First name: Lizbeth
Last name: Alvarez
Age: 31
Location: cebu,manila and mindanao
First name: Izabella
Last name: Kalugina
Age: 31
Location: Kazan (Russia)
On websites:
Report: Usual scam scenario Hello my dear xxxxx! )) At last I have now a free time and I with the great pleasure write you this letter!!! Before, I would like to inform at once you, that I am very glad to ours with you to acquaintance and, I hope, that it, our acquaintance and dialogue, will make a start first of all from ours with you of decency, honesty and respect to each other. Yes, xxx?!? I hope, you agree with me in it?!? Also I hope, that at us with you all will develop safely... Now, I would like to inform you a little on me. That you had some idea with whom you have dialogue: My name - Izabella Kalugina. To me 31 year. Date of my birth - 17.01.1978. My sign on the zodiac - Capricorn. I have grown and I live in city Kazan, in the Russian federation. I work in the financial industry, as Seller-adviser. My growth - 175 centimetres. My weight - 66 kgs. Colour of my hair - black. Colour of my eyes - brown. I never was married and I have no children. I have the brother not no sister. I was in a family the only thing and, the most favourite child . My parents are dead. My mum has died 5 years ago. The daddy 2,5 years ago. Now, I one... Here, on the Internet, I have appeared only with one purpose! I wish to find the worthy man with whom I could construct the happy family future. I wish to live in happiness instead of hoping for her. You understand me in it, xxxx?! I do not wish to be one all life. My age will not give me additional time that I have had time to make all! Therefore, I would like to inform at once to you, that I am not interested long time to communicate under letters. I hope, you also?!. Unfortunately, we should admit that fact, that with
First name: Natalya
Age: 25
Location: Osinniki, Russis
Address: Glinki Street 4, flat 2 652803
Report: So called Natalya, sent a letter, as all the other ladies do, trying to get you to be a friend where she can come abroad and work for three months. I looked up her city and found one of the same pics she sent to me on this site. She was listed on this site as Anastasia.
First name: mariam
Last name: sulley
Age: i thank about 30 years old
Location: ghana,accra
Address: several
Phone: 233243442434
On websites: several
Report: she started by telling me that she liked me and she would like to see me but she had no money and her mom was working but didn't make much money to pay the bills so i asked her if she could call me so i could here her voice or see her on webcam see said her webcam didn't work most of the time so she asked me to and her moms phone was disconnected because she couldn't pay the bill so she asked if i would send her some money so she could pay for some units 500 so she could go to the local phone booth to call and talk to me so i did i sent $100 dollars for 500units and she called me but there was somuch static we couldn't talk so i asked her if she had pictures she said yes she sent me a few pictures she is beautiful girl i fell in love you would to,anyway we talked some more for about 1 month went by she was talking about how much she loved me want to spend the rest of her life with me and wanted to come to be with me well she asked for me to send more money for passport so i did $500 dollars and then a planeticket $1900 dollars so i did this girl is good, she sent me more and more pictures naked ones too so 1 more month went by and we talked everyday for about 3hours at a time sometimes more now she say's she can't leave until we have this custumary traditional marriage i said what oh know here we go again with more money i just no it so she said that her grandfather will take my place sense i couldn't make it that he would help with some of the money too so i asked how much she said 3,800 i said no way so i sent 2500 dollars her grandfather would help with the rest now i was in deep so then about three weeks went by were talking every thing is just about to be finished when she called me on the phone and i asked her when she was coming and she said that she hasn't been talking to me in about 3weeks she said that her freinds got jelous of her be with me that they stole her ID that it wasn't her that was talking to me she didn't no about the marriage or that she didnt get the 2500 that i sent she said it was her friend's that scammed me it wasn't her so i told her to go to the police and tell them what had happened so she said she would well i asked to see the report and she said she didnt have it that she would get it wellso we talked and i asked if she had gotten the plane ticket yet and she said,op( HERE WE GO AGAIN) i need 5000 dollars to travel with i said what the_________well ok but i can't come up with that kind of money she said why i said because your friends scammed me all ready get it from them well that didn't work so she said that her uncle would help so i sent 1500dollars and he would help with the rest well he couldn't get the money ya right i no im stupid what can i say !@#$%!@#$%!@#$%@#$%!@#$er please help me stop this girl please!!!!!!!!!!!
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Starigiana
Aka: Raisa Staruguna
Age: 28
Location: Zaporozhye
On websites: Adult Friend Finder
Report: Definite scammer, but a smart and persuasive one.
First name: Thelma
Last name: Barnes
Aka: Pam Anderson
Age: 33
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: 3rd kanda street av4 jnt 15 Accra Ghana 00233
Report: She says that she is not a scammer.The money she needs is for a tourist visa or hib visa.Both were sent to me by the travel agency. She still is chatting with me. She says that Pam Anderson was put on by her exboy friend that was mad about their brake up.This person is still chatting with me and calling me.She has not ask for any thing since Pam was brought up.
First name: Alexandra
Age: 27
Location: Kazan (Russia)
On websites:
Report: Yoshka-Ola scam organization... Hello xxxx!!! I am very pleased to read your letter. I waited your letter. I would be very pleased to get acquainted with you. I will always respond to all your messages to all your questions. I am very interested to know you better. I have never met a foreigner. My friend advised to get acquainted on the Internet. I registered. And I found you. Are you interested in me. I think that for us to start with you must be very good to know one another. Do you agree with me xxxxx? I want to tell you about myself. I think that you will be very interesting. My name is Aleksandra I 27 years old. My birthday 20.02.1982 My growth makes 174 sm, my weight 54 kg. I am engaged in sports that I had a beautiful body. For me it is very important, I want to be beautiful, that in the future, my husband admired my beauty, and that he envied his friends. I live in Russia is a very big country, my city is called the Kazan, this is a very beautiful city. I live with my mother in an apartment. My father divorced my mother. And he left, I do not even know where he is now. We are with my mother very happy together. I am the only daughter. I do not have any brothers or sisters. Still, I have a grandmother. I love her. We are with my mom every weekend going to my grandmother. I so want to tell a lot about yourself. You have been interesting to read my letter? I am in the next letter I will tell more about themselves. I am also very interested to learn about you. In which city do you live? what sport are you doing? Tell me about your family. Do you live alone or with parents? I will be very interesting to know you better. I hope that you answer all my questions and also write more about yourself. Also, I send you my picture, I think you will be pleased to receive my photos in each letter. I ask you to also send me your photo? I now finish my letter. I wish you a wonderful mood. I would hope that we with you xxxx will continue our acquaintance. I'm going to wait for your next letter. Aleksandra... Received: from (HELO []) (aleksandralove@[]) From: Aleksandra X-Mailer: The Bat! (v4.0.24) Professional Network Operation Center CJSC ER-Telecom Company Mari El branch address: 12, Lenina st., 424000, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
First name: Marina
Last name: Kononenko
Age: 38
Location: Lugansk, Ukraine
Address: 5/37, Kv Luganskiy, Lugansk 91029
Phone: 38 068 692 7310
On websites: Translation Agency name unknown, but posts on
Report: ATTENTION EVERYONE!! Last summer I filed a report on Marina Kononenko, which has since been determined to be a terrible mistake! Marina's good name and her family have been dishonored due to the letter I wrote, which was based on false information that was provided to me implicating her in a scam. I subsequently discovered that the Translation Agency, which she had used at one time in the past, was fraudulently using her photos and detailed personal information to create several different scam personalities - totally without her knowledge. The words I wrote previously about Marina were written in a state of extreme anger because I thought I had been betrayed and scammed. Unfortunately, it was not Marina, but the Translation Agency which was the criminal in this situation. Marina is not anything like the mean words which I used in my letter last summer. Marina is not a scam artist. She is a wonderful, sweet, and caring person who does not deserve to have her name in this forum or any other place of dishonor. She is a victim of a scamming translation agency, just as I have been a victim of this same agency. This follow-up report can in no way erase the harm and pain that has been inflicted on Marina. I am sorry a million times over for my initial report which has cast shame on Marina and her family. This translation agency has not only ruined my life, but was a primary force in ruining the reputation and life of Marina Kononenko and her family. It is terrible how simple words can inflict so much pain and sorrow. I hope this report can in some small way remove or lessen this pain, since the initial report that I submitted cannot be erased from the internet. Please, EVERYONE, return Marina's dignity and honor, which she did not and does not deserve to have anyone question. Signed Ty
First name: anna
Last name: vilasinila
Age: 29
Location: sint petersburg
Report: Hey U all still have not forgotten me? I am sorry for that that long did not answer on U, The first that I wish to tell that I search for the soul mate, Who knows possibly that that more than the friend, I do not trust in destiny but I wish to tell that ourselves we build our destiny, only our present destiny depends on us! Possibly I am mistaken but it only my opinion I single my age of 28 years I have what children, but already I reflect on that to get, With this small letter I shall send you a photo, I hope that you will tell to me that you think of my appearance, I hope that in the following letter you will write to me more about yourself and the work, write to me about that place where do you live, Write to me all that that you consider it necessary, I also shall be glad if you will send me more than photos, On it I say goodbye and I look forward to hearing from you Anna
First name: sandra
Last name: brown
Age: 29
Location: , Lagos state, Nigeria
Address: Ijesha Road University lane Mainland 23401
Phone: 0112347065163351, 0112348024665484, 0112347038229411
Report: She contacted me though a dating web site started asking for money for food and this so i help herthen ask for more and more until i said enough