First name: Wilma Ann
Last name: Smith
Aka: Laura Jones, Joanie McKwerty
Age: 32
Location: USA, TX, IL, NC
Phone: 309-863-5298
Report: Uses an uncle names Wroten in Tupelo, MS for Walmart wires. Says she can not get money because she has been scammed and banned.
First name: Amanda
Last name: Amoah
Aka: Nancy Amoah
Age: 42
Location: Ghana. Akim Oda
On websites: Match
Report: Posing under false pictures
First name: Michelle
Last name: Gouenam
Aka: Michelle Kamgain
Age: 31
Location: Cameroon, Douala
Phone: +23799504498
On websites: European Mingle
Report: She told fake stories about her children and herself being ill. She is asking for funds to aid with her hospital fees etc. Michelle pretended to show love and deep affection since the day one. She seems to be very used to in lying and talking people over. Michelle lied to me that she is a single mother whos fiance died years ago. I've found this to be a lie. There's proof that she is married to a man and actually living with him currently.
First name: Debbie
Last name: Michael
Aka: Judy Owen
Age: 30
Location: Queen Anne, Seattle WA
Phone: 447031993855
On websites: craigslist personals
Report: She calls herself Debbie Michael. She says she is 30 years old and resides in Queen Anne, Seattle WA. Hometown Perth, Australia. Says she graduated from Notre Dame with a major in Accounting. 5'7, 140lbs, with an athletic build. Dad is a native in Australia and Mom is staying in the UK. She claims a Hi-Tech pipeline explosion in Nigera,Africa, killed her father and she is going to visit her mother to meet with lawyers regarding a settlement that is being given to her. She requested that I remove my personal ad from the site just a few days after correspondence. She expressed feelings of love to me which I did NOT reciprocate. I was suspicious of her by the second email exchange but continued to correspond with her over the course of 10 days. She claims her mother has skin cancer. She became angry with me when I responded to her with a short message asking when she would be coming back. I googled her messages and everything she said was cut and pasted into messages to me. Her grammar was very poor. She sent pictures to me. She has gone by the alias Judy Owen and probably many others. I found the letters that matched our correspondence.
First name: Sandrine
Last name: Delafointe
Age: 35
Location: Paris,France
On websites: Trip Together, Google Hangouts, Skype.
Report: The person is good at chatting in a friendly manner. Tried to demand nude pics. I did not give any. In Skype chat the truth actually came out. Uses recorded videos played back through skype. Pretty cleverly disguised by when I waved the response was not at all a return wave so I figured.
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Baxter
Age: 32
Location: Russia (irkutsk)
On websites: Unknown
Report: I dont know who is she. She told me that i found your id in internet cafe.
First name: Ollie
Last name: Beasley
Age: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Email: Ollie<1014@AT&>
On websites: Unknown
Report: Bank fraud on december 20 ,2017 i recived a email about on line bank account from federal reserve bank in new york .i dont have any accounts in any state next thing i get was e mail from the person ollie beasly wanted me to pay her money i have no idea how much to pay her.
First name: Elena (Ele)
Last name: Shavirko
Age: 24
Location: Russia. Tomsk.
Address: Novocheremushkinskaya St. 51 April.94. 117418
On websites: I received email.
Report: She after emails daily states she is coming to my town but I have not gave her any information.i have several photos and a photo of her passport and flight booking she has asked me for $800 US.
First name: Marie
Last name: OGBONI
Age: 29
Location: BENIN et COTONOU
Phone: 229 97 12 96 00
On websites: Vivatreet
Report: Bonjour Je pense etre arnaque par une femme africaine depuis 2013 que j'avais perdu plus de 7000$ par le biais de son frere deja mort Samson Renaud Mahugnon et de ses complices, avec leurs informations et photos que vous pourrez m'aider a identifier la vraie tete d'une escroc ou pas Votre adresse mail pour recevoir les informations , adresses mail, entetes informatiques et photos J'espere que vous pourrez comprendre mon francais Moi homme de 50 ans , personne handicapee de surdite bilaterale profonde de naissance
First name: Deidra
Last name: Williams
Age: 31
Location: Jackson, MS; Johannesburg, South Africa
Phone: 323-483-5648
On websites: AFF, FF
Report: Met online, talked for many months, never met, asked for I-tune Cards, Worked as Nurse for Ashoka based in South Africa. Created multiple fake airline reservations for multiple locations, claimed that she brought 64K $ in Gold coins and was stopped at airport and seize items. Airline reported that she never had a ticket with them, Ashoka has no record of her as a employee or volunteer. Airport security shows she did try to enter airport but was turned around without a passport. Contacted US Embassy in Johannesburg and put them on notice. Once Embassy was contacted she stopped on communication.