First name: Elvira
Last name: Zainutdinova
Age: 27
Location: Russia,
Report: She sent an email with kindly words and I replied. We sent photos and her photos became more and more sexual, showing her body, her boobs and her venus. I invited her to visit me and this invitation developed to a flight ticket to Germany. 1 hour before departure she requested money to come, to be sent by WU.
First name: Tatiana
Last name: Guliaeva
Aka: Tanya
Age: 30
Location: Russia, Volgograd
Phone: 7 909 436 2773
Report: Tanya ask for money for hotel, travel, airline ticket and money for expenses.
First name: Kate
Last name: Speech
Aka: Rose Whale
Age: 30
Location: Berlin Center, Ohio, USA
On websites: Google
Report: Deals with Kate Speech at Mingle 2 but has a mail address in the name of Rose Whale, She is using fotos of a Russian girl.
First name: Catherine
Last name: Marlon
Age: 32
Location: Illinois, USA
Report: Catherine Marlon at Mingle 2 is using fotos stolen from the net
First name: Charity
Last name: Badu
Age: 36
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233244068033
On websites: Hangouts, WhatsApp
Report: Has stolen $120,680 US dollars from James Matula who is living in Texas USA. Cutting dating criminals with a group of 6 skip to Germany
First name: Ekatarina
Last name: Lokteva
Aka: Ketty
Age: 42
Location: Russia, Neftegorsk, Also Ukraine, Odessa
Report: Fell in love fast, working as an administrator, making good money. Went to Moscow, and same as 6 other scammers, needed money when something went wrong with the ticket. Please send $1,250..! No way..!
First name: Olga
Last name: Pashkovetc
Age: 31
Location: Russia, Bolisoglebsk
Phone: 7 ((985) 0576975
Report: Got in love very fast and went to Moscow to come and visit me in the US. Same as 6 other scammers from Russia, something went wrong with the ticket in the end and she wanted me to send $1,100 to help her come.. No way..!
First name: Doris
Last name: Williams
Age: 34
Location: Ghana
On websites: Sdate,well hello,,meet me sexy,badoo
Report: She contact me for hangouts and starting chatting with me she told me looking for love and long term relationship we chatting for few months and she started to ask for money to pay her internet bills and after that she told me wants to meet me and she ask for helping to get back to the state I don?t helping her but she take a comercial plane and call me after that to asking for money cos she don?t have enough money to get to San Francisco
First name: Lovelyn
Last name: Ashley
Age: 32
Location: nigeria
Phone: 3183171990
On websites: zorphia
Report: I did this already WTF
First name: Lovelyn
Last name: Ashley
Age: 32
Location: nigeria or Ghana
Phone: 3183171990
On websites: zorphia
Report: she said she is from Oklahoma and she lived in California and she is the only child and her parents are dead and she went to Nigeria to get the moneies her dad left her from his buisnesses. after awhile she start to say she lost here passport and or ID then she wanted me to send money thru western union and or moneygram to a person Named Akeem Aremu she said he was from the church she attended.