First name: Sarah
Last name: Adikumah
Age: 37
Location: Acora ghana
On websites:
Report: Claims to be from Sweden raised in Ghana. Mom is ill. Wants you to help her. Needs help to come to you. Has answer for all questions. Uses photos of other woman and claims to be them. She will eventually ask for more money. She then will propose marriage and offer sexual videos. She is easily identified because she doesn?t look like the photos. She has a tattoo on her right wrist. Beware of the lies of honesty and caring. She is a deft con artist.
First name: Brandy
Last name: Thompson
Aka: Hoogendoorn
Age: 39
Location: USA Ga Atlanta Commerce
Phone: 7063722153
Report: Claims love very quickly; wants to be obedient, loving, caring, and spend life together. But falls in need when coming to see you. Possible overseas trip with needing funds cashed. Pictures stolen from Brandy Thompson Commerce Ga facebook.
First name: mercy
Last name: boakye
Age: 30
Location: Gillingham, Kent , England
On websites: oasis
Report: liked me on the oasis date site asked to use skype she did use cam and it was live not a video, to prove trust she wanted an ipad and MacBook I refused and she said we could meet would I send her a ?200 Debenhams gift card so she could look her best on the meeting, even sent a link to the site see her pictures she has no need to by a dress and shoes
First name: fayiza
Last name: hadi
Age: 32
Location: accra ghana
Report: this person a known scammer
First name: Olga
Last name: Orekhova. Vienminovna
Age: 30
Location: Fedorovskiiy Russia
On websites:
Report: She goes by the name Olga and she lived in federal ski Russia she needed money to get a passport and a visa in a ticket after giving her all this money she then could not fly out she needed 2830 more dollars in order to make documents because she was not from Moscow of which she decided that?s where she would fly out of . she was sent almost $10,000 and then at the end she said she was living in the streets on Moscow because she needed another $3000 because the Russian government was now making women have at least $3000 show and they could get back that?s when I stopped sending her money . I realized earlier that she was a scammer but she has done this many times before in one occasion she called me James which makes me think that she?s scam the guy by the name of James before . When she figured out I wasn?t sending her any more money. She began to fight in every letter that I wrote until all she did was say negative things about Americans and how they were flying and I realize that she was nothing more than a scammer
First name: Cathy
Last name: Mairy
Aka: Jong Elsie
Age: 32
Location: Ghana
Phone: +233277324561
On websites: craigslist
Report: tried to get me to sign up to snapchat, then got me on skype. Claimed that she was trying to get camera set up and just stay on the line. Sent fake photos. Got me on skype but claimed microphone is not working
First name: Evgeniia
Age: 32
Location: Russia, Kazan
Report: Hello Bo, I am writing to you for the first time. I never wrote letters to people outside of my state. I tried to get acquainted on the dating site, but all the people with whom I met, looking for sex for one night or asked for a naked photo. Therefore, I applied to the marriage agency of my city, filled out a questionnaire and I was given the profiles of 3 men, of whom I chose you. I do not know why I chose you, my heart probably told me. I hope I was not mistaken. (smile). Now I can write to you every day. And I will be very glad to know you and take a closer look. I hope you will write me an answer, because I really would be very glad. I just want to tell you that my name Evgeniia, But my parents and friends call Jenya, because it's so convenient. I want to tell you that I am not kidding you, and I'm real. I'm a real girl and really looking for a serious relationship. I hope that you understand me, so I'll wait for the next day to see an answer from you, and photos. I want to say, that I am cheerful girl. Usually I dont hesitate by dialogue with people, but now I am excited. My heart is beaten more rapidly! First of all, I worry that you will have a problem in understanding of my English language. I studied the English language at school, and then at university. Probably my English, differs from yours colloquial one. Can you understand what I speak ? If something will be not clear for you, do not hesitate to ask about it. I do not want, that there will be the essential barrier of language between us. I live 800 kilometers east of Moscow. My town is called Kazan. My city is very beautiful and my city is more than 1000 years old. If you want to see my city, you can see it on the Internet in Wikipedia. It's very well written about my city. I hope, that it will not be a problem for our communication. I want to tell to you, that I dont like the Russian men and there is for a reason for it if for you it is interesting, I can tell to you in the following letter. I have solved to look for the love outside Russia, Because I want my standard of living to improve. Now it's hard to live in Russia and we have many problems with men, it's very difficult to find a good man. So I decided to try my luck in your country. Also I hope that we will be better to learn each other. I shall send the photo to you today. I'm not a fashion model, but I look after myself to look nice. Bo, Now, probably I should tell you about myself. I am 32 old year, my Birthday is on December, 20, 1985. I am 168 cm, my weight is 61 kg, You better judge my appearance on my photo. I care about my appearance very much, I attend courses of aerobics and fitness, it helps me to keep my body and elegance top-level. It is very important for me because I am a girl and I must be beautiful. I think to you it will be interesting to learn about my work.I work for a shop assistant in a motor show Volkswagen. I sell to people car. I have the higher Formation on a speciality
First name: Jessy
Last name: Bills
Age: 26
Location: Wichita Texas, Houston Texas
Address: Unknown
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: She says she is 24 years old and a student, but when you ask her again she's 26 and working with a water bottle distribution company. She say that both of her parents are dead and she's a orphan and grew up on the streets.
First name: Keum
Last name: Roeun
Age: 35
Location: Cambodia ,Phnom Penh
On websites: christan philippin
Report: want money for passport and visa,and phone to talk better sent money for phone could not get a picture that I ask for Like where she live or room, or street could never take one as we talk never could see on cam even though phone could do that...excuse after excuse. then she show a card that she love me haha
First name: sofya
Last name: Krivoshlykova
Age: 31
Location: Nefteyugansk
On websites: N/A
Report: PLEASE NOTE THAT FUNDS MAY BE USED FOR POSSIBLE TERRORISM ACTIVITIES US RUSSIAN EMBASSY HAS BEEN SENT THIS INFORMATION . PS, FUNDS WERE NOT SENT TO SO CALLED ''SOFYA'' IS NOW BEING INVESTIGATED EMERGENCY BY RUSSIAN EMBASSY IN USA 1-202-298-5700. IF YOU RECEIVE A E-MAIL FROM SOFYA TERRORIST SYMPATHISER PLEASE CONTACT US RUSSIAN EMBASSY below CAREFULY, Hi Phil!!! I write you from Moscow! I rented a room in an apartment. The owner of apartment is a very nice woman. I will write you the address where I stay: Myachkovski boulevard, 6 korpus 1, Moscow, Russia, 109341. Phil, today I visited the embassy and the airport. In the embassy I have filled out all the papers necessary for getting a visa. I like that in the visa center there are a lot of very nice people working and I even saw the council, he went by in a corridor and seemed very nice but very serious person. I got help absolutely with everything. I have handed in all the necessary documents and also made photos for my visa. Now I am waiting for my visa to be given to me. I have met a girl and asked her how much time it takes to get a visa. She said that now they make it very quickly, as there are a large quantity of people applying and the embassy is working very quickly. In the embassy they told me that I shall have 2 airplane tickets. Tickets are necessary for getting a visa. As I was explained,the employees of the embassy have to be sure in the exact dates of my arrival and departure from your country. I thought that I could get the tickets from the internet, but in the embassy they told me that now it is very strict rules about tickets and I have to possess original tickets with me so they can be approved by the embassy. It is one of the main conditions for obtaining a visa. I was very surprised with these rules but they said it is very important for me to get a visa quickly. I was also explained that there are a lot of people that are being dishonest with this, for example showing tickets from internet that are not valid or even do not exist. Because of these cases now the embassy made it more complicated to avoid such cases.