First name: Danielle
Last name: Delaney
Age: 32
Location: pheonix
Address: 4410N central ave 2135 1618 W Ruth St Tucson AZ 85705-1388
Phone: 480 420 8810 602 598 2699
Report: Pure scam. She is a porn sex worker. Do not fall for any sob story about a sick mom or dead dad inheritence. She also has dozens of alias and accounts She will then when caught, pretend that others have used her pics and name to scam people. This is untrue but a diabolical way to not only get away with it but to make the person feel bad and treat her well going forward. Nothing she says is true. She faked a german accent with me for 2 months. Soulless These are the address I've found for her and possible accomplices 2530 N 3rd St 1a, Phoenix, AZ 85004-1398 *****possible actual address 3325 S Elson Ave 1, Tucson, AZ 85730-2206 Beatriz Gutierrez 2802 W Claremont St, Phoenix, AZ, 85017 View Background Report Misty Hessler 2541 W Georgia Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85017 View Background Report Sarah Bruen 8144 N 33rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85051 View Background Report Naomi Chavez 4026 W Keim Dr, Phoenix, AZ, 85019 View Background Report Patrick McIntyre 6817 N 17th Ave 16, Phoenix, AZ, 85015 View Background Report Misty Hessler Phoenix, AZ, 85017 4140 N Central Ave 2135, Phoenix, AZ 85012-1857*****possible actual address 4406 E Pueblo Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85040-2030*****possible actual address 4140 N Central Ave 2135, Phoenix, AZ 850121857 (845) 794-2465 3325 S Elson Ave Tucson AZ 85730-2206 Neighborhood: Stella Mann SHOW MAP 1618 W Ruth St Tucson AZ 85705-1388*****possible actual address Ginny Anderson 3700 N 1st Ave Tucson Arizona 85719
First name: Sylvia
Aka: Mary Jane
Age: don't know
Location: Peterborough
On websites: Our Time
Report: Fell in love with me, without having met. Poor English. Had to go to Cairo to retrieve her late husband's gold. Was robbed on the street. Needs $1950 US immediately.
First name: Sarah
Last name: Cath
Aka: Agness Schnell, Annabelle Pync, Sharon Pezzica
Age: 35
Location: Jefferson city, Mo, Des Monies, Ia, Las Vegas, Nv
Address: 11422 Shagrila ct,Centertown Mo650023
Phone: (928)-793-3659 (908) 991-6580 (213) 784-2188 (850)325-0189
On websites: Hangouts ,messenger, Instagram , You Tube
Report: I I actually met Sarah Cath on Hangouts she just appeared without an invite talk to her feel Head Over Heels with her and then she was going to come visit but I actually met her as Agnes Schnell about a year before. And she told me I could come pick her up at her place needless to say false address the first time I gave her the benefit of the doubt when she said that it was for her safety we talked a little bit more told me I could come get her and then changed her mind and decided she drive down needless to say I did one more time and yet another false affress. And she attempted four different time she tried to drive down four different time she had a wreck supposedly, no reports from the highway patrol. And she'll promise to be down with you and come see you but Every time it cost me $50 Amazon card for gas, flat tire because she was putting a tube in a tubeless tire. And all she's doing is building her Bitcoin account and the way I found out she was a scammer was usig herpicture in a reverse image check on _social a picture image and that's how I also found out she was using the same picture Agnes Schnell had sent me a year before and also came up as Annabell Pync and no telling how many other names she's got it's always broke supposedly to be getting a job at Sprint. And I personally know as know that she's using three different name in Facebook four names all together that I know of, four different phone numbers, when you see the Many Many pictures all I can say just be careful around her if you get to be around her at all, and protect your your billfold and your bank account at all times!
First name: Natalia
Aka: Ann
Age: 45
Location: Lipetsk, Russia
On websites: Tagged
Report: She, Natalia, contacted me on the Tagged page, where she indicated the e-mail indicated to initiate a round trip. The correspondence lasted about 15 days and abruptly cut the correspondence. One thing that impressed me is that I didn't have internet at home or cell phone. He only communicated through a PC from his job, supposedly. She didn't talk to me about money.
First name: Alexiskkiv
Last name: Love
Aka: Helina Lovely, Gifty Wilson, Selina Bentil, unknown
Age: 39 or 42
Location: New Jersey
On websites: Google Hangouts
Report: when she first contacted me on google hangout, she was single no children. we talked for awhile,and started sending pictures. next thing she was asking for an apple i card for a 100.00. i did not send it. about a week later she was back on my hangout, and stated she needed help with some finances. she said she needed help for her son. i said to her, i thought you said you didnt have any children. she even sent a picture of her and her son together.gave a story about how i wouldnt help if i knew she had a child. again i had no contact with her,a week later she shows up again, like nothing happened. she was asking for my help to get some property her parents have,i needed to contact her lawyer Barrister Johnson. she wanted me to contact him on line at sent me pictures of the house, all the vehicles, and the company. she claims that her parents where in an accident and died. she told me that if i would help her with this she would give me half. claiming i had to do it fast before her abusive boyfriend finds out and takes it all from her. she is quick and smooth.
First name: Sandy
Last name: Robert
Age: 30
Location: Mooresvile, NC
Phone: 980 8583487
On websites:
Report: Liked me on struck up conversation and she had a check list of characteristics going through as she was interviewing me. Within the next day she professes her love for me. Next day she explains her dad died 2 yrs ago. She claimed a security box that was left in Turkey was her inheritance with 1.5M cash in it. Sounds very fishy so played along turns out shipping company wanted $8727 to ship and back storage charges. She was adamant to send money right away because her uncle was trying to kill her to get the box. A google search revealed she was using porn star Sarah Vandella's pics and video clips. Beware.
First name: Ayisha
Last name: Mohammed
Aka: Ayisha Salis
Age: 33
Location: Ghana
Phone: 702-749-0152
On websites: Google Hangouts
Report: This girl tells you how she loves you and after a couple months once you to send money to her so she can fly to the United States and be with you nothing but a scam she'll even send you false information that she has airline tickets which are false don't believe a word she says she takes your money and you never see it again. Then after she gets your money she has an accomplice name Batista emails you wants money to get her out of jail don't believe it and don't send her any money let's put a stop to this scam
First name: esther
Last name: lokko
Aka: danielle delaunay
Age: 35
Location: accra ghana
Phone: +233 54 861 4990
On websites: danielleftv
Report: been scammed by this person for 2 years. have sent over $30,000
First name: Celine
Last name: Caroline
Aka: CeCe
Age: 25
Location: United states, earlimart Calif and montreal
Phone: 5144168398, 6615520619
On websites: Pof,, tinder
Report: Firstly from pics I believe her to be at least 33, approx 5'9, long blonde hair, and a noticeable tattoo on top of her left wrist. She calls herself CeCe and speaks with a very light accent. Her story to me was that shed paid for passage into the country but her handlers wouldn't let her leave their sight until they were paid an additional 350 dollars. I'm leaving out the details that made me fall for this, she was sincere, emotional, scared. She made sure to ask about me and my family and acted as tho I was the only person who had a chance to save her from her prison. Finally I gave in and sent 500 bucks to her
First name: Elena
Last name: Kozhevnikova Andreevna
Age: 36
Location: Russia Ukhta
Address: 169300 Oktiabrskaja 23-45
Phone: 7 927 885 65 05
Report: This person owes me a lot of money.Half a year in hiding and a lot of lies. This one scammer I will sue in Russia. I hope I was fooled by one.Careful she's real scammer.
First name: Fawzia
Last name: Mamudu
Age: 32
Location: Accra, Ghana
Address: RR#4
On websites: Tagged, I Like, Linkedin, SPDates, etc.
Report: This is a pic of international porn star, Briana Lee. Was Miss Teen Porn USA at 18. Has multiple web sites to subscribe to, buy pix and videos, etc. Have browsed some but never saw her actually have sex with a man. Usually is with women or a dildo. Says she doesn't do anything for nothing. Has 3.5 million hits on Google alone. I brCalims to be American Hispanic, but is from, and has large estate in Accra, Ghana. But still takes time to personally run romance and investment scams. See her pix on multiple sites. Often pops up on my Google hangout without my permission. Has tried to sell me fake gold bars and showed a video showing fake gold bars scattered on a table. Have asked her to tell her scam chairman (writes their formats (scripts)) to take my address off the sucker list. Said she would if I gave her an iTunes card. (Thank God they have been discontinued). Uses mutliple names and locations. I imagine other West African scammers use her pix as well. Don't know why she does this. She must be worth millions. Have not found her real name, eeven when checking anti-scammer sites.
First name: Neslyn
Last name: Paraiso
Age: 29
Location: 378 sto cristo Malolos Bulacan Philippines
Phone: +6399564615763
Report: Ik heb deze vrouw teveel vertrouwd op haar woorden , en heb haar alles betaald wat zij wel nodig had om naar Belgie te kunnen toe te komen ..
First name: svetik
Last name: svetlana
Age: 32
Location: Russia Divnogorsk
On websites:
Report: female became phonetically acquainted with me on dating line. requested to visit me. but later requested money from me to come.
First name: Nani
Last name: RedRose
Age: 29
Location: Georgia senaki
On websites: yahoo
Report: Same stories as other people post
First name: Doris
Last name: Opoku
Age: 33
Location: Accra
Phone: +233274269241
On websites: ukrainedates
Report: Hi , Contact at She invited me to a conversation and asked for an e-mail address. Further conversation took place on Google Hangoust. There were several messages and several photos. It was strange behavior during video chat, behavior completely different from the content of the conversation. She asked me for money for food. I was to pass by Western union or money gram. She gave the details to receive Doris Opoku. of course, she didn't receive any money. Uses photos and films of Josie Ann Miller.
First name: Rose
Last name: Yeboah
Age: 34
Location: Accra
On websites:
Report: Hi , Contact at She invited me to a conversation and asked for an e-mail address. Further conversation took place on Google Hangoust. There were several messages and several photos. It was strange behavior during video chat, behavior completely different from the content of the conversation. She asked me for money for food. I was to pass by Western union or money gram. She gave the details to receive Rose Yeboah. of course, she didn't receive any money.
First name: Giorgia
Last name: Carta
Age: 32
Location: Netherlands Amsterdam
On websites:
Report: typical dating scammer send a link to a external website (commercial purposes) not willing to make a date with you in real live
First name: Fawzia
Last name: Mamudu
Aka: Jennifer Williams, Briana Lee
Age: 35
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: East Legon Jungle Road
Phone: 233 54 427 9809
Report: found me on facebook over 2yrs ago was in Brooklyn Ny.,as Jennifer Williams. Moved to Accra Ghana. Used Briana Lee pictures. I had never heard of Briana Lee. I thought she was giving me new photos just for me. Said she had left the porn industry and moved to Accra to get away. When she told me this I searched the web and of course there are thousands of pictures of Briana Lee! Said she was living in her moms house. Sent her money for the usual things. Internet service, utilities. Medical bills, foodstuffs. Said she wanted to come back to the states. She had professed her love for me. Thru this she told me her phone camera was broke and was unable to give me a video chat . I sent her money to fly to me. She never came. Told me she was denied to fly because she was sick. That the Embassy was keeping her money for when she was able to fly. I called the US embassy they told me they do not provide that service for anyone. Soon after the no fly she told me her father had left her millions of dollars of gold. She was going to get it. Needed my help to pay back storage on it and to transport to the USA. Over 52,000.00 dollars total. I was to be a shared owner of the gold and she would come after I claimed the gold at MCI in Kansas City Mo. There was a contract involved. with her passport number 1004388202 and her attorney Barrister Simon Dunlope of Accra Ghana. Passport H0695172 Having never met her I called the US Embassy and gave them her Passport ID and it did not exist. I came to this website did a document search and found her passport. Under fake documents. Using all of Briana Lees photos.
First name: Naadia
Aka: Alisa
Age: 34
Location: Ghana
Phone: 917-765-0877
On websites: One night stand
Report: Contact with both woman produced the same picture for both women,nursing student,Accra Ghana
First name: Doris
Age: 35
Location: Canada/ghana
On websites: One night stand
Report: This woman contacted me on one night stand. Canada through Ghana. Age 35
First name: ANASTASIYA
Last name: LEVADA
Age: 37
Location: RUSSIA
Phone: 9522745759
On websites:
Report: we meet each other on the website after one month she asked me come visit me . unfortunately my passport was expired . so she asked me let me thinking after I will answer you . so after a week she asked me support me I wanna come to iceland see you in really life . she always telling me I love you I love you . so after two months we come closer by VIBER contact everyday . every time I asked I wanna see you she made a lot of excuse . by the way one of time I send 580$ after one month again I send 840$ dollar . she said I am coming please come to the airport a little quick because I don?t . she told me her flight will landing 8;35 am . I woke up 5;00 in the morning going to the airport waiting until 11;00 am . finally she said I cant move from Moscow because before I toke loan from the bank and police stop me in the airport . finally we broke up because she is reality scammers
First name: Natalya
Last name: Osipova
Age: 34
Location: Vologda Russia
On websites: Russia daytyng
Report: Donna che si e fatta inviare del denaro per documenti e viaggio in 4 mesi di lettere e poi mai venuta ed e sparita nel nulla
First name: Natalie
Age: 30
Report: Hello, I just have a comment. When I had done a photo reverse of a particular person. I noticed her photo was all over the place even here in Chicago, USA as a escort service personal. Her photos were popping up in Russia, France, and Norway. I think its just to much for one person to go through all kind of trouble to scam someone. How do we not know that its someone or a group of men exploiting these woman's photos for them to get money from people and not the woman themselves unless you met them personally? I feel some of these woman might be victims and some group out there is doing this and exploiting them without their knowledge. It's just my thought.
First name: Carmen
Last name: Lowe
Age: 30
Location: UK
Address: 15486 FM 252
Phone: 4094231014
Email: Carmenlowe333@gmail.comUK
On websites: twitter
Report: This woman says she's half English and half American. Claims she got out of porn just a few years ago and she's 27 years old. She says she buys and sells bitcoins. My husband is involved with her and thinks he's found his true love. His last true love scammer cost him 40k
First name: Irina
Last name: Chinyakina
Age: 29
Location: Tobolsk, Russia
Report: She says she is a doctor and that she only makes $200 a month that she wants to come visit America for 30 days and doesn't have money to pay for her visa or her flight
First name: Nadezhda
Last name: Bogatyreva
Age: 28
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
On websites:,, gmail
Report: I met Nadia online in 2015. Interesting and long story. Invested a lot of money to find out the truth. Initially on which a 100% scam. Nadia is connected to Rovenki, Zarvanitsia, Ryazan/Russia, Kiev. On and off the site, later communicated via Still communicating. I finally travelled to Kiev alone in early 2019 and invested in a private investigator to find her. I liked her a lot but she is a scammer all the way. Everything was a lie and spent a lot of money trying to get to the truth. Sadly, I found her and she operates as a prostitute in the city of Kiev and lives with her 35 year old Chechen boyfriend. It was unbelievable and very sad. I did meet her and confronted her. Not in a bad way. Anyone that stoops to that level needs sympathy and not hate. She has been doing the internet scam since she was 17. That's 11 years worth of lying and deceiving decent guys. She has no intention of stopping and jumps from site to site. She is born March 10th, 1991. Beautiful, brown hair, brown eyes. She said her father is named Alexander, she says she works as a teacher on her profile. Goes by Sweet Lady, Pretty Lady, current contact
First name: Clara
Last name: Rankin
Aka: Danielle Delaunay
Age: 31
Location: USA, Everett
Address: 38th Street SE
Phone: (425)276-2544
On websites: Unknown
Report: This female that I am referring to as a scammer here first reached out to me on Messenger as a friend request which I accepted. The number she logged in on said it was from Ghana. When I asked her about it she claimed that she was using her sister Louisa Kim's account. Soon after we started texting one another on Messenger she asked if I had a Hangouts account and could we resume our conversation there. She first used this email address and then changed it to when we first met she claimed her parents were both dead and she sent me pictures of herself which I Google images later and found out actually belonged to a porn star by the name of Danielle Delaunay. When I confronted her about this she confessed that yes she was in porn at one time yet was no longer in the industry. Later she changed her story and sent me more pictures of a different female. The first address that she gave me was at an apartment complex where she said she lived with her aunt in Waynesboro, Virginia. Later she said she was moving to Everett, Washington to live with her cousin and her cousin's husband Tito Venida. In July she was supposedly on her way to come live with me in Tulsa, Oklahoma and never made it claiming that at the last transfer point in Kanas she got on the wrong bus and wound up in Jackson, Mississippi where a day later she was kidnapped by two men and a woman. I supposedly have been texting the kidnapper who is using the name James in my WhatsApp account since July and on 09/29/2019 the last text I got from this scammer on Hangouts indicated that the kidnapper and his boss and two other men where there where they had her locked up to beat her up and rape and kill her cause I had failed to send the kidnapper $1,000 and that I would never speak to her again or ever see her.
First name: Karen
Last name: Lake
Age: 29
Location: USA, Las Cruces
Phone: 806-475-4080
On websites: Adult Friend Finder
Report: Met Karen on Adult Friend Finder one bright Monday morning. She offered to come up to my house 2 & 1/2 hours north of her. She had to make some arrangements to take care of grandmother with the niece before she could leave Las Cruces. Time wore on throughout Monday and she finally had to cancel the trip up to see me. But, she said she would love to speak with me and her phone needed fixing, so she needed just a little cash and could I help. ?I just finished paying my granny house bills and the money left with me is not enough and I am so eager to hear your sweet voice.? So I respond that you are able to send text messages and not call on the phone? ?Oh this is my granny?s number. So I will come up tomorrow but I can?t take this phone with me. I have to get mine fixed.? So like a sucker I drive up to the Walgreens and get her an Amazon card with $50 on it and she coaches me through taking pictures of it after scratching the codes off of it. She gets her $50 and says she will leave in the morning to see me. Well, the niece who is supposed to babysit grandmother the next day is at a party in the middle of the day and doesn?t return until 5:00 pm that day. ?Blah, blah, blah, I can?t drive up now it will be dark and my night vision isn?t good. I can?t come.? I send a text message that expresses my understanding of how I have been shafted. ?Did you enjoy your drugs?? The next morning she texts me and is all surprised that I have trashed her online. THIS GIRL IS A TOTAL PHONY!
First name: elizabeth
Last name: thomas
Aka: williams
Age: 24
Location: usa, dutton
On websites: twitter, hangouts, instagram
Report: tried to get amazon cards off me,and asked for money for phone
First name: Vanessa
Last name: Boateng
Age: 36
Location: Accra , Ghana
On websites: FirstMet and Hangouts
Report: Was scammed by woman with the name Vanessa Boateng. Contacted me on FirstMet dating site. Then on Hangouts. We chatted for a while and seemed nice and i got sucked into the nice photos sent to me and felt for her as she said she was from Australia but travelled to Ghana to for her fathers burial with her mother. Scammed be by getting me to transfer money through Worldremit , which was meant for her fathers funeral. Then i had noticed one of the photos looked similar to a celebrity photo that i had spotted on an ad on the net. After research i found a site that scans fake or stolen photos by scammers. Sure enough the woman claiming to be Vanessa Boateng was using porn star Jelena jenen's photos. Now I'm out of pocket and feel so stupid for falling into the trap. Never again