Name: Gabriela Yavo
Age: 30
Name: Libby Greenhill
Age: 34
Name: Elena Kozlik
Age: 28
Name: Cassandra Schmidt
Age: 30
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 34
Name: Rivera Caitlin Sage
Age: 29
Name: Yana Koroleva
Age: 31
Name: Nathasa Correl
Age: 30
Name: Lina Unk
Age: 28
Name: Ekaterina Shabalina
Age: 25
Name: Justina Badio
Age: 32
Name: Rita Mensah
Age: 33
Name: Elena
Age: 28
Name: Svetlana Efremova
Age: 29
Name: Mehreen
Age: 29


First name: Oksana
Aka: alias Victoria Berezina
Age: 35
Location: Alekseevka
On websites: Czech Single Women dating site
Report: The lady put her profile on : wrote in her profile she is living in Frankfurt calling herself Oksana. Specify: Length 167 weight 51 kg birthday May 14- 1986 Living in Samara region Russia in a small town. Works as an accountant did a technical University. Got another photo which is not on your site already in the snow. She did not ask for money, but now I saw her on your site under another name and age , I stop this contact. She uses email address: , she writes in English.
First name: Natalia
Age: 30
Location: Netherlands and Groningen
Email: and
Report: Scammer's IP address, Country Netherlands, Region Groningen, and City Groningen. This scammer is using fake profiles and photos for catfishing. This is a scheme to get money by asking favors once the scammer trick you to get acquainted I advise staying away. Good day, my sun! Hey! I would be very pleased to meet you, I hope you are a nice kind man! My name is Natalya. I'm a lonely girl looking for And I also wanted to find my love. Are you also looking for a serious relationship? If you are interested in getting to know each other better, please contact me. I will answer your letter, tell you more about myself and send you my photos. I will be waiting for your reply! Natalia
First name: Lisa
Last name: Paulk
Aka: Lucy Woolf, Natalia, Polina, Katy, Alisa, Olesya, Kseniya, Caroline Andrew, Monica Gallegos, Elena Davis, Jisook Castro, Ruth Smith, Hanna Larry, Sandra Morris, Stacy Rivera, Janet Will, Angie Morgan, Bianca Vega, Sophia Willams, Mary Morgan, Monica Potter Harry, Diana, Many Lee, Nancy Lola Williams, Vanna Bardot, Vicky Stesy
Age: 35
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First name: Mavis
Last name: Owens
Aka: Zakaria Ayisha
Age: 33
Location: Vandailia IL
Phone: +233243505422
Report: A Mavis Owens is using Danielle Delaunay's photos, says she is in Vandalia IL, associated with a Zakaria Ayisha or Ayisha Zakaria in Ghana, scamming allot of people out of money sent to Ghana on Sendwave app. mobile number +233243505422 in Ghana. I have sent hundreds of dollars to this Zakaria Ayiash, that Mavis claims to be a close friend of. Thanks to and the real Danniell Delaunay's FTV .com forum site. I learned quickly what was going on. I learned my lesson quickly, now just trying to expose more
First name: Cathy
Last name: Hayride
Aka: Kenny Brooks, Roselyn Amira Saadi, Ekaterina, Olga, Anastasiya, Jessy Jack, Amaya James, Francine Diaz, Ariana, Janet Roseline, Nancy Lola Williams, Anna, Shantel Campbell, Amanda Janet, Tracey Williams, Sasha Bank, Kendra Sunderland, Kyla Katherine, Melanie Williams, Kim Nana, Emma Tory, Allison Jane, Sylvia Newson, Andretti Wyatt
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First name: Anita
Age: 23
Location: Russia
Report: Audit dateing Hi Good day, I am Anita, and I'm 23 years old. It's incredibly unexciting around me, I wish a macho to make me a compliment:( Can u look at my secret images, maybe I shall attract you with my tight bump, because on all of this pix I'm dressed up only in tiny bikini. I eagerly want to get in the secure men's fists, I want you to treat my *******, pet my wet kitty, grab me on da desk... Take a good look at my pics and contact in my dating profile, do not waste our time! We can easily spend it much more pleasing ;)
First name: Luciana
Last name: Young
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First name: Monica
Last name: Asabra
Age: 33
Report: Hi I have reported this person before receiving from Monica aka la.hernandez and other messages monicasabrai paste as follows :) Hi My! Is it a enchanting morning? May you are free to small talk:) Hello chic. My Sir Charming, hope everything cumbersome:) Where are U live? how old are you? I am beloved 33 yo person;-) soon Im waiting for hot not young male;-) I am going to send You my photo attach. Email to me at
First name: Becky
Last name: Tomas
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First name: Michelle
Last name: Frias
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Age: 27
Location: Lome, Togo; Lagos, Nigeria; New York, USA; Chicago, USA; Manchester, England; California, USA
Phone: 7625853386
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First name: Melissa
Last name: Roberts
Age: 33
Location: Hartwell, GA
On websites: Twitter
Report: Melissa followed me on Twitter and tried to get personal details from me
First name: Marry
Last name: Rodah
Aka: Pamela Smith, Natalia, Lyubov, Olga Ivanova, Irina, Beyonce Quist, Thomson Bella, Anthony Olivia, Didier Miles, Malina Bassett, Jen Trachtenberg, Tina Bella, Amelia Davis, Jean Mayra, Linda Jones, Jane Wood, Naomi Quayson, Rose Janette, Valentine Jacquot, Lilly Hermann, Jennifer Turner
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First name: Melissa
Last name: Gorman
Age: 38
Location: IOWA
On websites: Connecting singles
Report: A friend of mine was recently scammed for about 10,000 dollars, from this individual.He was too ashamed and embarrassed he got hustled, but he will be okay, because he has enough money, and she never knew that. He tried to reason with her, but she managed to put on the charm, and did her con thing. She also has a bank account with 3 million dollars in it.That account number will be posted soon, as all the information has been sent to the attorney general's office in Iowa.
First name: Susan
Last name: Cummings
Aka: Joyce Daniel, Tatyana, Ross Christian, Marsh Nguyen, Linda Tate, Marry, Morlan Noe, Mandy Rose, Faith Scott, Ellie, Riben Ginery, Alya, Norma Bell, Jasmine, Ruth Fox, Linda Howard, Alba Wilhelm, Juliet Taylor, Kelsea Ballerini, Nisa Khamkar, Kate Belle, Rose Collin
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First name: Tamina
Last name: Samara
Aka: Caroline Mandila
Age: 38
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Address: Embakasi
Phone: +254 732939534
On websites: Afro Introductions
Report: I have been commicating with this woman for 18 months before I went to visit her, during this time she never asked for anything at all. After I had visited her she started asking for money to help her make ends meet, not small amounts but 50K Kenyan Shillings, I never sent her anything, then she asked if I could help her with a project that she had to construct 6 houses for rental, when I said that I couldn't do anything this year and suggested that she delay the project for a year, she said that she didn't want to and started to put conditions on future visits etc. Fortunately I was able to see through her game before she took my money.
First name: Cheyene
Last name: Reeve
Age: 27
Location: Australia, Ipswich
Address: 57-63 Warwick Road, Ipswich Qld 4305
Phone: +63 997 744 3887
On websites: flirtymature
Report: On 16/12/2021 I received a message via email from a woman claiming to be from a dating site of which I was a member (unfortunately I didn't keep the email because she immediately asked if we could communicate via Whatsapp to which I agreed and thought no more about her email probably a counter -measure to tracing he and any associates but being new to the modern online dating scene I didn't of any of the possible pitfalls. Anyway we chatted for about and she spoke several times about meeting and she did say that she was an ****** and it would cost $100 to see her and the money was to be paid through her
First name: Grace
Last name: Annan
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First name: Silvie Elena
Last name: Huneau / Heinz
Age: 31
Location: Marseille
Phone: +33756818841
On websites: Instagram, Viber
Report: Esta persona aparece en Instagram como Silvie Heinz,trabaja de peluquera en Marsella y vive con su hija que a veces pasa el dia en casa del vecino,me envio alguna fotos que eran parecidas con la modelo Elena Hueanu y me pedia pagar el Wifi de su casa 105 Euros porque se le acababa el contrato del telefono, lo que no acepte,y le ensene que sus fotos eran como las de la modelo Elena Hueanu, entonces me dice que se llama Elena Silvie Hueanu y que necesita el dinero porque no le llega para pagar la cantina de la nina. This person appears on Instagram as Silvie Heinz, she works as a hairdresser in Marseille and lives with her daughter who sometimes spends the day at the neighbor's house, she sent me some photos that were similar to the model Elena Hueanu and asked me to pay for her Wi-Fi house 105 Euros because her phone contract was running out, which she did not accept, and I showed her that her photos were like those of the model Elena Hueanu, so she tells me that her name is Elena Silvie Hueanu and that she needs the money because it does not reach her to pay for the girl's canteen.
First name: Kim
Last name: Alden
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First name: Anastasiia Viacheslavovna
Last name: Nazarova
Aka: Anushka
Age: 37
Location: Russia Dzerzhinsk
Address: Russia, Dzerzhinsk, Revolution Street 15A, Apartment 7, postal code: 606024
Email: 1st email : then
Report: Another clever scammer who will promise you love, happiness etc etc providing that you help, her financially. be careful Gents she is new on the scene and very clever .she writes from the Czechoslovakia but says she lives in Russia !!!
First name: Tatiana
Age: 32
Location: Russia
Phone: 79027875672
Report: Said she loves me and wants to come to america. Asked my personal info and said shes coming to visit me
First name: sandra
Last name: Jorge
Age: 32
Location: Henderson NV.
Address: 1250yeomans rd. Ablene tx.
Phone: 5154281319
On websites: whatsapp Facebook
Report: contacted me by burning my phone up for a date needed gas money sent her $10 $15,on the way blew out tire the shop said she needed 2 tires sent her a$50and another $50 then she had lugs sent her another$20,shes on the way gets pulled over by police they harass her for $100 I tell her forget it,they shoot her tire out,she is still contacting to buy her another tire.
First name: Alisa
Last name: Alisa Artyushenko
Aka: Kristina Vartanian
Age: 19
Location: NIKOLAEV/Kiev
On websites: uadreams
Report: I talked with her on after a few months I asked her to contact me on VK because I have found her profile. The lady never answered, and during these moths she gave me the impression of liking me a lot, I even started to plan a trip to Ukraine. The website charged a few hundreds of dollars over 4 months
First name: Ashley
Last name: Belford
Aka: Yana, Anna, Monica Finch, Diana, Angelina, Willene Derico, Maria, Charla Solivan, Ekaterina, Micheala Scotty, Ivy Grace, Anya Heiley, Withney Dowel, Charlotte Boahema, Janett Larry Salma, Elizabeth, Aletta Kendra, Lana Rhoades, Charlotte Ardolf
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First name: Kim
Last name: Malden
Aka: Sherstiuk Anastassia, Sophia Lucas, Kressy John, Sarah Thomas, Polina, Anna, Natalya, Yana, Elena, Yelizaveta, Irene Durham, Vignette Doucet, Annabella Adams, Jane Lorson, Jill Stevens, Elizabeth, Sandra Ora, Gladys Sosa, Vida Nyaaba, Jessica Jonson, Linda James, Mari Gold, Erica Mendoza
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Email:,,,,,, matottedenk@gmailcom,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Irina
Last name: Gracheva
Age: 31
Location: Podkamennaya 9
Address: Irkutsk Oblast Rusland 666014
Phone: +7 906 703-22-63
Report: I have several times emails from this lady scammer,but today she ask again for 320euro or 360 dollar or 30.000 roebels. But in the past i had also problems with nigerian scammers and lost alot of money ,so this time i was warned! Today another letter where she ask for money! But now i stay strong and do nothing! In the first letter in Oktobre is say to her i never send money,but she don't want to read that!! All the data i type in Google and her adresse and phonenumber are the same on this site ,so now i know that this woman is a Russian Scammer,Thanks folks
First name: Angelina
Age: 30
Location: Russia
Report: This person started sending emails uninvited. Professes to be seeking love yet knows nothing about me or even which country I live in. Does not seem to actually read any of the emails I send. When challenged she did start reading but seemed to lose interest.
First name: ekaterina
Last name: golubeva
Aka: ekaterina ekaterina
Age: 39
Location: ozersk russia
Address: prospekt lenina 6 ozersk. Chelyabinskaya oblast
Phone: +7 917 585-38-75
Report: Sorry, my english is not so good,i prefer to write us in spanish,i?m sure you can translate my text. Thanks. Hola desde el mes de agosto 2021 mantengo una relacion por correo y alguna llamada, con la srta ekaterina golubeva. Nos escribimos cada dia, y con el tiempo parece que fructifica la relacion.Decidimos que viajaba a Barcelona, y que yo la ayudaria con el billete. Me envia copia del billete, copia de su pasaporte y copia de contrato y seguro de viaje. Viaja hasta moscu para recibir la visa en la Embajada de espana, y me llama para decir que necesita justificar que tiene una cantidad de dinero para viajar y me da su numero de cuenta para que le envie dinero. 2250 euros y me envia un documento notarial reconociendo la deuda y que me lo devolvera vuando viaje. Previsto el vuelo para el 12 octubre 2021. Mientas tanto, averiguo que aparece en algun blog con otros email y escribiendo las mismas cartas. Decido seguirle el juego, y efectivamente el 12 de Octubre me llama diciendo que la han retenido en el aeropuerto porque debe dinero de su hipoteca y no puede viajar. Sigue escribiendo y dando excusas, y la ultima carta la recibo el 29 de diciembre diciendo que le ha salido un trabajo en Machachkala y que o sabe si podra escribirme. Ya no tengo mas noticias. Alguien ha contactado recientemente con esta Ekaterina Ekaterina? Gracias, **** proporcionar mucha informacion
First name: Marinochka
Aka: Marinushka
Age: 30
Location: USA and Chicago
Report: Scammer's IP Address , Country USA, State Illinois, and City Chicago. The information is to expose the scammer's information. How are you doing! Hello! maybe shocking to you my ss today, but I would like to introduce myself. My name is Marinka. looking for a soul mate only in Italy or who speaks Italian. I am a beautiful woman, intelligent and attractive ... I hope my letter will not bother you and will cause problems for people all over the world. I am a real lady, and all I want is to get acquainted with a man I will be in the future. I have never done this on the internet and I am not familiar with it. I visited the site I am sending you this me ss e ggio from cafe del cyber and in this I was helped by the manager who works here. Hello or I hope you are well. I think you will reply me quickly, Your new ami co Marinochka or Marinushka
First name: Mary
Last name: Antonio Penny
Aka: Anita, Katty, Elena, Hanuta, Sophia Lucas, Jannifer Williams, Heather Arnett, Allison Parker, Nanny Gonzales, Janet Berry, Kane Elisabeth, Jane Wright, Kinessa Johnson, Ruby, Bridget Ryan, Nguyen Hien, Lydia Wayne, Lilian Maria, Sophia Hamilton, Michelle Rebecca, Alisa Winnifred, Rosemond Abrahams, Mabel Opata
Age: 29
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Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!