First name: Irinka
Age: 29
Location: dnepropetrovsk ukraine
Report: Changed from Irina to Irinka during letters 4x of Same photo as Tatyana 25 yrs old
First name: Viktoriya
Last name: Zhdanova
Aka: Kseniya Shaverdina
Age: 30
Location: Russia Tomsk
Address: Istochnaya street 5 appartment 13 Tomsk 634050 Russia
On websites:
Report: This gir has told me she wanted to come here to study and be in a relationship Hi William, such a pity there is no message from you. You have received my last letter? In that letter I wrote more about me to you and said that my nick name is Munya. May be my letter has got in yours spam folder? Look there! I only want to tell you that I think of you and wait for your reply. Please, write me as soon as possible. I am waiting for your reply impatiently. I have some time and I decided to tell you more about myself. I really like you and I would like to know you well. And I want you to understand me better too, to know how I live, what I do in my spare time. Well, I like cooking very much. This is one of the things that make me relax and forget about all the bad things that happen during the day. Salads, different soups, pasta, souses, cakes and pies– it is just a short list of what I cook. I like very much to try new things. It is always nice to go to a good restaurant or to a nice pizza place, cafe. I do it seldom, usually it happens when we celebrate someone’s birthday. I very like sushi. I like trying new cuisine and trying to guess what are the ingredients. What’s favorite dish? I like pool? do you like pool? I like Bowling? do you like Bowling? What’s is your favorite colour ? Mine is red and black. I like animals a lot. Also I like watching programmes on TV about animals. I do love cats and dogs. Also I have a dream to make a horse ride. I think it is very exciting. I have no pets. But my best friend Vika has a dog and a cat. We often walk with them along the street. Watching movies is one of my adorable things to do, especially at the weekend. It is always so nice to rent some movie, to cook something tasty or something sweet, to invite someone of my friends and enjoy the time together. It is especially nice doing it in the cold winter evening with a warm blanket and a cup of hot tea or coffee. What’s favorite movie? Any favorite actress and actor? I like Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron very much. I think she gorgeous. And I always try not to miss a new movie with them. Also I like studying languages. I try to improve my English and also I would like to learn French some day. I have a phrase book and trying to learn something though sometimes it is rather hard. I always try to find time to read something. The last book I’ve read was “Loneliness in the internet” by Vishnevskiy. I liked it very much though it is sad but it shows the true life of people. I also like to read classical things by Tolstoy, Bernard Show, Dostoevskiy and others. I regularly go into aerobics. And I also I go twice a week to the swimming-pool. It helps me to stay in a good shape and to be healthy. I try to lead a healthy life style, don’t have any bad habbits. Music helps me to be a in good spirit. I like ballads very much though sometimes I can listen to a fast music. I like Lara Fabian very much and Darren Hayes. I like to have long walks in parks. I like to drive on a bicycle. I have no it, but often take for rent bicycle. What about you? What are your prefers? Tell me, please, more about you and your interests. I have one question for you. Do you know any colleges and universities close to your place? I could check them in advance and enter then when I go to your country. I wish to arrive to your country. I wish to receive the visa next month. I have already started to collect documents necessary for a trip. I wish to study and live near with you, that we could meet. I wish to study as the medical worker or the bookkeeper. I like both trades. But I can choose and any other branch of formation. Well, I have to close here. But will be waiting very much for your reply. Viktoriya. I have photos and a new passport of here donot know how to attach them to this William Abela Australia
First name: Qauye
Last name: Emmanuel
Aka: Anita Adams
Age: 32
Location: Accra, Ghana
On websites:
Report: We started chatting on Yahoo I/M told me she was in Austrailia with sick uncle, was returnig to Ghana when he's well. Exchanged photos via email, I checked IP of came back to Ghana, asked why it lied, didnt understand what I was talking about. Never asked for money, I didnt give it a chance to....!
First name:
Age: 28
Location: luhansk-ukrain
First name: Maria Salvacion
Last name: Brual
Aka: Mavic
Age: 34
Location: Philippines, Calamba
Address: 66 Bandola Subdivision, Barangay 5, 4027 Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines
Phone: 0063-9198494815 (mobile) 0063-498347864 (landline)
Email: or member ID @ FFF Salvacion_1974
On websites: Filipino Friend Finder
Report: At first she scams You what You have? You have savings, she stays amazingly sweet and nice. She plays it very well, but eventually You will sent money because she made You believe You are her true love. She tells she is ill, she do not need money and has a plio leg (true) and nobody likes her in her country and heard about the nice men from Europe. So, she will tell she is not a scammer and hate those peoples, mmm, and tells also about her upcomming birthday and that it would be a nice idea to have a package full of surprises. Of course I'm the faithful guy who likes to believe her. But after sending some money for let's say one year internet connection or a headset, eventually the package arrives, she looses interest in You and will end the relationship. Me as an computer extpert she even told me she did not know nothing about computers and so on, I still found it amazing that after sending the package, suddenly she was also hidden in every way, hidden in Yahoo, hidden in LogMeIn. suddenly there was no Mavic but suddenly there was an active Salvacion_1974 on FFF I still do not know if she played stupid but my heart says she knew eaxactly what she was looking for. Money and any materialistic matter. Of course all the money I send is purpossed for other things she asked it in the first place or what we agreed for together. And of course lots of empty promisses. So you will not know if she is lying or not. But now after ending her second, but maybe even her third or forth ralationship she is already active again on FFF (Filipino Friend Finder) I guess her family is part of it because, I do not take no for an answer that easy, I probably will sue her by law and put her in jail if possible. I'm that determend. I was or at least she made me believe I became part of her family, now after 2 weeks ending after 5 months relationship, with 5hours a day contact, suddenly nobody knows who I am, if I call by phone, internet or elsewere. I know I did not loose that much money, 1000 euro, but I believe any money loosing on untruth's is too much. My 1000 euro is for me one month salary too much. And for the philippines it is almost one year salary. A scammer stays a scammer no matter how high the stakes will be. It's the mental abuse they give their beloved ones and use it for their own selfish bennifit.
First name: Anna
Last name: Nesterova
Aka: Junirovna
Age: 29
Location: Russia, Saransk
On websites:
Report: This is a typical scam. After 2 weeks she was madly in love with me. I suggested I visit her. She insisted on visiting me. She insisted that she had way to obtain a USA Visa. There is NO, I repeat NO way a single Russian woman with no money in the bank and owns NO property, can obtain a USA Visa. Here is her letter requesting money: Hello my pleasure Greg! How your affairs? How your mood? To me It is very pleasant to receive again from you the letter. I wish to tell to you thanks That you to me the help. I will be very glad that at you very soon. Yes I Has learnt that I can make in bank. I have opened a card that you could To remit money. I think that you will not worry now. As in Bank have told that it is the best a card to remit money. I want To you write the account on which you you can to send money. Here mine Account 6774470017094018 Anna Nesterova. It will be valid safely If you to send money for my account. Greg is final we very much Soon we will meet. I have asked when I can leave. I to submit all The statement on documents and in 3 days documents will be ready. Now It will be necessary for me to pay documents which to do the tomorrow's Day. I will speak to you about all that to me have made. That you knew When I to come. I spoke with the chief and it releases me And to speak to me that I was very happy. I thanks have told and Tomorrow to run to take away all documents. Because to me It will be necessary to get a job at you. I very much wish to be Near to you. I very much wish that our meeting was very soon. I love you Greg! I to finish the letter as it is necessary for me To run for works. When you to send me money I at once to go that To pay all documents. Then I will write to you as all to make. I will write To you tonight. I adore you Greg!!! Your unique Anna!!! more banking details: Hello my love Greg! I once again went to bank and have learnt more in detail as you can remit money for my account. I wish to give you the data. The bank of the addressee of Open Society AKB the ACTIVE BANK, BIK BANK of the addressee 048952752, barks/abacus of bank of the addressee 30101810500000000752, INN/KPP 1326024785/132601001, And is my CURRENT BANK ACCOUNT THAT YOU COULD remit MONEY FOR my CARD ? 40817840800001512870. I HAVE WRITTEN NOW ALL CORRECTLY AND YOU CAN NOT WORRY. I LOVE YOU GREG!!! YOUR UNIQUE ANNA!!! I have learned to not get upset, after a short period of time, it is easy to spot them. I told her my bank refused to send money without her confirmed id / passport. Of course, she said she has no way to send passport copy. She then suggested, Western Union. I agreed and sent her bad Western Union number and info. On receipt of this, there was NO thank you note. Only note upset that WU didn't work. I again sent info with one number changed. She / They again go to WU office for NOTHING! I love fucking with these bastards!
First name: ILONA
Last name: KOROBOVA
Age: 32?
Address: MIRA ST. 21, 17
First name: britney
Last name: gregg
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Report: please remove this person from your list unless you have other info that I dont know about,, she may actually be legit
First name: Jennifer
Last name: Chapman
Age: 30
Location: Oslo, Norway
Phone: 447551287212
On websites: Lonely Cheating Wives
Report: She claims the following: 1. Mom is in a London hospital with an early case of basal (skin) cancer. 2. She lives with her mom in Oslo, Norway, but had a father from PA and claimed on her profile that she lived in Johnstown, PA. I've subsequently contacted the website owners and had her profile removed. 3. Many of the warning signs posted on your site she often exhibited (e.g. personal questions, structured emails, and etc) 4. She was interested in coming to visit me, however, she never asked for money, but then I did some research before the relationship got to that juncture. 5. She called me twice and her voice and picture did not seem to match.
First name: Portia
Last name: Dompreh
Aka: Portia 1 scammer
Age: 18
Location: Accra Ghana
Phone: 0244814261
On websites:
Report: hey beware top scammer in Ghana she wanted to scam me 2000$ first time i met her,.. for home connection..