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Name:  Celine Coulibaly
Age:  23
Location:  vienna
On web sites:
Report:  Hello Dear, I'm Miss Celine Coulibaly 19 years the only child of late Mr. and Mrs. Jean Coulibaly. My father was a very wealthy cocoa merchant and political godfather in Cote d'Ivoire, my father was shot to death on Januray 2011 by on known people. Before the death of my father in a private hospital here, he secretly called me on his bed side and told me he has the sum of three million two hundred thousand united state dollars. ($3.2 millions) in an account of fixed/suspend in one of the prime bank here in Abidjan that he used my name as his only child for the next of Kin in depositing of the funds. He also explained that it was because of this wealth that he was kill and warmed me about his brother.aa I want you to help me with the following: (1) To provide a bank account that money will be transferred. (2) To serve as guardian. (3) To arrange for me to come toa your country to continue my studies to obtain a residence permit in your country. I will offer you 20% of the total sum as compensation for your effort after the successful transfer of this money into your nominated account. Waiting to hear from you, please reply me if you can help me sincerely. Yours sincerely Plecas my dear one contact my email address( Celine Coulibaly Thanks Date 15-07-2013 @ 00:40:07
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Name:  Gifty Ackom
Age:  24
Location:  Tema Ghana
On web sites:  Unknown
Report:  Ackom initiated contact vie Skype, requesting to be a contact. Sent me in excessof 500 photographs, mostly pornographic of porno movie stars, purporting to be her. Ran photos thru TinEye and discovered the truth. Fronted her on it and eventually she admitted they were not her photos and that a 'friend' had set her up. Subsequently received photos of a black woman purporting to be Ackom, but still continued to try and scam money, telephone from me. I am not sure who I was talking to in the end. Viewed a female on camera once or twice but realised in the end that I was being scammed and broke contact. I sent one payment to ghana which was picked up by 'Gifty Ackom'
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Name:  Taween Stone
Age:  34
Location:  USA (Nigeria)
Address:  Ilesa Nigeria (Mission Anglican church)
On web sites:  Meet 4 love
Report:  Miss Taween live in the Anglican Mission church in Ilesa (Osun) Nigeria. Asking for money to leave Nigeria. Money for the use of the internet, food, transportation to the airport, medical certificate, flight ticket ... When she go at the airport, had a car accident. Take her to a
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Name:  emily uebelhoer
Age:  38
Location:  pretoria,south africa
Phone:  27 739 3387 69
On web sites:
Report:  I met her on She poses as a girl wanting to come to the US. We talked on line for a while 6 months.Then she told me her father left her all this money in london.She sent me lawyer info and we started to procedd to fill paper work to get money released from this vault. Well it all turn out to be fake.Fake lawyer and paper work.I was taken for 75,000 to this fake lawyer of hers
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Name:  Honeylyn Abrigo
Aka:  HoneyGurl
Age:  28
Location:  Greenfields, Ligtong, Cavite Philippines
Address:  4106
Phone:  0919 515 2556
On web sites:  facebook, twitter, yahoo
Report:  her site contains malicious pictures, inappropriate poses for minors and bullying other identities on facebook.
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Name:  Galina Ushkina
Age:  29
Location:  Russia, St. Petersburg
Address:  56 Gorohovaya, Apt. 15, postal code 190000
On web sites:  not sure
Report:  To: Gerry Picture of Galina Outlook Active View 3 attachments (total 197.2 KB) View DC007.jpg in slide show Download View DC448.jpg in slide show Download View DC875.jpg in slide show Download View slide show (3)Download all as zip Hello my dear Gerry! How are you today Gerry? Is everything OK? I hope you're right. I glad to read your letters! This morning I went to the travel agency to find out the full cost of my trip. I spoke with the manager, he told me all about my trip in detail. Full cost of my trip 1860 $ USD this amount includes: Insurance: 90 $ USD. The international passport: 200 $ USD. Visa: 120 $ USD.(visa 75 $ USD + visa fee 45 $ USD) Round trip tickets: 1450 $ USD. St. Petersburg, Russia (LED) - Vancouver, BC, Canada (YVR-All Airports) After I pay all of my trip, travel agency will book flights for my name. And as soon as the visa is ready and my international passport, Manager, so I am told that my visa will run for six months. How much do you want me to stay with you? I think of all the six months, what do you think? my name full name: First name: GALINA Last name: USHKINA Country: RUSSIA City: SAINT PETERSBURG Address: Street GOROHOVAYA 56, Apartment 15. Postal code: 190000 Write me please your full information: First name: Last name: Country: State: City: Address: Postal code: Gerry favorite I can pay for my own trip, I do not need your help. But I do have one request for you. I forgot about what my parents went to the United Arab Emirates for a long time to rest and at work. My mom said that she will not be able to send money from the United Arab Emirates, because the law of the land prohibits sending any money in Russia. My parents have offered such an option, they transfer money to you and you send me the money and I can pay for my trip. I ask only this of you a favor. I'm not asking you to pay for my trip, as I understand it would be brazen of me to ask you to pay for my trip. You agree to do me a favor? Gerry you are the most loyal and sensitive man of my heart! Just for you I opened my heart and soul, for I know that you never make me feel the pain ... I am waiting for your letter Gerry! I feel your breath on sleepless nights. I hear your joyous laughter when I'm happy - it is importantly, what or who made me happy ... Are you part of my life ... The two of us is always there - even when you're so far away. You ... My love ... One love for two ... One blood on two ... One for two on the fate of ... And the whole world - our with you ... Yours love Galina.
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Name:  armanda rokoro
Aka:  yolande armand Marshal
Age:  33
Location:  ivoorkust, abidjan
Address:  sopim
Phone:  0022546146035
On web sites:  non
Report:  sir she wandted to com in france and she ask 200 euro in the first place buth now only 100 euro fore the planeticket, buth y dont trust this can you tel my if this is save? j. spaak
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Name:  slyvia koneh
Aka:  24
Age:  Dakar Sengal
On web sites:  yes
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Name:  Yvonne Falli
Aka:  Sonia Dion Sonia
Age:  25
Location:  Cote d' lvoire wast/ Daka Senegal refugee
On web sites:  unknow
Report:  there was know money giving to her we meet on face book. I know some thing just was not right she wont know were I am working and I do not even know her.
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Name:  hannah nti
Aka:  yeye rivera, yvette cockenham, bea mae carino, enchell abrhmms
Age:  30
Location:  accra,ghana
Address:  2nd mantse-abu lane, accra,ghana
Phone:  233208614748
On web sites:
Report:  this woman's photos are all over the internet and on different websites. She tells me that her photos have been used without her permission
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