev Ukraine
On websites: Dream Marriage, Dream Singles, Vavabrides
Report: This is the typical woman that lies deceives and misleads you into thinking you are the man of her dreams she is good very detailed in her letters her motives are to keep you spending money communicating wulith her.
First name: Jennifer
Last name: Awa
Aka: Marlove, Sheila Edward, Gianna Gray, Svetlana, Nina, Anastasiya, Tatyana, Anais, Natalia, Ekaterina, Ira, Olivia, Alexis Mabel, Lina Albert, Brenda, Kelli Smith, Strella Kat
Age: unknown
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Ajaccio, France; New York, NY, USA; Senegal; Krasnowishersk, Russia; Saransk, Russia; Lugansk, Ukraine; London, United Kingdom; Ohio, USA; Indiana, USA
Phone: 9858868666, 22176601582, 002217669152, 4846904603, 6234289084
First name: Vickie faustina
Last name: Yeboah
Age: 24
Location: Trenton nj
Phone: 8622174018
On websites: Pof
Report: Vickie faustina yeboah came to me on pof wanted to get married and have my child immediately. Sent me pictures, said she lives in Trenton New jerseysaid she was a verging 24 years old. After a week and a ha of said she was going to Hong Kong for a business trip, the next day she said her atm was having problems , and could I send her $30
First name: Irina
Last name: Korolyova
Age: 30
Location: Severodonetsk (Ukraine)
Address: Ukraine, Severodonyetsk, Energetikov street 30a/4.
On websites: russian cupid
Report: This girl is really good at scamming. You are not smarter than she is. A real pro. These are her real photos on this site and I have video to back up the photos you see here. Plus dozens of more photos.
First name: Sabina
Last name: June
Age: 31
Location: Ghana and Houston Tx
Address: 592 Limewood Apt D
Report: She uses pictures of Briana Lee will ask for money within a few days, sends pictures all the time, will say she loves you, in reality she is a heavy set black girl and not pretty.
First name: Laura
Last name: Morgan
Aka: Valeria, Valeriia, Alina Chuchalina, Tatyana Derbeneva, Violetta, Anastasia, Oksana, Evgeniya, Yuliya, Ekaterina, Aleksandra, Lyudmila, Olga, Irina, Tatyiana, Natalie, Natalya, Joan, Karen Brad, Karen Bradley, Linda Morgan, Kaci Latham, Alexis Mabel, Mercy Alexis Richard, Alexis Thomas, Marcela, Sarah Scott, Linda, Anna Vera, Carla Podbielski, James Helen, Damali Christoffer, Vida Quansah, Robin Smithson, Anne Brooklyn, Catherine Pat, Jessica Martel, Sharon Edward, Erin Cooper, Kim Nancy, Kendra, Aurelie Garnier, Linda Clack
Age: unknown
Location: Ivanovo, Russia; Lagos, Nigeria; New York, NY, USA; Philippines; South Carolina, USA; Casablanca, Morocco
Phone: 14846904603, 2485167544, 6469307013, 7036727874, 7016604304, 5628024513