First name: Tanya
Last name: Milevskaya
Aka: Tanya Burdyk
Age: 28
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
On websites: charmdate
Report: I fell for her invitation email last December I even went to Kiev to meet her. She failed to show up 6 times and always said she had turned up and it was me who did not. She is VERY INTELLIGENT. I went to Kiev she said she left a note for note. lists are endless, pointless me going into them. I got a job teaching in Kiev from 15th June until 5th Sept. I HAD ARRANGED THIS ANYWAY WITHOUT TELLING HER.........HEARD SO MANY STORIES ETC The prices are so cheap I could afford to stay in a hostel at 5 pounds sterling a night. After 3 weeks there I suggested we meet coz she had been on a dancing contest in Germany. When she came on CAM from there she was in a room that resembled her kitchen at home....she had sent me photos of that. When I told her she said she had thought the same. Then went offline. Over a period of time I got to know lots of locals in Kretchatick and taught some of the shopkeepers children English for free. One day Tanya photo fell out of my papers.....
First name: jenya
Age: 29
Location: ukraine
On websites:
Report: she is definitely a scammer.
First name: Lasma
Last name: Mekok
Aka: Natalia Ivanova
Age: 30
Location: Australia Russia, Moscow
Address: 61 Royal Parade, Parkville 3052, Melbourne, Australia Russia, Moscow, Yaroslavl str., 17
Phone: unknown 93472254
On websites: sw
Report: she has tried to trick me to send her money after she has been robbed of her in a visit to Moscow and she fell for me and also she tried to convince me that she will send back the money.
First name: Jane
Last name: Swiss
Age: 34
Location: Osgodby, North Yorkshire, uk
On websites: Plenty of fish
Report: I was contacted by this person asking me to email her at the email address and by the second email she was stating that she lived very close by to me and wanted to meet that day. I immediately became suspicious and put her email address into google and found her on this website. I am not sure what it is she is trying to achieve; wasting people's time or obtaining peronsal information but please be careful.
First name: Jantina
Last name: Mols
Age: 60
Location: Malaysia, USA
On websites:
Report: Scammed me for over $100,000. Pathological liar and cheat. Beware of this woman
First name: Cynthia
Last name: Mario
Aka: I don't know
Age: 26 or 27
Location: Winneba Ghana
Address: P.o. box. Don't know the rest bit it's located by Agona swedru
Phone: +233 54 699 6076
Email: Cynthiamario18@hoymail
On websites: I don't know
Report: Says she studies at cape coast university in Ghana to get her doctorate degree. But, Says she lives in or close to University of Winneba , north campus. She posted pictures saying it's her escaping from modeling!! Yeah right!! Those pics belong From a model and took her pics from.. Can't say and i won't gives out more details..All i know is that those pics belong to an England model...
First name: Harriet
Last name: Demet
Age: 33
Location: Michigan, New York, Nigeria, Turkey
Address: 69 cricket road, regency downs
Phone: 754114789
On websites: Slinky (no longer operates)
Report: Very briefly,this woman (if at all it is a woman) took gullible,lonely old me for everything I ever had in life. Claimed to need money to release inheritance (left to her by her late mother) which was locked in a trust in Istanbul, Turkey. Of course, after my money ran out, so did she.
First name: eileen
Last name: leonard
Aka: elle leon el leonard
Age: 51
Location: tasmanai australia
Address: 42 martin street wynyard tasmania australia 7325
Report: she beat out of thousands of dollars promised the reneged on marriage
First name: Barrely
Last name: Smith
Age: 22
Location: USA Los Angeles ca
On websites: sdate
Report: Her contact me for google hangouts and she told me she looking for hook up it she only fooling me she ask me to buy a GoBank card she only stolen all the money
First name: Bella
Last name: Sam
Aka: Jewel Sam, Roow Damma
Age: 31
Location: Ghana
On websites:
Report: I met her on She contacted me. She claimed to be 31, her birthday Feb 20th 1982 she said. I thought she was in Canada, but turns out she said she had only visited there a year ago through some Ghana Mayfield Convention. The street she said she lived on is old publishing house, Meterological Road, in Jengbeyri Wa, upperwest Ghanna. It wasn't long before she would ask for money for her internet so we could keep skyping and video chatting. So I'd send her $30 almost every week through bossrevolution. I was skyping with her daily for about 4 months. If I didn't send the money she'd pretend she couldn't talk. She wanted help to pay for her visa to be with me after a couple months. I ended up paying some of it, but before I got too involved, there were a lot of small things that didn't add up. There were inconsistencies in pictures and even in some videos she sent saying it was her when the freckles were different. I paid for a background investigation and found out her name, address, phone number, and birthday didn't exist in any record with anything in any name she gave me. I tried to confront her about it, and no explanation. I found one of her contacts on Skype who she'd mentioned before and found out he was sending her money too, so we both left her. I got a call from some random number in Arizona and it was a guy with an African accent referencing how upset she was and that her name was roow, which was her skype name. He was pissed because I contacted the other guy, so it might of been that guy and not a woman at all. I never found out her real name. She blocked me on Skype.